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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTENSITY

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Astrology, 187:brings change, darkness and death. To this intensity and potency of Pluto must be added theAstrology, 306:or rather, as it focuses and transmits them with intensity. This produces the followingAstrology, 352:producing consequently the shift of force and of intensity to the [353] centers above theBethlehem, 38:stream or tide within it of varying breadth, intensity, and separateness from the great floodBethlehem, 221:is suddenly obliterated; and because of the intensity of that light, the night appears more dark.Discipleship1, 94:aliveness to the spiritual issues, through the intensity of their aspiration and through theirDiscipleship1, 118:occultly "neutralizes" yours, or "parallels in intensity" yours and consequently evokes from youDiscipleship1, 122:it. The accentuation of the times and your own intensity have together sufficed to carry you a longDiscipleship1, 150:such as you possess can house a fire of such intensity (owing to its refinement and its purity)Discipleship1, 169:undertakings. Go forward with confidence and intensity. Months of focused and intense action lieDiscipleship1, 218:This the disciple is apt to forget in the intensity of his longing for soul contact, forDiscipleship1, 236:The result of this tendency is an excessive intensity of vibration which wrecks and shatters theDiscipleship1, 237:of the way that you have come. Your very intensity and your strong aspiration have led you intoDiscipleship1, 328:must achieve an attitude of gentle unswerving intensity and not develop any further that powerfulDiscipleship1, 328:not develop any further that powerful dynamic intensity which imposes ever a strain upon the brainDiscipleship1, 338:- Consecration to the Plan. May - Tension and Intensity. June - Quiet Poise. July - SpiritualDiscipleship1, 384:the energy you evoke in their fulfilment and the intensity of your mental application. Let us, myDiscipleship1, 410:or their locality. Simply drop your mental intensity and center your consciousness lower in theDiscipleship1, 412:begin to meditate simply. But there must be no intensity, and you should assume only the attitudeDiscipleship1, 416:each day regularly with a planned lack of intensity carried almost to the point of lack ofDiscipleship1, 417:period of your meditation work but increase the intensity of your focus. For six months I wouldDiscipleship1, 418:that the reason lies in the fact that the intensity of the stimulation received by you at the timeDiscipleship1, 447:you have yourself suspected. This gives you intensity in aspiration and the dynamic will to pushDiscipleship1, 448:they then find themselves discouraged when the intensity of feeling leaves them. The initiate walksDiscipleship1, 456:the soul, via the mind, gathering thus mental intensity; through the astral body, gathering toDiscipleship1, 490:it builds or seeks or loves, through the very intensity of the focused energy. What can preventDiscipleship1, 490:of your soul light and love with increasing intensity. Be not afraid, my brother, to be moreDiscipleship1, 491:shines at the center of your being and with such intensity that it serves almost to blind you. CanDiscipleship1, 500:force which, finding no outlet adequate to the intensity of the forces brought together, produces aDiscipleship1, 501:regularity and with as much dynamic first ray intensity as is possible. In conclusion, I would callDiscipleship1, 538:instructions, what I have said about tension and intensity. It is intensity of purpose which willDiscipleship1, 538:I have said about tension and intensity. It is intensity of purpose which will change you from theDiscipleship1, 546:with it carefully, and use not too great an intensity as yet. It is a meditation which I give atDiscipleship1, 553:soul, do your meditation work with an increased intensity and purity of purpose. Give about fifteenDiscipleship1, 576:and with all that come your way, with less intensity. You consciously handle yourself so powerfullyDiscipleship1, 577:spiritual energy. Preserve yourself from over-intensity and thus gain a truer sense of proportion.Discipleship1, 594:Your physical vehicle must be guarded and any intensity must be avoided. That is a definiteDiscipleship1, 609:to revolve whether you serve or not. Lower the intensity of your vibration. You can serve and yourDiscipleship1, 610:a normal, useful life. The fires of your own intensity and the heat of your own aspiration willDiscipleship1, 612:I advised you to live normally and to relax your intensity, but you have lived abnormally and withDiscipleship1, 632:Ray of Harmony through Conflict and hence the intensity of your mystical interior life. Of thisDiscipleship1, 642:ask you to bring to the Full Moon approach an intensity of purpose which should carry you to a highDiscipleship1, 694:grasp of the fact will be demonstrated in the intensity of their proffered service. Planned serviceDiscipleship1, 734:this realization, little as you may think it, is Intensity. Intensity, or working from a point ofDiscipleship1, 734:little as you may think it, is Intensity. Intensity, or working from a point of tension, brings inDiscipleship1, 750:events and happenings are ignored. It is intensity of feeling transmuted into focusedDiscipleship2, 29:takes different forms and different degrees of intensity, according to the ray, the type and theDiscipleship2, 37:Will you see if you can, in the silence of intensity, record these words? To help you in your task,Discipleship2, 149:in their invocative appeal, if said with mental intensity and ardent purpose. The points ofDiscipleship2, 158:perfectly expressed. Hence, my brothers, the intensity of the human conflict - a conflictDiscipleship2, 180:formula each day for two months, doing so with intensity. You should also endeavor to realize notDiscipleship2, 511:will permit me to say so - handicapped by the intensity of your devotion and the psychic pulsationDiscipleship2, 513:expected. Fortunately, disciples are driven by intensity and devotion to take the needed stepsDiscipleship2, 546:summit there shines a clear pure light of great intensity. With that light you seek to identifyDiscipleship2, 561:The radiation of the Ashram waxes to a great intensity. The tiny beam of light focused within theDiscipleship2, 673:you hard, and you have not yet balanced it - in intensity - by the love quality. This hardness youDiscipleship2, 693:to people or causes. This statement covers the intensity of the [694] emotion, expressed in manyExternalisation, 458:life-giving Spirit. Let it go forth with such intensity that the Hierarchy will be called intoExternalisation, 482:years. [482] Behind the Christ, focusing with intensity today and preparing for a great act ofExternalisation, 489:in their invocative appeal, if said with mental intensity and ardent purpose. The points ofFire, 125:the fires of mind, or manas, burn with greater intensity. These are the fires given atFire, 126:[126] and lead to the fourth, where the intensity of the united fires results in the completeFire, 171:fire, a fire diffused throughout but of no real intensity. The wheel rotates slowly, but so slowlyFire, 345:glory is seen which gradually increases the intensity of its light, its heat and its radiance untilFire, 476:then heat with ever-growing warmth and fierce intensity; then force that presses, drives andFire, 498:note of the human kingdom, sounded in quadruple intensity on this globe, has produced portentousFire, 514:of the astral permanent atom, and increase its intensity until the blaze is so excessive that itFire, 514:merged, and (in merging) produce such an intensity of light that they are seen as dissolving. TheFire, 516:or solar fire beat upon it with ever increasing intensity, the atom in due time is consumed, andFire, 542:can be seen a central blaze of glory growing in intensity as the three inner petals respond to theFire, 545:of the second aspect. As evolution proceeds the intensity of the life forces from within and thoseFire, 748:to that sound, - the WORD uttered with sevenfold intensity. Greater the chaos becometh; the majorFire, 765:the interaction - shines with ever greater intensity and glory. On the higher levels a similarFire, 766:the lamp itself is burned, destroyed through the intensity of heat. The One Who watches, seeing theFire, 819:which electric fire is revealed, and through the intensity of its blaze puts out the other fires.Fire, 820:burning, gone is the middle fire through the intensity of fire from Heaven. Naught remaineth save aFire, 1075:within the atomic periphery are repulsed by the intensity of its vibration, and are no longerFire, 1119:or as the sevenfold electric spark, and in the intensity of the blaze thus created is reabsorbedFire, 1154:blazing etheric suns and these - through very intensity of burning - dissipate with great rapidity.Glamour, 137:His intuition was evoked through the depth and intensity of his love - as it was in his Master, theGlamour, 234:9. Now follows five minutes of silence and intensity of purpose while the group waits for the workGlamour, 239:and dissipation. Five minutes of silence and intensity of purpose whilst the work is seenGlamour, 271:dimming and the light of the other is gaining in intensity. When this "occult obliteration" hasHealing, 6:needed group rhythm - a rhythm of such unity and intensity that the work can synchronizeHealing, 230:of purification. Destruction by fire and the intensity of the heat engendered by applied militaryHealing, 469:light (carrying life) is focused in all its intensity around the physical body and sets up aInitiation, 97:the method for them is an ever-increasing intensity of appreciation for the feeling of the moment,Intellect, 71:activity is entirely concentrated in its intensity; it seizes without intermediary, with theIntellect, 150:reasoning, it is nevertheless possible that the intensity of their special apprehension of realityMagic, 334:in terms of electricity, of voltage, of intensity and of power. The age and status of men, inMeditation, 31:carry with it - using heat as the symbol - an intensity of heat or quality of color or vibrationMeditation, 98:the mental body through forms of meditation and intensity of purpose and of will, then theMeditation, 179:is known to very few, and consequently the intensity of emotion, the violent reactions, and presentMeditation, 274:light. When that light has reached a certain intensity, when the bodies are composed of a certainPatanjaliof God will likewise shine forth with increased intensity of glory. The great initiate, Paul, had aPatanjali, 44:nine. There are those who use the will with such intensity that exceedingly rapid results arePatanjali, 71:Aryan race and is the cause of the aggressive intensity of endeavor found in all walks of life. ToPsychology1, 44:be revealed. It is a ray of such dynamic intensity that we call it the ray of the Destroyer. It isPsychology1, 102:is going on all the time, and this increase in intensity began on the earth at about the time whenPsychology1, 132:As the aeons pass away there is a growing intensity of light radiating forth from our planet. This
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