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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTENSIVE

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Astrology, 108:has guaranteed him, after a process of intensive training in one or other of the planetary schoolsAstrology, 135:disappear until - upon the reversed wheel - the intensive self-consciousness of Leo expands intoAstrology, 344:signs and influence before they take up the intensive study of the detailed and new informativeAutobiography, 31:and there is something to be said for the intensive and individual training acquired if a child isAutobiography, 282:deepen and the meditation work becomes more intensive as the student passes from one degree toBethlehem, 12:this book will attempt to deal. If this more intensive meaning can be found, and if the drama ofDiscipleship1, 7:your willingness to go forward into a more intensive spiritual life. This you must do in theDiscipleship1, 303:Word. [303] Then do the following brief and intensive visualization exercise: Imagine a path ofDiscipleship1, 417:but reduce somewhat the time given to each. Intensive spiritual radiation and loving understandingDiscipleship1, 417:of hurry but in order to do better and more intensive work. My word for you is: Work more in theDiscipleship1, 429:you awaken, that you give five minutes to an intensive consideration of spiritual insulation, afterDiscipleship1, 436:consciousness. You are entering into a period of intensive work. Two things, however, I would sayDiscipleship1, 443:thoughts and will then be ready for the more intensive work I propose for you and my otherDiscipleship1, 453:I am going to ask you to give fifteen minutes intensive thought each day to the problem of theDiscipleship1, 477:Your work at this time is along the lines of an intensive purification. The need for this you haveDiscipleship1, 571:question is: Are you willing to submit to as intensive a psychologising in your own case as that toDiscipleship1, 716:initiation. This fact is indicated by their intensive struggle to grow into the spiritual life, toDiscipleship2, 56:was divided as follows: There were two days of intensive preparation. This involved the achievingDiscipleship2, 58:This stage is followed by: 4. Two days of intensive recollection by the group in their brainDiscipleship2, 64:to do in the year 1925. Owing to the war and the intensive efforts of the world disciples, moreDiscipleship2, 148:Say the mantram: "The sons of men are one... VI. Intensive work at the time of the Full Moon alongDiscipleship2, 208:with which our planetary Logos has intimate and intensive relation. I am not, however, going toDiscipleship2, 210:enabled to do through sustained, concentrated, intensive and dynamic meditation. They areDiscipleship2, 213:groups of thinkers and three other groups of intensive, creative thinkers, all of them responsibleDiscipleship2, 262:be revolutionary and a material response to an intensive initiation process in which all disciplesDiscipleship2, 546:the whole incarnation (with definite points of intensive crisis) is given to the understanding ofDiscipleship2, 564:you remember that I am not urging upon you a too intensive pushing forward, for I have due regardEducation, 48:properly taught and understood, will lead to the intensive culture of the individual and then toEducation, 79:three thousand years. In Asia, we have had the intensive training, down the centuries, of certainExternalisation, 19:advise students against the following of intensive meditation processes for hours at a time, orExternalisation, 22:of the urgency upon me to bring about a more intensive cooperation upon the part of those who readExternalisation, 39:Their work in the new age is to be aided by the intensive activity of certain groups of which thisExternalisation, 189:powers hold Europe in their grasp. The intensive culture given to the youth of Germany during theExternalisation, 309:full life on all levels? Are they capable of an intensive inner life as well as of unflaggingExternalisation, 311:call forth the Avatar, to reach Him by focused intensive thought and to evoke His response. ThisExternalisation, 313:to call all world disciples and aspirants to an intensive period of preparation for future activityExternalisation, 361:two thousand years. It has reached a point of intensive usefulness as the channel of communicationExternalisation, 449:All of this will be the result of an intensive activity of the Masters and of Their disciples uponExternalisation, 514:and initiates we shall have (after a period of intensive work on the physical plane beginningExternalisation, 687:the externalization of Their activities. An intensive training process, therefore, is being carriedFire, 555:Through extra-systemic stimulation and intensive training, whether for a Logos or a man. ThroughFire, 702:incarnation, passes down from the plane of intensive purpose, the mental plane, into the physicalFire, 1076:we call initiation, and the [1076] short cut to intensive purification and stimulation is open toFire, 1076:of planetary radiation may be consummated. This intensive culture is not proceeding upon all theFire, 1076:individualization in Lemurian days. It was the intensive stimulation of the third kingdom of natureGlamour, 92:my intention to give you a much more careful and intensive training. Will you profit by it? In theGlamour, 169:two thousand years. It has reached a point of intensive usefulness as the channel of communicationHealing, 174:would bring about a major purification, an intensive strengthening and a vital protection of theHealing, 209:manner, nor are they properly related through intensive radiation; in no human being is the nervousInitiation, 90:sixth initiation the Adept has to take a very intensive course in planetary occultism. A MasterIntellect, 41:widely and wisely cultured. The result of this intensive and individual training has beenIntellect, 52:then there is set up between the two a more intensive interaction. This interaction is broughtIntellect, 58:upon a process of self-education and of an intensive investigation into his true nature. [59] HisIntellect, 60:self-determination and soul-direction. Now the intensive [61] culture of the individual, as taughtIntellect, 170:do with an acute condition of consciousness as intensive as it is abstract, a 'detached'Intellect, 237:the more advanced practices and the more intensive work have no place. They can be wisely carriedMagic, 403:psychism which are the needed prerequisites to intensive intelligent work were singularly lacking.Patanjali, 52:of the individual soul to cosmic soul force. The intensive training given towards the climax by theProblems, 46:properly taught and understood, will lead to the intensive culture of the individual and then toProblems, 50:today in the West. In Asia we have had the intensive training, down the centuries, of certainPsychology1, 35:even this life-awareness to a phase still more intensive and detached, which involves an awarenessPsychology1, 186:emerging goal. The next few years will mark an intensive effort on the part of the hierarchy and onPsychology1, 186:the disciples and aspirants of the world to an intensive work, and with that appeal from the GreatPsychology2, 679:and women of good will should be subjected to an intensive training. This should be carried forwardPsychology2, 684:us. The work has been brought about through an intensive effort in two directions, - one the effortPsychology2, 685:of Masters to prepare Themselves for an intensive "Holy Month" of accelerated service, and all ofPsychology2, 686:focus to cooperate as fully as they can in an intensive effort to increase the receptivity ofPsychology2, 686:Today - The New Group of World Servers To this intensive cooperation we are called. Should the twoPsychology2, 687:meaning. They mean, however, five days of a most intensive effort in service, leading to thePsychology2, 688:is a five days effort, preceded by a most intensive period of preparation. The work of gettingPsychology2, 729:the lines of national destiny. The period of intensive and seemingly destructive readjustment hasPsychology2, 749:reached. Let each Wesak Full Moon be a period of intensive effort, preceded by personal preparationRays, 39:intuitive perception and its unremitting, intensive and revealing light constitutes a major test inRays, 407:on the third Path might be described as an intensive study of a most exalted form of the Science ofRays, 438:know, however, that a higher, deeper and more intensive manifestation of divinity is potentiallyRays, 622:of mankind. This will not come about without an intensive period of planned education, of a trulyReappearance, 66:coming of the Christ necessitates a period of intensive preparation by Him; He, too, works underReappearance, 135:two thousand years. It has reached a point of intensive usefulness as the channel of communication
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