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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTENT

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Discipleship2, 312:to comprehend. Pure destiny, devoid of all evil intent, is an enigma to the average disciple. ItDiscipleship2, 313:carried forward as an act of service, with the intent to bring enlightenment to others. I have beenDiscipleship2, 323:will. Precipitation, through the focused intent and the directed impulse of the Monad. The nextDiscipleship2, 444:lower nature (the three bodies) with fixed intent to the directed will of the soul. For you, IDiscipleship2, 479:[479] Then say the following words with full intent: "May that soul of mine whose nature is loveDiscipleship2, 489:a focused, interested point of consciousness, intent on emerging from the casing of the physicalDiscipleship2, 497:I could do until you had somewhat broken the "intent to loneliness" with which your personality hasDiscipleship2, 551:will happen automatically and not by planned intent. Some years ago I could not have told you this;Discipleship2, 557:work again, on a higher level and with a deeper intent. Sound the OM inaudibly three times, as aDiscipleship2, 560:disciple in my Ashram should be aware of the intent that this life and the next should see himDiscipleship2, 637:personality; or they can be the result of soul intent, registered by the personality and recordedDiscipleship2, 664:have also gained a little knowledge as to the intent of my Ashram, as far as you are concerned. YouDiscipleship2, 667:[667] The Plan is as much of the hierarchical intent (as an entire and whole picture) as theDiscipleship2, 668:wisdom. Contact with the "Ashrams of loving intent" (as certain Ashrams close to the aura orDiscipleship2, 671:of the Hierarchy. The "Ashram of Loving Intent." An outgoing consciousness, esotericallyDiscipleship2, 701:dominates most of the time, but whose basic intent is identification with the higher nature; sheDiscipleship2, 705:isolated position, and this with the best intent in the world; but you need to love more deeply andDiscipleship2, 714:of value. This, brother of mine, is not your intent or desire. What then is wrong? Let me tell youDiscipleship2, 726:to accept the duty of obedience to the ashramic intent and to work under the direction of theEducation, 18:in conformity with His self-realized plan and intent. Thus He submitted Himself to limitation. TheEducation, 28:It stretches, if such a term can be used (my intent being entirely pictorial), from the center ofEducation, 135:to incarnating souls, with the conscious intent of [136] offering the opportunity to hasten theExternalisation, 18:transition period is the yoga of one-pointed intent, of directed purpose, of a constant practice ofExternalisation, 21:intents (I am choosing my words with care) - the intent of the Masters to help humanity, and thatExternalisation, 27:effects is to be desired and such is their intent in our minds, but - at the present stage which isExternalisation, 46:consciously planned bridging work. But it is the intent of the Hierarchy that the groups which willExternalisation, 106:which is ever free from emotionalism and selfish intent. This inflow resulted in the immediate andExternalisation, 112:Revolution. Such registrations of evolutionary intent have taken place with increasing clarity andExternalisation, 135:habits of thought, worldwide selfish purpose and intent, a universal spirit of aggression which,Externalisation, 144:power of a controlled mind - focused on their intent and meaning - behind the spoken effort. TheyExternalisation, 145:dual activity - retaining awareness of the intent, meaning and purpose of the formula being usedExternalisation, 148:teaching and so able rightly to interpret the intent of the Hierarchy. Externalisation, 151:dissipation of energy and oft renders their good intent futile. But, out of these groups areExternalisation, 161:to the will of God which has for basic intent the bringing of peace on earth. What is peace? It isExternalisation, 161:God as it affects humanity and works out divine intent. It is for this reason that the Christ, WhoExternalisation, 169:of the unit and the group with the basic intent of manifestation. The fifth phrase, Let powerExternalisation, 171:whether they war with aggressive and planned intent, whether they preserve an attitude of passivityExternalisation, 211:man and woman and through their massed intent. The massed power of goodwill, the dynamic effect ofExternalisation, 221:the clear thinking, wise speech and selfless intent of the world disciples, working inExternalisation, 227:[227] land, to say the Great Invocation with the intent to invoke, precipitate and anchor in outerExternalisation, 235:nations, resting back upon their peaceful intent and the claims of civilization, are absorbed byExternalisation, 249:to the Light, And may they stand with massed intent. Let the fiat of the Lord go forth: The end ofExternalisation, 254:and that out of the wicked, materialistic intent lying behind the present aggressive activity ofExternalisation, 270:relatively easily, it must be through the massed intent of the many focused minds. The Rider on theExternalisation, 273:by the world disciples, standing with "massed intent." This means with a uniform, united focus - aExternalisation, 273:you to give much thought to these words "massed intent" and to differentiate with care betweenExternalisation, 274:demand, based on correctly formulated [274] mass intent, then will come the affirmation from theExternalisation, 274:the first two groups, can stand with "massed intent." On the united work of these Three, ifExternalisation, 280:stand with steadfastness, and if the "massed intent" of the men of goodwill is brought down fromExternalisation, 281:to use the Invocation frequently, with dynamic intent and true understanding, [282] and thusExternalisation, 287:to a "focus of transmission" by the massed intent of the Hierarchy and the massed demand of theExternalisation, 294:It is the magnetic appeal or the massed intent of the disciple or of humanity which produces theExternalisation, 294:step. When he can make this demand with firm intent and can stand steady and unafraid, responseExternalisation, 295:rises to the very gates of Heaven; the massed intent of humanity is that evil must end and a betterExternalisation, 295:to shake off that which is evil. The massed intent of the world aspirants is directed towards theExternalisation, 295:between all men and peoples. With massed intent they stand, and their ranks are steadilyExternalisation, 296:the focused will of the people, the massed intent of the world disciples and aspirants, plus theirExternalisation, 297:one fused and blended effort stand with massed intent, invoking that aid and expecting it also. Externalisation, 302:development and understanding and the massed intent of humanity will be adequate to the neededExternalisation, 303:to direct energy (through understanding and intent) towards a recognized and desired end,Externalisation, 303:of this statement and then only if the massed intent of the people evokes this Avatar of SynthesisExternalisation, 303:and humanity can stand together with massed intent. [304] He will descend into the three worlds ofExternalisation, 305:being evoked through the demand and the massed intent of humanity, aided by the Hierarchy. Will theExternalisation, 305:disciples and aspirants to focus this massed intent throughout the planet? Will the higherExternalisation, 305:done so. The Hierarchy today stands with massed intent. The cry of the masses is rising up to theExternalisation, 305:Can they be aroused? Can they stand with focused intent, strenuous [306] physical service andExternalisation, 306:These steps are various in kind though one in intent. The first step is to realize clearly what areExternalisation, 309:Some say it will take place. Can the "massed intent" of humanity evoke response and lead to theExternalisation, 312:is the purpose of the new Invocation. It voices intent, makes demand and pledges cooperation. TheExternalisation, 315:group. Then say silently and with full dynamic intent: At the center of all love I stand; from thatExternalisation, 349:stimulate men everywhere to focus their "massed intent" and thus reach symbolically "the ear andExternalisation, 350:evocation of the [350] Buddha? Will their massed intent be vital enough to enable the Christ toExternalisation, 350:Place) to come forth in response to the "massed intent" of the general public. Do you see,Externalisation, 351:of the new group of world servers and the massed intent of the men and women of goodwill isExternalisation, 352:- transmitting it in an act of spiritual intent to Shamballa. Externalisation, 363:that it is succeeding in focusing the massed intent of the people. Therefore, whatever revelationExternalisation, 379:well-turned phrases of the trained politician, intent on his selfish purposes, the arguments of theExternalisation, 390:the suffering masses of men "stand with massed intent" and with eyes directed towards God so thatExternalisation, 392:endeavor) the following groups whose massed intent is to bring about the liberation of humanity andExternalisation, 392:Only such a united demand, focusing the "massed intent" of mankind will suffice to evoke anExternalisation, 396:for life and liberation, voicing the "massed intent" of humanity. If both aspects of this one workExternalisation, 398:and blend into one united invocation the massed intent of humanity as a whole and the enlightenedExternalisation, 398:is the will of God for humanity and such is the intent and purpose of Shamballa. When the massedExternalisation, 398:the Custodians of the Will of God and the massed intent of the souls of men can be synchronized,Externalisation, 398:focus the massed longing, aspiration, desire and intent [399] of humanity so as to bring about theExternalisation, 444:years), I make one last appeal. Stand with fixed intent, implementing the massed intent of theExternalisation, 444:Stand with fixed intent, implementing the massed intent of the unthinking, the terrified and theExternalisation, 446:men and women in every country stand with massed intent, determined, if possible, to take thoseExternalisation, 452:the spiritual world, in response to the massed intent of the men and women of goodwill everywhere.Externalisation, 458:scale - but beneficent as we know it to be in intent and in purpose - will give place to that ofExternalisation, 462:the world can be organized to stand with massed intent behind that type of statesmanship which isExternalisation, 465:women of goodwill, if they can stand with massed intent, particularly throughout the entire monthExternalisation, 474:emerging from their ancient lair; they were intent upon seeking those whom they could mould andExternalisation, 483:servers, the men of goodwill and the "massed intent" of the inarticulate masses. It is essentialExternalisation, 506:interests lie with all those who, with unselfish intent, strive after the ideal, and who live forExternalisation, 518:the time when the form may no longer serve the intent, when the structure atrophies, crystallizes,Externalisation, 548:group; from the long range point of view, its intent was and is purely beneficent. As a means inExternalisation, 561:physical plane is due, not only to hierarchical intent, but to the demand of mankind and to theExternalisation, 583:certain basic changes in line with hierarchical intent. This hierarchical intent will usually beExternalisation, 583:line with hierarchical intent. This hierarchical intent will usually be unknown to them (though
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