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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTENT

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Meditation, 39:impart, and only this has been given with the intent of showing how much has to be considered, whenMeditation, 153:clarity, but they are apportioned with specific intent, and the form stands out clearly and is notPatanjali, 245:Qualities, such as the various virtues, with the intent to awaken desire for these virtues and thusPatanjali, 247:succession of presented ideas single in intent upon His form, without desire for anything else,Patanjali, 263:clearly. Such terms as one-pointed, single in intent, fixed, synthesized, perfected concentration,Patanjali, 288:race. It involves [288] active help, unselfish intent, wise judgment and loving activity. It isProblems, 68:of happiness" is a familiar citation of this intent; the fundamental principle governing BritishProblems, 159:applicants and, at this time, their massed intent is in great evidence and their invocation isPsychology1, xxiii:by urgent purpose and expressive of divine intent. Psychology1, 12:so much to the time element as to unity of intent and of purpose. There is to be found today in thePsychology1, 25:upon the ideal, a one-pointed devotion to the intent of the life urge, and a divine sincerity arePsychology1, 29:and has served humanity well; the purpose and intent of Christianity has been definite and high,Psychology1, 37:consciously at-one with the unified divine intent lying behind all appearances and all qualities.Psychology1, 37:our manifested Logos is but a part of a greater intent. It might also be noted that in the fourthPsychology1, 56:whole, and slowly reacts to the purpose and intent [57] of that whole. He grasps that purposePsychology1, 62:into activity and enabling him to carry out his intent, to live his life, and to fulfil thePsychology1, 62:upon substance in order to produce a specific intent through the method of the evolutionaryPsychology1, 64:into Light through the gateway of Death." The intent of the Lord of the first ray is to standPsychology1, 81:a spirit of heavenly joy and love, but with the intent to throw some light upon the somewhatPsychology1, 135:manner. To the world of quality, or of desire intent. All forms in all kingdoms respond, en masse,Psychology1, 142:general scheme, and every planet conforms to the intent and purpose of the whole. Six: Humanity,Psychology1, 172:into a current of spiritual stimulation with the intent to increase their effectiveness. GroupsPsychology1, 197:The very nature of perfume, its purpose and intent, is to affect those agencies which will producePsychology1, 222:Realization. A general picture of the creative intent emerges as one considers the significance ofPsychology1, 243:Egoic purpose. Spiritual will. Divine intent. These stages are latent in all of us, and are relatedPsychology1, 252:experiment might be stated as follows: It is the intent of the planetary Logos to bring about aPsychology1, 255:ordered and harmonious expression of the divine intent. It is through the power of thought that manPsychology1, 320:a fusion of life, of power, of harmonious intent and of mental activity. The following should bePsychology1, 352:a major ray is in manifestation, then the divine intent, the universal purpose and Plan will bePsychology1, 427:experiment might be stated as follows: It is the intent of the planetary Logos to bring about aPsychology2than speak in parable and metaphor with symbolic intent - to be ascertained through the medium ofPsychology2, 4:that which embodies divine life-purpose and intent, and which uses the soul in order to demonstratePsychology2, 33:pure being and pure will; pure love and pure intent; this is all that unenlightened man can grasp,Psychology2, 54:indicated the age of the soul and the perfected intent or potency of its will, the freer it will bePsychology2, 59:plane to plane and this is undertaken with clear intent. The work is facilitated and progressesPsychology2, 71:on the mental plane (and this is the prime intent of the meditation work) he starts working inPsychology2, 77:and use of energy for personal, selfish intent. [78] Personality life, with all that is thereinPsychology2, 78:sentences will give an idea of the progress and intent: The stage of spiritualization and ofPsychology2, 82:(I know of no better word to express the intent), and all third ray egos take from it their neededPsychology2, 88:law of sacrifice is wielded with the selfish intent of personal and individual salvation. But thePsychology2, 90:that some glimmering of that eternal and cosmic Intent is beginning to dawn in the consciousness ofPsychology2, 94:by it; and he is one who will with deliberate intent choose to die. But there is no pain, noPsychology2, 222:which humanity expresses the first Ray of Willed Intent, fostered by desire, and transmuted intoPsychology2, 223:by the Plan, and its response to the larger intent. It is upon this response that the Members ofPsychology2, 238:have endeavored to reduce God's hidden goal and intent to forms and rituals and to say, withPsychology2, 252:of the new forms are adequate to the desired intent. They must appreciate the nature of the realityPsychology2, 317:"building psychologically" were used, with the intent to direct the attention of the student to thePsychology2, 343:for effective world service; Unified, in intent and purpose, with the soul. A period wherein thePsychology2, 580:below the threshold of consciousness is the intent of the development planned for the Aryan race. IRays, 6:of consciousness, as the transmitter of egoic intent to the physical brain and as the windowRays, 51:use by these groups in public, and by those intent upon meditation. The soundest approach is thatRays, 93:voiceless appeal - of all who stand with massed intent; it is dependent also upon the hour of exactRays, 124:the clear perception of the fundamental divine intent lying behind all world phenomena, allRays, 132:confining sweep of the purpose and the life-intent of the planetary Logos, but within thatRays, 140:- greater, more inscrutable and "firmer in intent" than any of His creations, even the mostRays, 151:apparatus to the planetary life, purpose, intent and form. Each of the seven centers is responsiveRays, 155:motive you mean single-hearted and one-pointed intent), deep love of humanity (which the blackRays, 194:made by humanity itself, standing with "massed intent," focused through the groups which areRays, 216:(creative in nature and expressive of loving intent as to purpose) can now be withdrawn.Rays, 219:of such a focal point of planned and focused intent that the group is undeviatingly oriented to theRays, 262:and serve, according to his ray and ashramic intent. [263] Impartation. Reference to this is madeRays, 264:[264] on the physical plane, fulfiling ashramic intent on the one hand and preparing themselves toRays, 269:initiate sees that which lies within the cosmic intent and begins to function not only as aRays, 275:in Shamballa itself and was grasped - as to intent and purpose - by Masters upon the first andRays, 281:with a steadily growing responsiveness to logoic intent. Rays, 309:three worlds, and this under divine purpose and intent. This destruction is not outwardly soRays, 418:and further removed from its original beauty and intent. The time has now come, under cyclic lawRays, 446:on the mental plane (and this is the prime intent of the meditation work), he starts working inRays, 528:the invocation by a group "standing with massed intent" can bring forth, and has done so many timesRays, 549:on the Mind of the Disciple of Hierarchical Intent This is something far greater and more inclusiveRays, 641:however, dedicated eventually to spiritual intent and attained through conflict. We come now to theRays, 647:the stage set for a better future. This was the intent and the purpose of Those Who compose theRays, 657:and sociological. To this approach to the intent and the purpose of the planetary Logos must beRays, 658:conscious registering and recognition of divine intent and a faint vibrating response to the willRays, 670:rules and regulations which were not of divine intent. They have tried - at the other extreme - toRays, 707:its way into their hands with the deliberate intent of bringing to the surface of their brainRays, 763:restless strivings, of lower mind, and with ear intent hark to the sounds that rise to the throneRays, 766:hand and touch the door, knock thrice with pure intent. A voice will answer to that call. The wordsReappearance, 9:only the united demand of humanity, its "massed intent," which can precipitate the descent (as itReappearance, 13:voiceless appeal) of all who stand with massed intent; it is dependent also upon the betterReappearance, 22:will evoke Him if they can stand with massed intent, with hope and with expectancy. ThisReappearance, 94:to direct energy (through understanding and intent) towards a recognized and desired end,Reappearance, 129:significant of the reflection of the spiritual intent, and (through its massed populations) of oneReappearance, 152:applicants and at this time, their massed intent is in great evidence and their invocation isReappearance, 185:religion and every organization of humanitarian intent - we shall awaken to the realization thatTelepathy, 14:agent. I use this word with deliberate intent, as the power to work telepathically, both asTelepathy, 197:endeavor with others, to link hierarchical intent with human aspiration and thus bring humanityTelepathy, 197:and thus bring humanity nearer to its goal. The intent of the Hierarchy is to increase men's
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