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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTENTION

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Discipleship2, 176:upon the distinction between Purpose, Will and Intention. A period of complete, focused silence asDiscipleship2, 188:in a cosmic event of tremendous importance. The intention - connected with this Invocations - asDiscipleship2, 189:teach the disciple to create - with deliberate intention - his own cross, and in this manner doDiscipleship2, 197:form of meditation and higher in purpose and in intention, and this meditative process is betterDiscipleship2, 204:and a receptivity which can develop into fixed intention; this can be followed later by aDiscipleship2, 206:because it does not infringe upon karmic intention, and what is not yet possible in time and spaceDiscipleship2, 209:Will-to-Good. 3. Shamballa, with its life and intention focused in the Council Chamber of the greatDiscipleship2, 219:(which has gone so sadly far from his original intention), you "cannot put new wine in oldDiscipleship2, 223:a group which is responsive to his meditative intention; these Beings aid him by their concentratedDiscipleship2, 224:the glory of the Lord of Life be seen." Focused intention, concentrated meditation, visualization,Discipleship2, 224:Prayer, focused desire, meditation and focused intention are the graded and sequential lessonsDiscipleship2, 226:of World Servers, what is my specific, fixed intention at this moment of dedicated contact with myDiscipleship2, 226:personality purpose in line with hierarchical intention - as far as I am permitted to know it? HaveDiscipleship2, 227:and hearts for that event. I have no other life intention." PAUSE Stage III. Visualize the worldDiscipleship2, 227:New Group of World Servers and men of spiritual intention and of loving hearts are working forDiscipleship2, 227:to Earth." Endeavor to concentrate your fixed intention to serve and to spread love in yourDiscipleship2, 228:of aspiration, devotion, prayer and fixed intention (in this order), prior to following theDiscipleship2, 228:this meditation, in the light of your expressed Intention. Make this meditation brief and dynamic.Discipleship2, 231:love sweeping through you, and have the fixed intention to express this love to all you contact. ItDiscipleship2, 245:instruction and have confidence in his occult intention, all that the Master may say or do is ofDiscipleship2, 245:the first of the ancient formulas which it is my intention to give for deep consideration andDiscipleship2, 258:to the brain. You can see, therefore, the true intention of the system of Raja Yoga as it trainsDiscipleship2, 269:as so many believe, a forceful expression of intention; it is not a fixed determination to do thusDiscipleship2, 295:consciousness involves a rapid focusing of human intention on mental levels. This mentalDiscipleship2, 298:confounds will with determination, with fixed intention, with self-will and one-pointed attention.Discipleship2, 304:- as I have pointed out - express significance, intention, meaning. With three of the formulas weDiscipleship2, 306:out into progressive demonstration of the divine intention as it assumes form? This intention is aDiscipleship2, 306:of the divine intention as it assumes form? This intention is a fully comprehended scheme in theDiscipleship2, 306:Shamballa of the synthesis of this comprehensive intention, [307] and we call it the Plan whenDiscipleship2, 307:primarily considered the effect of this divine Intention, Purpose and Plan upon Humanity, and thisDiscipleship2, 310:and of the planetary Logos is closely related to intention and purpose, and is the cause of theDiscipleship2, 318:safely given in a more open form. They have no intention at any time to be mysterious or to holdDiscipleship2, 326:world service. This group approach, this group intention, this "group silent reticence and vocalDiscipleship2, 326:planetary Logos, just as the "Lives of similar Intention" - as it is esoterically called -Discipleship2, 326:outraging your common sense or violating your intention, that I do ask you to do - just accept. ADiscipleship2, 331:make black to appear white and prove that good intention is responsible for evil-distributedDiscipleship2, 334:by the aspirations, the effort and the fixed intention than by the personality angle. He gauges theDiscipleship2, 334:the temporary faults but with the soul grip and intention, and with the aspirant's habitualDiscipleship2, 335:everyone of these people shows a definite soul intention, all are definitely oriented in theirDiscipleship2, 342:It is not of general application as far as my intention is concerned, but must contain somethingDiscipleship2, 342:I work, do I see an increasing vision of divine intention, and do I know practically more than IDiscipleship2, 344:That order is for you to determine. I have no intention to give it to you, and you have no need toDiscipleship2, 354:impression, involving necessarily ashramic intention and its precipitation in service. It is hereDiscipleship2, 363:building patterns. They express significance and intention. To the disciple and the initiate whoDiscipleship2, 373:deliberately and in line with their fixed intention, those thought-forms which must be "impressed"Discipleship2, 376:of their lives and their realized fixed intention and service bring them inevitably, eventually, onDiscipleship2, 378:particular aspect, to determination or fixed intention, but is a fluid energy which can be directedDiscipleship2, 385:Word is his focused thought and his fixed mental intention. In order to create a material world, heDiscipleship2, 386:spiritual hope, all expectancy and the dynamic intention behind the evolutionary process depend.Discipleship2, 390:is related entirely to the hierarchical group intention and to the furthering of the divine Plan.Discipleship2, 400:vision, the purpose, the will and the creative intention of the planetary Logos. More along thisDiscipleship2, 404:create a manifestation adequate to his unfolding intention and planetary service. The objective isDiscipleship2, 406:will take place with spiritual and focused intention; they are today taking place, which is theDiscipleship2, 406:to bring to your attention; it is this conscious intention which confers potency in the life ofDiscipleship2, 408:persons, radiating [408] love and spiritual intention, motivated by goodwill, and rooted in theDiscipleship2, 446:activities are results of deliberate spiritual intention. This is, therefore, one of the firstDiscipleship2, 466:to Disciples - F.C.D. November 1944 It is not my intention, my beloved brother, to give you anyDiscipleship2, 484:ask you to go forth to each day's work with the intention of magnetically attracting (in order toDiscipleship2, 501:one unified activity. From that point of focused intention each then proceeds to carry out theDiscipleship2, 509:Great Invocation, slowly and with much mental intention, pausing after each of the four stanzas forDiscipleship2, 509:MY BROTHER OF LONG STANDING: It had not been my intention to send you a communication, since theDiscipleship2, 518:look ahead at your life of service and of right intention, one word stands out in my consciousnessDiscipleship2, 518:is clarity of purpose and steadfastness in intention and in effort, untrammeled by questioning andDiscipleship2, 519:held ready for creative purposes by the focused intention of the Great Council, acting under theDiscipleship2, 520:and intelligence in one great and fundamental Intention and holding that focused point throughoutDiscipleship2, 520:the entire life cycle of a planet. This great Intention embodies current purpose and expressesDiscipleship2, 548:this they do and should. It is now, however, my intention to convey certain principles and certainDiscipleship2, 553:of fire, of pain or of sorrow. Such is not my intention. I do not mean that the future holds forDiscipleship2, 562:into the Ashram, and to focus with definite intention upon work in mental matter, under clear,Discipleship2, 587:sufficient strength of purpose, clarity of intention and dedication to enable them to touch theDiscipleship2, 598:a serious and important life work. It is my intention to give him a word of encouragement and ofDiscipleship2, 602:impression) before I communicated to them my intention to train them. This inner directionDiscipleship2, 630:subjected. Endeavor to see the big sweep of the intention and be not preoccupied with the detail.Discipleship2, 631:all work is spiritual, given right motive and intention, yet disciples are definitely pledged toDiscipleship2, 639:me and discuss with me your life and spiritual intention. I shall not respond, but (bear this inDiscipleship2, 666:sensing of the united purpose and the spiritual intention of those who have already taken theDiscipleship2, 684:in words to any of you and also my expressed intention to waste no time in indicating weaknesses inDiscipleship2, 710:Who they are you well know, and it is not my intention to mention their names, as this relationshipDiscipleship2, 717:instruction I shall give You. It is not my intention to continue repeating what I seek you - andDiscipleship2, 721:which I would give you. At that time, I had no intention of closing the outer ashramic affiliation.Discipleship2, 741:definite service which fits into the ashramic intention of the moment. You are thus well [742]Discipleship2, 761:purpose of such a contact. Realize also that the intention of this work is to facilitate a greatEducation, 8:and physical coordination as the result of intention, must be emphasized. The child must be taughtEducation, 26:might be supposed or anticipated. It is not my intention to deal with the details of this process,Education, 92:energy should be turned consciously and with intention into the group whole. In doing this a trueEducation, 110:fear, terror and starvation. [110] It is not my intention to handle this subject from the angle ofEducation, 135:relations, and in no way indicates the planned intention of parents - planned because intended toExternalisation, 38:and illumination into their lives. It is not my intention here to deal with the problem of glamor.Externalisation, 43:it, and even if (as is usually the case) of good intention. There are three other categories ofExternalisation, 117:World Picture Ancient Karmic Events It is not my intention to explain or elaborate the subject ofExternalisation, 187:Germany to handle alone. It is an order whose intention is that the best of all industrial andExternalisation, 215:be the practical expression and the formulated intention of those who are conditioned by the ForcesExternalisation, 249:however, and if used by you with focused intention and with the attitude of a sacrificialExternalisation, 273:by hoping and by prayer; so few are motivated by intention. Intention here is that unbreakable,Externalisation, 273:by prayer; so few are motivated by intention. Intention here is that unbreakable, immovableExternalisation, 273:assuredly must appear, for such is the mental intention of the focused minds of many. I would askExternalisation, 273:intent" and to differentiate with care between intention and desire. When humanity has fulfiled theExternalisation, 303:be worked out in the immediate future. Focused intention, based on the above and emphasizing anExternalisation, 310:to the life of the spirit, and a focused intention to move forward. That was the desired goal andExternalisation, 324:at the close of this war. A focused will or intention, a convinced mind, a dedicated desire and a
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