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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTENTION

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Externalisation, 327:creative process begins always in the realm of intention, is impulsed by trained desire, and willExternalisation, 346:I had in my thoughts not just kindness and good intention, but the focused will-to-good which canExternalisation, 408:and Shamballa. Such Messengers embody divine intention. The response of mankind to Their messagesExternalisation, 420:organized, all men of spiritual inclination and intention everywhere will keep the same holy days.Externalisation, 435:of all the allied peoples and to make firm the intention of the postwar planners that freedom,Externalisation, 447:will be compatible with the quality and the intention of those minds. Where goodwill is present,Externalisation, 447:is present, and where there is unselfish intention and a broad point of view, those qualities willExternalisation, 447:are present, and where there is the intention to gain individual and national ends instead of thoseExternalisation, 483:right idealism and fixed humanitarian intention [484] is that distributed by the Forces ofExternalisation, 486:the churches, and which will unify the spiritual intention of all the religions to be found in bothExternalisation, 527:Before the Hierarchy can emerge (as is the intention), the relation between a major Ashram and itsExternalisation, 534:how little you can understand of the Shamballa intention when you realize that it is not easy forExternalisation, 535:of the apparently impenetrable darkness of intention as grasped by Shamballa, of meaning, ofExternalisation, 542:it is in those related to the Buddha. The main intention in these early stages of keeping theExternalisation, 542:that mission and ruthlessly perverted the intention for which He originally manifested that aExternalisation, 553:their usefulness is nearly finished. It is the intention of the Buddha and the Christ that in eachExternalisation, 556:knowledge of this will give purpose and fixed intention to all of you who have for years kept theseExternalisation, 568:A point to be remembered is that this impulsed intention (emanating in the first place fromExternalisation, 583:know it to be no fanatical and self-initiated intention, but a definite task undertaken in responseExternalisation, 586:He may be totally unaware of this hierarchical intention. If he is aware of this underlyingExternalisation, 586:his loyalties, his service and his life intention are directed entirely to the cause of humanExternalisation, 623:there is unification of purpose, of spiritual intention and of realized need, then there is onlyExternalisation, 632:is the work which you should do and I have no intention (in this final message) of pleading withExternalisation, 634:into a massed effort men of prayer, men of good intention, and those who believe in the divineExternalisation, 645:will, however, serve to bring about a "fixed intention" on the part of many to work ceaselessly forExternalisation, 676:next few years bring into focus the hierarchical intention, disciples and aspirants must look forExternalisation, 679:is that of spiritual inclination and an inspired intention which produces a similarity in the [680]Externalisation, 680:to serve, the recognition of the present focused intention of the Hierarchy (under the guidance ofExternalisation, 684:touch with the world of Spiritual perception and intention. The conditions, therefore, confrontingExternalisation, 685:structure and the sweep of the hierarchical intention have been given by me in the books whichExternalisation, 688:the Hierarchy, to protect humanity from the "intention to destroy" of the cosmic Forces of Evil,Externalisation, 698:of this entire subject. With them I have no intention of dealing, though I know well what they are,Fire, 136:Serpent Power, by Arthur Avalon. 62 It is not my intention to lay any stress on the sex side ofFire, 155:in a planet the North Pole. Some idea of the intention that I seek to convey may be grasped by aFire, 766:impulse and purpose, and between instinct and intention. In the earlier stages man reincarnatesFire, 792:of the work to be done, and according to his intention to achieve liberation from form. It mustFire, 1150:of rapidly recurring incarnations with the intention of working specifically at bringing a certainFire, 1215:between all the forms of life. It is not my intention to say much anent group forms and work. It isGlamour, 16:need in the recent period of glamor. It is my intention, therefore, to change your work somewhat,Glamour, 24:and the illumination of the mind, plus love and intention will accomplish much. To this service, IGlamour, 44:real discussion. As you know, it is not [44] my intention to write a long and ponderous thesis onGlamour, 52:through right effort. Through meditation, good intention, and correct technique, plus the desire toGlamour, 76:race has reached a point wherein the men of good intention, of some real understanding and owning aGlamour, 92:note from the above that it is, therefore, my intention to give you a much more careful andGlamour, 104:straight to the door of light." It is with the intention of discovering how far the aspirants andGlamour, 140:as a focused distribution of light, turned with intention upon that area of the astral planeGlamour, 142:be immediately dispelled no matter how good the intention or how accurate may be the grasp of theGlamour, 202:which that which is new and a part of the divine intention can enter. The new ideas and the desiredGlamour, 207:Problem - The Ending of Glamor It is not my intention to deal specifically with particular glamorsGlamour, 211:individually and as a group. It is my intention to give you two formulas - one for the use of theGlamour, 213:habits and automatic reactions, and when the intention is fixed and the ability to focus has becomeGlamour, 221:difficulty. In spite of aspiration and good intention, they are seldom aware of the glamors whichGlamour, 254:are dependent upon motive and inner fixed intention. The oriental, unless he has attained theGlamour, 256:This has to be done upon the wings of conscious intention, if I may here speak symbolically. IGlamour, 257:condition his physical plane life. I have no intention here of giving any breathing exercises whichGlamour, 269:together in full consciousness and with clear intention through a planned act of the will, and thisGlamour, 270:in man can only meet in full power and with intention and finality when illusion can no longerHealing, 30:and through a physical plane agent. It is not my intention in this present short treatise toHealing, 56:I would like to make it clear that it is not my intention to enter into the realm of physiologicalHealing, 108:of goodwill, which is the will of good intention and motive, will come the healing of diseases ofHealing, 124:of a willingness to recognize relationship and intention to cooperate in group service. This is aHealing, 148:The ajna center registers or focuses the intention to create. It is not the organ of creation inHealing, 154:of the creative WORD. It registers the intention or creative purpose of the soul, transmitted to itHealing, 171:Such are the tests of initiation! It is not my intention to deal here with the processes ofHealing, 237:matter of good taste, right feeling and helpful intention by individuals and groups to otherHealing, 283:Had Christian Science fulfiled the original intention of the group of initiates who sought toHealing, 296:anent this subject. It has never been my intention to deal with the pathology of disease or theHealing, 303:gathered to Himself His forces and affirmed His intention to create. He created that which is outerHealing, 410:which will bring about - consciously and with intention - the phases of dying. In the earlierHealing, 431:as an elemental being or as the directed intention of the soul, is an aspect of desire, or rather,Healing, 431:of war, is under the directive and cyclic intention of the planetary Logos, working through theHealing, 433:and the spiritual will, between determination, intention, plan, purpose, and fixed polarization,Healing, 436:of men on a large scale in line with His loving intention. When evil men precipitate a war, HeHealing, 436:to be so purposeless; that is because the intention of the soul is not known; past development,Healing, 436:and see law and purpose and the beauty of intention in what has hitherto been a terror and a majorHealing, 463:is retained. When true death is the soul's intention, then control over the spleen first of allHealing, 472:at the close of a life cycle, and with full intention, exerts its attractive power in such a mannerHealing, 497:which can be called devachanic. It is not my intention to elaborate the technique of theHealing, 499:personality, or under the inspiration of soul intention which subordinates the mind to itsHealing, 510:and personality proceeds. All these phases of intention and of techniques are right in their ownHealing, 545:present will not intervene between the healer's intention and the patient, preventing soundHealing, 552:is the case, the healer may not be aware of the intention; he will, however, be aware of oppositionHealing, 603:force and a purely impersonal agency. Purity of intention, selfless service and goodwill are noHealing, 617:directly into the blood stream. It is not my intention to be over-technical in my consideration ofHealing, 625:effect upon his fellow men. It is not my intention to analyze the various glands, noting how theyHealing, 682:evidenced - consciousness of process and intention. The result is the same in all cases: Healing, 688:and Applied The Sound goes forth. It is not my intention here to deal with the creative sound,Healing, 697:of faith and by the firm statement of his fixed intention. The greater triangle is that whichInitiation, 149:will lack. The initiate who thus sins in intention will be struck dumb, and sometimes dead, priorInitiation, 160:intuition, purity of life and motive, altruistic intention, and a stern self-control and courage,Initiation, 205:all is controlled and regulated by purpose and intention, and none is carried away by passion orIntellect, 30:an alive and functioning creator, acting with intention and utilizing the creative imagination.Intellect, 98:impulses. Dr. Maréchal expresses the Christian intention along these lines as follows: "ThisMagic, 54:I say not, you note, those who measure up. Intention and effort are considered by us of primeMagic, 164:and hold steady, so will his creation fulfil his intention and act as his agent. Just so long as heMagic, 216:in magic. It is through the intense focusing of intention in the head and the turning of theMagic, 529:peace. This is right and in line with divine intention but it is not all of the plan for man, andMeditation, 135:he brings upon an opponent; he persists in his intention and desists not from the hurt of any man,Meditation, 153:specific results, and though it is not my intention to give or outline such forms, I wish to groupMeditation, 201:give their entire attention to finding out the intention of the Manu and His subordinates upon the
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