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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTENTIONED

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Astrology, 522:of all nations; it housed that sad though well-intentioned experiment which was called the LeagueAutobiography, 66:have gathered, a consummate prig, even if well-intentioned. I was almost too good to live andAutobiography, 161:or the emergence of a very nice, sweet, well-intentioned, Christian, subconscious, or againAutobiography, 271:lies the difference between the work of a well-intentioned aspirant and the trained disciple. TheAutobiography, 274:learn to distinguish between the work of a well-intentioned aspirant who founds a school ofDestiny, 31:through the collaboration of the well-intentioned many, responsive increasingly to the good of theDestiny, 97:of all nations; it housed that sad though well-intentioned experiment which was called the LeagueDiscipleship1, 82:understood and even when cultivated by well-intentioned aspirants has a selfish basis. Ponder onDiscipleship1, 84:disciple) is to transform himself from a well-intentioned idealist into a man of action on behalfDiscipleship1, 485:upon the rock of the personality that many well intentioned servers wreck their work. You now canDiscipleship2, 8:has it but knows it not; several others are well-intentioned and hard-striving disciples but neverDiscipleship2, 68:on Earth. This point is often overlooked by well-intentioned disciples. It is humanity whichDiscipleship2, 109:and by the preconceived ideas of well-intentioned aspirants. The Masters very seldom resemble theDiscipleship2, 295:the Red Cross, UNRRA and many analogous and well-intentioned affiliations of men everywhere bearDiscipleship2, 323:something that occasionally happens to the well-intentioned aspirant, and as relativelyDiscipleship2, 353:lack of understanding amongst the masses of well-intentioned people. [354] These, through theirDiscipleship2, 483:in contact if he is to avoid a useless, if well intentioned, promiscuity. The stage of the world isDiscipleship2, 592:of thousands of groups and of millions of well-intentioned people, forward-looking and kind, of allDiscipleship2, 681:your true co-workers, far more than those well-intentioned aspirants you seek to dominate in yourEducation, 75:on the part of loving but superficial and well-intentioned parents, a long series of smallExternalisation, 175:by the war and also by the desire of the well-intentioned to stress their particular solutions ofExternalisation, 231:acting through the medium of a band of evil-intentioned men have been removed. With theirExternalisation, 265:should be remembered at this time by the well-intentioned but occultly ignorant server. [266] LetExternalisation, 433:the racially conditioned people, and the well-intentioned but short-sighted appeasers andExternalisation, 448:of Nations was an abortive effort [448] well intentioned but relatively useless, as laterExternalisation, 459:categories: The visionary dreamer or the well-intentioned but impractical person whose ideas andExternalisation, 477:and its necessity that some kindly and well-intentioned but ignorant Christian thinkers oftenExternalisation, 639:and is acquiescent to the cycle of well-intentioned money control. A world divided into "blocs" forHealing, 239:therefore to the sex organs, has been the well-intentioned suppression of the sex life, and of allHealing, 579:disciplines are often attempted today by well-intentioned aspirants; they practice celibacy, strictHealing, 712:majority, and their work is not good; it is well-intentioned, but the technique is ignorantlyIntellect, 222:who had come to his city. The result of his well-intentioned ignorance was that he opened up theMagic, 618:be avoided and real progress achieved. Many well-intentioned aspirants are prone to give undue timeProblems, 11:are recognized sources of trouble to the well-intentioned remainder. There are nations within theProblems, 116:an entirely possible goal for which all well-intentioned men can work with some hope of success?Problems, 172:China which is complicating the work of the well-intentioned; it is the unchristian andPsychology1, 294:The above applies to the intelligent, well-intentioned majority whose standards will have developedPsychology2, 205:citizens of our modern world, - good, well-intentioned, capable of intense emotional activity, withPsychology2, 477:(usually being quite sincerely deceived and well-intentioned) and when he has unfolded in himself -Psychology2, 480:group, including many intelligent and well-intentioned citizens. The Problem of Guidance is aPsychology2, 489:may be quite harmless, sweet, kindly and well-intentioned; they may feed the emotional nature,Psychology2, 640:and demand, plus the ambitions and [640] well-intentioned experiments of individuals in allPsychology2, 738:upon relief, through the charity of the well-intentioned, or upon crime, yet eating their heartsRays, 29:have it but know it not; still others are well intentioned and hard driving disciples, but neverRays, 430:and yet at the same time exceedingly well-intentioned and fundamentally sound. It is the mass of
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