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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTENTIONS

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Astrology, 285:to a synthesis of the national life, aims and intentions. A typical instance of this attitude isAstrology, 608:immense concatenation of stupendous, divine "Intentions" will serve to bring into clearer light,Autobiography, 92:life and tried to go on with the work. My good intentions, however, did not suffice to keep meAutobiography, 142:says, can always get a following. With the best intentions in the world he exploits the unthinking.Autobiography, 235:active goodwill. [235] So many people of good intentions theoretically accept the fact that God isBethlehem, 10:possible; a new goal has arisen and governs the intentions of many. We are, as a race, definitelyBethlehem, 15:Path, wherein are expressed right belief, right intentions, right speech, right actions, rightDestiny, 82:wisdom that they are apt to forget that good intentions are oft offset by bad methods. The BritishDiscipleship1, 17:through which the Hierarchy can express its intentions and they make the [18] human contacts. ThereDiscipleship1, 590:to work? Of your sincerity and of your good intentions, there is no question. But work is done byDiscipleship1, 739:lethargy and sometimes [739] good intentions - and endeavor to resign from the Ashram or group.Discipleship1, 744:daily activities and relationships only by those intentions and activities which are for the goodDiscipleship2, 43:upon one's self, always with the best of intentions and aspiration. One's limitations, physical orDiscipleship2, 131:wrongly and in any case you know not my intentions where your brother is concerned. Your thoughtDiscipleship2, 141:you later. A true grasp of the implications and intentions behind this meditation would develop inDiscipleship2, 143:calls "the raincloud of knowable things," of the intentions, purposes and ideas which, at any givenDiscipleship2, 155:initiation concern: 1. The ideas, purposes and intentions which motivate the Hierarchy and whichDiscipleship2, 206:World Servers, so Shamballa is carrying out its intentions (as far as humanity is concerned)Discipleship2, 297:is transitory and experimental in practice. Your intentions are good and fine but you have not yetDiscipleship2, 725:they have willingly responded to my planned intentions and in a spirit of dedication to the good ofDiscipleship2, 726:and to work under the direction of the loving intentions of those whom you do recognize as moreExternalisation, 179:of humanity from totalitarian ambitions and the intentions of a group of evil men. But the spiritExternalisation, 442:as regards the position of humanity and the intentions and work of the Hierarchy. What then is theExternalisation, 461:the way for a much fuller expression of the intentions of the Spirit of Resurrection, after theExternalisation, 638:such as oil, and at the same time sincerely good intentions for the establishment of human freedomFire, 757:woman, of thoughts, plans for work, ideals and intentions which (emanating from the Avatar) willFire, 882:following factors: Knowledge of the purposes and intentions of the planetary Logos, Realization ofFire, 882:energy set loose in sacrifice to these plans and intentions involves such a vast field ofFire, 949:by the aggregate of the evil desires, wicked intentions, and selfish purposes of each individualGlamour, 78:the little self, its reactions, its desires, and intentions. Or: The pure love of the soul which isGlamour, 106:which He must express His life, His purposes and intentions, produce the "seeds of death and ofGlamour, 122:work - without true motive. The glamor of good intentions, which are basically selfish. The glamorGlamour, 138:by his claim of right principles and good intentions. But the true priest exists and is found inHealing, 438:all thought, emotion, desire, aspiration and the intentions which focus around the central core ofHealing, 499:because of the selfish ambitions and mental intentions of the integrated personality, or under theHealing, 508:no obstacle to the furthering of these selfish intentions, and with a high-powered brain receptiveHealing, 557:process, or wishful thinking and simple good intentions. I have indicated that it presupposes theHealing, 603:healer. He would then be the victim of his good intentions and of his spiritual service, for theHealing, 609:the majority of average cases, upon the life and intentions of the personality - in this life andHealing, 694:those "organizing Words," and those "expressed Intentions" of the correctly trained occult healer.Hercules, 178:heads symbolize sensation, [178] desire and good intentions. It is love of sensation that drivesHercules, 178:in the outer world. The third head is good intentions, not carried out. So you have desire in theHercules, 178:and on the other side the third head of good intentions not thought through, never performed, ofHercules, 178:it has long been said: "Hell is paved with good intentions". The tail made of serpents typifies allIntellect, 31:can scientifically determine what are our real intentions, we need no more become the prey [32] ofMagic, 160:of the aspirant's emotional body. Thus good intentions come to naught; thus good purpose andMagic, 603:them - collaborate in the working out of divine intentions. Meditation, 201:out of His plans and the formulation of His intentions. Having aligned their bodies and made theProblems, 19:long enough time? Here lies the test of the true intentions of the United Nations. The spiritualProblems, 20:to recognize the existent justice and the good intentions of their thinking and planning. This sheProblems, 20:sacrifices in the interests of the whole; her intentions are just, and her will is towardsProblems, 41:in all our planning and with all our good intentions that the various nations, involved in theProblems, 85:those who are animated by ulterior and selfish intentions. New and rapidly arising ambitions areProblems, 112:ignorant senators consistently outrage the good intentions of the mass of American people byProblems, 117:of peace felt on earth until the peaceful intentions of men everywhere are changing the aspect ofProblems, 124:which has failed and which has thwarted His intentions, and prostituted the truth which HePsychology2, 438:motivated and actuated by the highest intentions, but only succeeds in producing inharmonic in hisPsychology2, 489:to the voices and injunctions and well-meaning intentions of good people on the path of return toPsychology2, 503:of his doings and emotions, his purposes and intentions, and his recognized experiences. They arePsychology2, 632:to their own ends, sometimes with the best intentions, sometimes because they see their chance toPsychology2, 705:of their numbers, plus the clarity of their intentions and their widespread distribution over theRays, 102:thought, emotion, desire, aspiration, and the intentions which focus around the central core of aRays, 232:but have used it in keeping with their own evil intentions and with the power conferred by theirRays, 407:planetary life - forms embodying qualities and intentions as yet undreamed of by us. They haveRays, 419:with their varying ray influences, qualities and intentions, for they all contribute to theRays, 419:life to unfold and manifest. The effect of these intentions of the ray Lords or Lives upon ourRays, 419:apt to forget. It is, however, with these ray intentions that the Initiate of the sixth degree isRays, 421:here even indicate the type or quality of the intentions of the ray Lords which the Master of theRays, 421:of activity wherein sublime purposes and divine intentions are worked out. Rays, 547:not that the Ashram has its own objectives, intentions and inner techniques which are unconnectedRays, 704:their causes, their effects and their resultant intentions are only a sequence of processes,Rays, 729:his chosen ray he will carry out his creative intentions. Rays, 752:cruelty, lying words, sadistic action, selfish intentions and the foulest kind of ambitiousTelepathy, 62:from the Mind of God, as that Mind fulfils its intentions and carries out its purposes within our
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