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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTERACT

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Externalisation, 252:that natural law and the law of karma meet and interact upon each other. There are many peopleFire, 227:In manifestation the two are approximated; they interact upon each other; activity supersedesFire, 227:neutral to each other, but attract and repulse, interact and utilize. Then and only then, can weFire, 441:globe, the Earth. The fourth and the seventh interact, one acting temporarily as a negative forceFire, 514:other points (considered now as one) begin to interact with the mental unit, and a similar processFire, 581:this law with that of Attraction, for the two interact upon each other. This law breaks up theFire, 978:get a nucleus of even three people who mutually interact (I choose the word deliberately) and whoFire, 1222:ways in which the groups on any particular ray interact with each other, remembering that as weMagic, 213:body. These negative and positive forces interact, and when potent enough produce the light in theMagic, 225:is that whereon the pairs of opposites act and interact, and whereon the pull of the greatMagic, 225:by the average man. Light and darkness interact, as do pleasure and pain; good and evil meet andMeditation, 219:the three major centers: All the seven rays interact between the life, the form and the inner mind,Meditation, 269:can be brought about in two ways that mutually interact: By the definite equipping, through study
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