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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTEREST

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Bethlehem, 98:ago, water became for the first time of general interest and of general use for sanitation andBethlehem, 121:with no thought of self but only concern and interest in others. Christ met this temptation to useBethlehem, 164:familiar appeared to them again. It is of real interest to compare a somewhat similar story relatedBethlehem, 189:the realization of their divinity. It is of interest to note how the two great branches of orthodoxBethlehem, 205:is the doing of those things from purely selfish interest which brings suffering to those we haveBethlehem, 210:terms. We are concerned with our individual interest in the matter. We have emphasized theBethlehem, 227:Individual salvation is surely selfish in its interest and its origin. We must serve in order to beBethlehem, 251:consists in attracting attention to the eternal interest of man in the hereafter, and his manyBethlehem, 259:of service. World service, world welfare, world interest, world [260] inter-communication and theBethlehem, 281:God. They are the world servers, and their only interest is in following the steps of Him Who wentDestiny- Introduction Introduction It is of major interest for us to know something about the energies andDestiny, 19:life of nations - a matter of more immediate interest. The new forms are, however, being built andDestiny, 20:from the sentimental, affectionate personal interest of the average worker. They are occupiedDestiny, 21:the petty concerns of the individual plus his interest in himself and the necessities and urgenciesDestiny, 27:the seeds of the future. This is a fact of great interest and of really practical import. It takesDestiny, 32:but that time is not yet, although the intense interest taken today in the phenomena of timeDestiny, 33:and its various problems has reached a point of interest in the human consciousness where aDestiny, 36:in no uncertain terms, thereby arousing public interest, public investigation and publicDestiny, 38:forth in all their divine power. It might be of interest to you to know just what rays controlledDestiny, 43:stand pure first ray energy; hence also the keen interest in the life after death and theDestiny, 56:by inclination, aggressive, full of grandeur, interest in law and in laying the emphasis upon raceDestiny, 62:to any nation and race and should prove of deep interest to every student of history. [63] Destiny, 63:reflect these deeper destinies. It might be of interest here if we continued our study by aDestiny, 72:goal of her Piscean soul and in this the self-interest of Leo precipitates conflict - one to whichDestiny, 77:both powerfully influenced by this sign of self-interest and of individuality as well as by Pisces.Destiny, 93:five centers of "impelling energy" today. It may interest you also to know the governing rays andDestiny, 94:energy which they release is naturally of great interest and, could we but realize it, of supremeDestiny, 95:which we [95] are now occupied is one of general interest but not of individual moment. Arguing asDestiny, 113:him frequently to merciless excesses in the interest of his peculiar and formulated idea. Under theDestiny, 133:It is for this reason that we find a growing interest in the nature of vitality; the function ofDestiny, 134:of those centers. The shift of the world interest is also into the realm of economics which isDestiny, 134:bound to happen in all these spheres of interest, and once the etheric body becomes an establishedDestiny, 144:and in my other books. One small point of interest but one of no especial moment to you is that theDestiny, 149:of people everywhere to things spiritual, their interest in human good and human welfare, theDiscipleship1, XV:of the personality and of the unit to group interest and group good. [4] Group endeavor, carriedDiscipleship1, 9:that in one sense your individualities are of no interest or moment to me, except in so far as youDiscipleship1, 18:and devotion - giving of all your time and interest to the cause - it may be, possible to prepareDiscipleship1, 22:which you may be engaged is the factor of main interest. It is not primarily the unfoldment of theDiscipleship1, 35:but also by a general satisfaction over the interest and opportunity offered by the group work.Discipleship1, 43:of purpose and of relationship. It may be of interest to you to know a little of how we approachedDiscipleship1, 46:Will the meditation which he may give me interest me more than the one I am now doing? Will aDiscipleship1, 47:I will lay before you (for your understanding interest and possible collaboration) the plans forDiscipleship1, 59:meditations which I may assign you, by a renewed interest in the subject of telepathic work and byDiscipleship1, 69:days (I am here telling you something of interest and something which should evoke a sense ofDiscipleship1, 71:on with persistence and with untiring effort and interest, it may be possible to bring theDiscipleship1, 75:this, you are of sufficient moment to warrant my interest. A group is no more powerful than itsDiscipleship1, 97:When this is the case, then the intense self-interest with some aspect of the personalityDiscipleship1, 98:some few are approaching and I watch with interest the waxing and the waning of their light. TheDiscipleship1, 99:permits right personality activity and real interest in personality affairs and yet at the sameDiscipleship1, 110:of your group brothers. Your diary will interest others and be the guarantee to you of your ownDiscipleship1, 122:the awakening of the heart center and a renewed interest in the Way of the Heart. To this end, IDiscipleship1, 132:maya, glamor and illusion. You will find much to interest you.... You are a creative worker andDiscipleship1, 137:sake of others and find in our work the reward, interest and compensation for all the struggle ofDiscipleship1, 138:to work in the Tibetan's group and though interest was evidenced in the papers, the work undertakenDiscipleship1, 159:background of esoteric knowledge, their intense interest in their work makes them one-pointed andDiscipleship1, 161:be followed and the methods employed to arouse interest and to evoke the needed support are forDiscipleship1, 164:doors will open and the correct way of evoking interest will easily become apparent. The work uponDiscipleship1, 167:do not understand and the failure of responsive interest on the part of one's co-disciples -Discipleship1, 170:and of innate disgust will give place to a keen interest and understanding of the glamor-freeDiscipleship1, 171:astral body to the subjective life are of vital interest to the esotericist. The fusion must,Discipleship1, 184:would like to see closer integration and keener interest on your part. Your group attitude to yourDiscipleship1, 203:group of disciples for three reasons. It might interest you to know what they are, for then you canDiscipleship1, 203:a chosen field of service. A basic and lifelong interest in the field of education. This will makeDiscipleship1, 203:theme for study to have much significance and interest for you. [204] A definite and recognizedDiscipleship1, 214:study primarily along the lines of international interest and those things which concern humanityDiscipleship1, 219:ray. There are two major factors of paramount interest to all aspirants and - in your case - theDiscipleship1, 229:and in your service. You will find this of major interest. You are in a position where you can beDiscipleship1, 233:analytical, separate, prideful and full of self-interest - and, as you are definitely going throughDiscipleship1, 245:value is easily overlooked. I say to you: Lose interest in your personality life, in its contactsDiscipleship1, 245:contacts and affairs by substituting a dynamic interest in world work. Do not arrive at thisDiscipleship1, 253:case, right motive controls. Intense dynamic interest in the theme of the moment, free fromDiscipleship1, 253:of spiritual moment. You should only evidence interest in the self during the hour of the eveningDiscipleship1, 254:field of service can enlarge. You will have no interest in the affairs of the little self. SeeingDiscipleship1, 266:for you but the more difficult task of personal interest and contact is to be achieved, for youDiscipleship1, 266:each of you a slightly more intensified personal interest. The reason for this is that at theDiscipleship1, 267:may be willing to share with you. My spiritual interest and its consequent effects in energy formDiscipleship1, 269:of the disciple in service finally draws out the interest of the soul. After the third initiation,Discipleship1, 270:of the disciple in service draws out finally the interest of the soul. You will ponder upon theseDiscipleship1, 281:can be carried still further forward when your interest in the significance of time is evoked moreDiscipleship1, 293:or give to him a sense of my keen personal interest. I would not help that way. But I do seek toDiscipleship1, 295:of esoteric psychology; you would find it of interest to watch the impact of your second and fourthDiscipleship1, 332:of inhibition, but by a true lack of self-interest. If my reference to the buddhic-astral nature ofDiscipleship1, 350:You will find these questions of engrossing interest and well worth your attention as a preparatoryDiscipleship1, 353:on the part of esotericists and a renewed interest in orthodox circles of the ray-gland-centerDiscipleship1, 355:the higher levels of consciousness and a closer interest in the reactions upon the planes ofDiscipleship1, 359:the teaching of others. You have in it much of interest. It is, however, somewhat chaotic and theDiscipleship1, 360:that the inner worlds hold for you much of interest which you never bring through for use on theDiscipleship1, 402:It has linked you powerfully (and this should interest and cheer you) with the Masters M. and K. H.Discipleship1, 402:and qualities, and you will find it of real interest to study the problem. My suggestion would beDiscipleship1, 408:contact. Your method should be that of a deep interest in them, more than an interest in what youDiscipleship1, 408:be that of a deep interest in them, more than an interest in what you may have to give them of anDiscipleship1, 409:and your background in other lives, your interest is more mental than aspirational. Your keen andDiscipleship1, 409:often an inaccurate mind) is swung into intense interest with great facility; it is most easilyDiscipleship1, 416:intensity carried almost to the point of lack of interest. Just follow the form and look not forDiscipleship1, 425:their active spiritual expression by an undue interest and a too intent focusing upon theDiscipleship1, 437:Ray of Concrete Knowledge or Science. Hence your interest and usefulness in the science ofDiscipleship1, 456:Freedom from personality problems does not interest you basically. Such problems provide not forDiscipleship1, 466:future holds for you much service. It will be of interest to you now if I tell you of the raysDiscipleship1, 467:a very definite problem. It produces an over-interest and over emphasis upon the form side ofDiscipleship1, 468:my brother. I do not say that you have undue interest in form as it affects your personality. You
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