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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTEREST

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Problems, 49:of carrying on. The fatigue, inertia and lack of interest, incident to war and malnutrition,Problems, 58:national and racial conditions is of profound interest. The outstanding figures of history,Problems, 59:will, therefore, be given in the form of human interest, human achievement and human possibility.Problems, 74:idealists may not emerge and take over. The interest of the spiritual workers in the world today isProblems, 76:strength is well known and a primary modern interest. Powerful individuals among the union leadersProblems, 97:and urban people and have shown little interest in agriculture, except lately under the ZionistProblems, 100:and Jehovah is jealous of their contacts and interest in any other people or God. To these divineProblems, 132:pastors and clergy would seemingly have small interest to the simple Son of God Who - when on earthProblems, 136:presentation of life-giving truth? Will the interest and the power of the churches be turned to theProblems, 172:materialism and fear, plus a lack of spiritual interest, which makes France so constant anProblems, 173:ferment; it is the blind inertness and lack of interest of the masses of the people which permitProblems, 175:time will [175] inevitably come when - in the interest of peace and security - the capitalists inPsychology1, xx:and a planned sequence of teaching. It may be of interest to you if I trace them for you: The firstPsychology1, xxi:ideal. The mark of the initiate is his lack of interest in himself, in his own unfoldment and hisPsychology1, xxii:Seven Rays. This topic has always been of real interest for students, but about these rays littlePsychology1, xxiii:the individual to find it easy to apply the same interest to the greater Whole in which they "livePsychology1, xxiv:a way that the general public, with its profound interest in the soul, may be intrigued and won toPsychology1, xxv:keep you from taking fresh hold and with joy and interest making that needed progress which willPsychology1, 14:principle, so that from the microscopic interest of the self-conscious man - for we shall retainPsychology1, 34:sensitivity. This is leading to a growth of interest in the Knower and to a belief that this KnowerPsychology1, 79:is just going out of manifestation, is of vital interest to us, for it has set its mark upon ourPsychology1, 115:the group balance, and not on any personal interest in the individual. In this experiment a man isPsychology1, 128:ray, Indigo. 4. It is of course to the human interest that a study of the rays makes its mainPsychology1, 161:modern days (temporarily at least) if they will interest themselves in the hypotheses of the schoolPsychology1, 170:and causing its manifestation. It would be of interest at this point to consider the Plan as it isPsychology1, 170:be those points of immediate and imperative interest which will make this treatise of practicalPsychology1, 187:yourself and your time and your money and your interest to carry these ideas to those around you inPsychology1, 205:but his subjects will be full of thought and interest. He will love music, but unless influenced byPsychology1, 211:is superstitious, and such a man will take deep interest in omens, in dreams, in all occultPsychology1, 218:arouse the abstract mind to activity and awaken interest to such a degree that the work of analysisPsychology1, 220:and certain correspondences which are of interest, and they may be presented in the followingPsychology1, 241:Ray of Knowledge and Understanding. One point of interest might here be noted. It is knownPsychology1, 243:to the initiate. Students would find it of interest to trace similar analogies in the otherPsychology1, 244:development. They should begin to be of greater interest to investigators and to educators whoPsychology1, 245:influence this world of forms. It might be of interest to note that all the planets have a closePsychology1, 259:which it is surrounded. The outgoing love and interest of the people to which [260] the animal isPsychology1, 262:seventh ray has been the increase in the mental interest in sex. A study also of the ray influencesPsychology1, 276:of them, living in another world of thought and interest, are not tempted as are the more animallyPsychology1, 279:and if man then lays the emphasis of his interest upon that which is material, then the form naturePsychology1, 279:orgy of sexual expression and for the widespread interest in the subject. We live today in a periodPsychology1, 280:and change history and civilization. The interest being shown today in the so-called cosmic raysPsychology1, 283:three causes we have at this time a worldwide interest in sex, leading as a natural consequence toPsychology1, 283:present economic situation, to the widespread interest in medical hygiene (an interest hithertoPsychology1, 283:the widespread interest in medical hygiene (an interest hitherto confined to the specialists), toPsychology1, 283:in a satisfactory manner. Out of this universal interest and discussion we shall work towards aPsychology1, 293:come slowly, as the result of the intelligent interest of the next three generations. The youngPsychology1, 315:teaching on the rays" vies with astrology in its interest. Like the Athenians, men are alwaysPsychology1, 320:be noted, for it is of profound psychological interest and import: Rays I, IV and V predominate inPsychology1, 327:which is so oft today the subject of psychic interest and research, is dependent upon havingPsychology1, 338:a vital discriminating and intellectual interest in all types of phenomena. This tendency to bePsychology1, 341:reality), and a shift of the discriminating interest away from the worlds of tangible experience,Psychology1, 341:experience, of emotional life and of mental interest, - all this expresses the effect of thePsychology1, 351:Governor of the world, the Manu. It might be of interest here to note that ray six governs the PathPsychology1, 353:in the following three statements: A widespread interest in, leading finally to a recognition of,Psychology1, 357:at the present time and hence have a supreme interest in connection with what I now have to say. ItPsychology1, 359:the motive is transmuted from pure scientific interest to love of the divine revelation, and whenPsychology1, 361:of the existence of the astral light. An interest in illumination, both physical and mental.Psychology1, 363:of deadness, of uselessness, and of weariness of interest over forms and ceremonies. But where itPsychology1, 368:its long-seen destiny. One point it might be of interest here to note. During the period of thePsychology1, 371:as an imminent happening. [371] Much of profound interest is on its way as a result of this seventhPsychology1, 389:is already being evidenced. The scientific interest shown in psychism and psychology is a reactionPsychology1, 389:its presence felt, and we have the consequent interest shown in the phenomena and truth of thePsychology2, 55:whose development equips them and whose interest impels them to work with the application of thePsychology2, 73:Egoic Ray - The Growth of Soul Influence A deep interest in the final root races and speculation asPsychology2, 73:life going forward on other planets may be of interest, but it is relatively futile and useless; itPsychology2, 73:which relates to its immediate application is of interest and usefulness. Obedience to thePsychology2, 79:the lower mind. The period wherein the center of interest is the kingdom of God and of the soul.Psychology2, 97:predominant characteristic of Deity. It is of interest, however, for students of esotericism toPsychology2, 116:purpose of this law, and which will be of deep interest to esotericists, is to be found inPsychology2, 120:is. It involves so much sacrifice of time and of interest and of one's own ideas, it requiresPsychology2, 137:accordingly. There will then be no room for self-interest, self-assertiveness, or selfish ambition.Psychology2, 144:from a too energetic and fanatical display of interest, in the need for the long pull. The sixthPsychology2, 147:or scatters. It works through love and for the interest of the unit, - the form and the existencePsychology2, 158:his own desires and urges are negated in the interest of the wider life of humanity, and of GodPsychology2, 164:seven spiritual laws. Students would find it of interest to test their understanding of thePsychology2, 178:have been formed for mutual benefit, for mutual interest and study, for mutual strengthening. ThisPsychology2, 190:task is that of linking the three points of interest upon the mental plane, - the higher mind, thePsychology2, 197:body. The above piece of information is only of interest to those who are spiritually awakened, andPsychology2, 198:to function and to control. It might be of interest, if we here listed the recognized effects ofPsychology2, 210:upon ancient Lemuria. It might be of interest here to note that Christ was the first of our earthPsychology2, 210:planetary systems is a subject of the greatest interest, but it is of no real importance to thePsychology2, 214:but a new kingdom in nature will be born. The interest of this, psychologically speaking, does notPsychology2, 215:manner which could be interpreted as personal interest. Interest in him is evoked just in so far asPsychology2, 215:which could be interpreted as personal interest. Interest in him is evoked just in so far as he isPsychology2, 242:The above information will probably evoke much interest from those students who are not as yetPsychology2, 246:But we have today largely exhausted our interest in the tangible symbol, and are searching - againPsychology2, 247:of outer sense perceptions. This cultivated interest in the inner world of meaning will produce notPsychology2, 250:that, through specialization or focused intense interest over a period of lives, there comes aPsychology2, 252:of consciousness. Herein lies its major interest, for in this respect the fifth kingdom differsPsychology2, 253:world of values. But - and here is a point of interest - it is an awareness carried forward into aPsychology2, 254:the forms of the fourth kingdom. These points of interest have been discussed as it is essentialPsychology2, 274:three similar or related touches. It might be of interest if we were to enlarge somewhat upon thisPsychology2, 298:of Correspondences. Students would find it of interest to study themselves in this way, and, in thePsychology2, 298:qualities and characteristics. It might be of interest to mention the fact that the moment a manPsychology2, 302:divinity. The following is therefore of interest: The head center - Monad. Life. First aspect. ThePsychology2, 303:is of sufficient difficulty and of adequate interest to merit careful consideration. I wonder ifPsychology2, 3o8:of opposites and their conflict, it might be of interest to note the following facts: [309]Psychology2, 319:with the same problem. This should be of interest to all for it indicates that the planetaryPsychology2, 327:attitudes in the three major groupings. It is of interest to bear in mind that the process of thePsychology2, 330:the various stages. Students should find it of interest to make a comparative study of the
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