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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTEREST

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Psychology2, 330:by the ordinary psychologist. This is itself of interest, because it shows how very little of thePsychology2, 335:artist - suddenly takes a deep and profound interest in mathematics, might be inferred to be comingPsychology2, 335:and who then switched the center of his life interest into scientific investigation, might be,Psychology2, 337:selfishly occupied with self-emphasis, self-interest, self-expression, and so demonstrating as aPsychology2, 355:existence and expression ceases to attract his interest. The pull or attractive power of the One atPsychology2, 367:relationships of groups, you will find much of interest and of informative value anent the work ofPsychology2, 387:spine, thus arousing the kundalini fire. It will interest students to note how the first rayPsychology2, 401:What I have here to say should be of general interest. I intend to write with great simplicity,Psychology2, 419:based upon a weak vital connection and lack of interest in life (so prevalent at this time) willPsychology2, 420:has taken place, with the focus of the conscious interest elsewhere. This is the undesirable sidePsychology2, 423:and a break in the life continuity of interest, can be cured by Attention first of all to thePsychology2, 443:in which he has (and this is the point of real interest). A first ray physical body, with a brainPsychology2, 448:of stimulation. This theme is of outstanding interest at this time because of the mystical tendencyPsychology2, 452:kingdoms in nature. This is a point of dominant interest and of implied distinction. StimulationPsychology2, 462:subject by the evocation of another and higher interest, by the development of the socialPsychology2, 475:kaleidoscope of the astral plane with interest and attention. He may not be active on the planePsychology2, 476:it is satisfying temporarily his [476] interest, holding his attention and arousing his curiosity,Psychology2, 476:and should be brought to an end. Intelligent interest in the world of glamor and illusion isPsychology2, 476:its phenomena is dangerous and imprisoning. The interest evoked in these undesirable cases is suchPsychology2, 479:to focusing his attention and directing his interest upon the physical plane or the mental plane,Psychology2, 504:upon the astral plane. The activities which interest a world server are, therefore, quite differentPsychology2, 527:and this means (as far as our particular interest at this time is concerned) that we shall findPsychology2, 531:nature; the result is an almost pathological interest in the symbolism of sex and what might bePsychology2, 532:avoided. These early stages resemble closely the interest shown by the adolescent both in sex andPsychology2, 540:succumbs to the temptation to focus his life interest and attention in the astral world and to doPsychology2, 540:world and to do this with increasing awareness, interest and phenomenal results. The man is,Psychology2, 543:I want [543] what I have to say to meet with the interest of those who recognize the fact of thePsychology2, 586:the spiritual realities. This provides the new interest which eventually becomes dynamicallyPsychology2, 643:constitute a slowly growing body of people whose interest is shown on behalf of humanity and notPsychology2, 643:of their own immediate environment. The larger interest will not, however, prevent them from beingPsychology2, 651:to the new ideas. They have expressed their interest and are eager to see the Plan materialize inPsychology2, 655:impaired by the false teaching of any selfish interest, political propaganda and racial orPsychology2, 675:the New Group of World Servers have no time or interest. They stand for those attitudes which willPsychology2, 683:deep import. The period is always one of prime interest and rare opportunity, but the WesakPsychology2, 684:of soul-culture. This item of information is of interest, is it not? In connection with thesePsychology2, 686:One item of esoteric information is of interest here. The period of the Wesak Festival on the innerPsychology2, 687:man may be serving with his speech and spoken interest), a day of service carried forward entirelyPsychology2, 691:and the forces of darkness, but to awaken an interest in and mobilize the forces of light and thePsychology2, 703:it necessarily involves, would prove both of interest and of enlightenment to those who read thesePsychology2, 713:to the assembled Masters, and also of basic interest to any student of the Ageless Wisdom and toPsychology2, 726:complete subordination of individual and group interest to the general movement towards worldPsychology2, 732:years, but which we have not shouldered. Our interest has been powerfully evoked, but notRays, 36:initiation, and are consequently of more general interest, for it is that initiation which faces soRays, 80:expression of spirit." The number 24 is of deep interest, expressing as it does the double 12 - theRays, 111:are now purposing to consider, is one of great interest and practicality. I would remind you thatRays, 111:self vanishes, and group relationship and group interest supersede that intense personal andRays, 111:intense personal and interior relationship and interest which have made evolving man what he is:Rays, 120:has an individual effect, and this is a thing of interest and importance to note at this time.Rays, 128:world of true values. He has no sense of self-interest, because a group awareness is rapidlyRays, 132:time is one of deep significance and esoteric interest; it is concerned with the life of ShamballaRays, 161:significance. It brings in a factor of great interest, from the angle of initiation. You must bearRays, 171:lower attractions and the lesser focal points of interest. When these, in their turn, assume theirRays, 250:date than mine. I say this with no possible interest in any controversy among occult groups or theRays, 272:anent the Buddhas of Activity might here be of interest. Each of Them has a special relation to theRays, 272:stage whereby humanity learns the price of self-interest. The personality mind. This assumesRays, 281:be possible that intrigued and demanded His interest? The self-centered attitude of mankind isRays, 293:But - as you achieve initiate status - self-interest declines until it disappears and, as anRays, 293:upon himself and increases his naive self-interest. This, frequently, presents its own problems,Rays, 296:developed. They can work entirely free from self-interest; that which they create is not claimed byRays, 297:the fact of transition from individual self-interest to a universal state of consciousness; this inRays, 298:the goal removes inevitably the factor of self-interest in its entirety. It might therefore be saidRays, 312:of monadic sensitivity. It might be of interest at this point if, in view of this third developmentRays, 313:man in Christ" cannot be arrested. The center of interest which has hitherto been directed toRays, 334:to make. But, my brothers, here is the point of interest. Under the great law of syntheticRays, 342:awareness and no longer holds any point of interest for the initiate. This is one of the newRays, 364:word "spiritual" connotes profound and effective interest in orthodox religion is not borne out byRays, 366:of the Ashram This theme necessarily has great interest for all aspirants and would-be disciples,Rays, 383:world situation today is therefore one of great interest. Humanity, the world disciple, is inRays, 473:Destroyer aspect. I have here indicated much of interest; I have pointed out a goal and indicated aRays, 498:have been given to the race and have evoked much interest, criticism and discussion; they haveRays, 499:the eyes to see. It is evident in the universal interest in goodwill, leading eventually to peace;Rays, 548:the Master and the disciple, is one of unique interest. It is part of the dual life which allRays, 570:to a situation in which bread is the major interest of men everywhere. Humanity will pass throughRays, 586:note, therefore, the profound and widespread interest of this field of energy wherein ray energy isRays, 602:through Conflict. Our study today is of profound interest and has a great bearing on the presentRays, 627:with France and its welfare; there is small interest in anything else, or in any other nations orRays, 669:the entire theme should therefore be of major interest to you. You should decide (at leastRays, 670:under control through the lack of directed interest and is subordinated to the law of the land asRays, 676:remains within the area of material control and interest. The solar plexus center is consequentlyRays, 686:IV. - Renunciation. Freedom from all self-interest, and the renouncing of the personal life in theRays, 686:and the renouncing of the personal life in the interest of a larger whole. Even soul-consciousnessRays, 689:which is stimulated. This is a fact of great interest, because it is at this initiation that theRays, 697:freed himself from any desire for them, from any interest in them and from any hold they may everRays, 704:- back from a contact of great importance and interest - to those three worlds and with all that isRays, 705:in which He took the fifth initiation. It may interest you to know that the Christ has not yetRays, 720:Initiation of Decision." This is a point of real interest and of practical value; it reveals in aRays, 721:The Aspirant and the Major Initiations It is of interest to have in mind also that at this sixthRays, 721:initiation a great moment of basically historic interest occurs. All the Masters Who are initiatesRays, 747:another is the victim of the stupid lack of interest of its people; another is in the throes of anRays, 747:or prison of materialism. The intense political interest of the Catholic Church, plus its grossRays, 750:the need to rise out of the prison of self-interest into the freedom of shared opportunity, and theReappearance, 16:message, there must necessarily be an universal interest, for today even the many false Christs andReappearance, 19:of the earth's surface is a matter of general interest within a few minutes. This makes it uniquelyReappearance, 23:the important factor is the general human interest and thought about establishing the need, theReappearance, 33:from the mystics of the past by his practical interest in current world affairs and not inReappearance, 33:matters only; he is distinguished by his lack of interest in his own personal development, by hisReappearance, 45:the Christian Scriptures say, but of what great interest is that when millions come and go in theReappearance, 47:[47] speculations as to Their work and Their interest in human welfare, and the unconvinced, yetReappearance, 72:lower attractions and the lesser focal points of interest. When these then assume their rightfulReappearance, 79:of astrology has sidetracked the legitimate interest of humanity in the astronomical teaching and
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