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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTEREST

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Reappearance, 139:the young people refuse to go to church and lack interest to accept the doctrines presented forReappearance, 142:pastors and clergy would seemingly have small interest for the simple Son of God, Who - when onReappearance, 178:as a house divided against itself. Their main interest is on abstract, spiritual levels and theySouland attitudes of pride and shame, the infinite interest of art, the versatile significance of theSoul, 42:be seen later, this historic case has a special interest in view of the conclusions of OrientalSoul, 44:unknown, secretion of posterior, pituitrin. Interest in the pituitary gland has been evidenced forSoul, 72:been, and still is, the paramount intellectual interest of the ages, and the outstanding theme ofSoul, 84:manifested life-consciousness which engross the interest of the religious man, the psychologist,Soul, 143:asking if they were aware of any phenomena of interest as the result of their work. The letter wasTelepathy, 39:to the danger of sidetracking the life interest from spiritual purposes to personality attentionsTelepathy, 68:and thought conditions in the world today. Interest in this is already very great. 2. IntuitionalTelepathy, 75:and are quite unaware of so doing. Their interest in themselves is so intense. Not knowing thatTelepathy, 101:the motive prompting observation is not self-interest, but the determination to clarify the aura soTelepathy, 171:their coloring and quality. If these matters interest you, you can search in the standard books forTelepathy, 195:channels and not delaying points of selfish interest" in the divine flow. This takes vision and
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