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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTERESTED

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Discipleship2, 493:to those you serve but be not occupied or interested in the sources or origins of this teaching.Discipleship2, 519:[519] what it means for you, and I shall be interested to note your reaction to this word andDiscipleship2, 618:with P.G.C. who has always been deeply interested and concerned with the causes of the variousDiscipleship2, 621:thinking?" and he does this because he is more interested in the happiness of his brother than inDiscipleship2, 638:the work I planned. You are today among those interested in discovering their spiritual enterprise.Discipleship2, 639:of the Kingdom of God on Earth. Be interested anew and alertly in the hierarchical plans, and fitEducation, xii:not pose as experts in integration. Along with interested students, the faculty members will beEducation, 6:but also indicates the problem before all interested in education. This problem is to gauge rightlyEducation, 56:we shall see an effort on the part of those interested in education to move with greater rapidity;Education, 106:Hitherto the upper layer of society has been interested, either for selfish, self-protectiveEducation, 107:radio, and is today intelligent enough and [107] interested enough to be making the attempt to formExternalisation, 13:if sought after. I appeal to all who are interested in the growth of psychic knowledge to study,Externalisation, 47:(See Education in the New Age) will evoke more interested response from a larger group of readersExternalisation, 103:the above) become impossible. I have not been interested in the elimination of hindering faults forExternalisation, 143:the organizers a wealth of ready contacts and of interested and prepared people who will then workExternalisation, 201:and the control of the church. They are neither interested in man-made interpretations of truth norExternalisation, 201:religions. At the same time, they are profoundly interested in the spiritual values and areExternalisation, 201:story is recognized and accepted, for He is more interested that the search for truth and forExternalisation, 230:venture with faith into the future. I have been interested in the response to my earlier article,Externalisation, 384:the various groups and organizations which are interested in world reconstruction. You may notExternalisation, 385:discover them. When you have found them, then be interested in what they are doing, and alsoExternalisation, 492:anima mundi. Both groups have been profoundly interested and implicated in this matter of theExternalisation, 555:. Those disciples or initiates who happen to be interested and watching the Triangles or theExternalisation, 557:and not - as in the past - to play the part of interested onlookers. I would warn you that, if youExternalisation, 560:final categories has been merged by you into an interested but totally impractical realization thatExternalisation, 565:of inchoate thought-forms which the bewildered, interested and curious public have created anentExternalisation, 570:Two things must be realized as the interested student considers this event of externalization: 1.Externalisation, 585:people, gifted with a good mind, profoundly interested in their chosen life task and provingExternalisation, 586:inevitable success. Disciples who are intensely interested in personal responsiveness to the soul,Externalisation, 604:apostles, through the chosen seventy, and the interested five hundred...Now He works through HisExternalisation, 629:another, they give little or nothing, even when interested in such a cause as that of the return ofExternalisation, 696:man who forgets about himself, and who is more interested in helping unhappy human beings, but whoFire, 245:of things, and all are interrelated, and all are interested parts and members one of the other. 99Fire, 354:numbers of others, will arise in the mind of the interested student, but beyond the formulation ofFire, 457:Master H. or Hilarion, is a Cretan Master, is interested in the Spiritualistic Movement and isFire, 504:import to three types of people: Those who are interested in the true psychology, or in theFire, 558:lower centers and globes; He will cease to be interested in physical incarnation, and He willFire, 634:or blood system. A hint to the student who is interested in the physiological key lies in theFire, 644:by the activity of certain conscious powers, interested in the process of evolutionary development.Fire, 680:of this treatise. Man is ever profoundly interested in himself, and before he can duly develop mustFire, 918:or chemist. Scientific students who are interested in these matters will find it worth while toFire, 958:the thought form. Scientists [958] are becoming interested in the power of the human eye, and thatFire, 970:of their natures; they are "forced" to be interested in spite of themselves, and are "swept intoFire, 1080:and by the appearance of egos who are interested specifically in the welfare and nurture of theFire, 1159:which (to word it so as to convey sense to the interested) may be regarded as: The basic center atGlamour, 2:and dispositions of others, provided they are interested. This they must not, however, confoundGlamour, 20:has been so good that the black forces are interested sufficiently to attempt to hinder their fineGlamour, 74:ages, this glamor has held the race increasingly interested, until today the entire world has beenGlamour, 187:Christ and all for which He stands. They are not interested in building great churches of stone andGlamour, 187:the money needed for their support; they are interested to gather out those who form the trueHealing, 6:ken, but the effects are discernible. I am not interested primarily in training individuals inHealing, 24:psychological troubles of disciples. It may have interested you to see that I place the ills of theHealing, 173:given a very important fact to those who are interested in the study of medicine from the esotericHealing, 270:It is essential that those of you who are interested in the study of disease and its healing shouldHealing, 277:however, be lifted out of the hands of those interested in predictional astrology, out of the handsHealing, 360:apostles, through the chosen seventy, and the interested five hundred. Ponder on this fact, littleHealing, 370:otherwise be a futile effort. I am writing for interested aspirants and for those who can heal onHealing, 476:disease, and frequently the soul or the living, interested, inner man can be seen losing his gripHealing, 646:and - in fact - command it. I do not advise any interested student to ponder overmuch along thisHealing, 654:to the evocative power of an outside person, interested or loving. As an adept and as one in whomHealing, 654:sin of the apostles was that they were not interested in evoking the living activity of the MasterHealing, 659:be accomplished and a great deal learnt if those interested read, study, meditate, carefullyHercules, 25:told that Apollo, the Sun God himself, became interested in Hercules and pondered what he couldHercules, 74:of psychic phenomena. The aspirant becomes interested in automatic writing, or he learns to sit andHercules, 174:Cerberus, but he works among men all the time, interested in his fellow man. He is impersonal.Hercules, 176:group. You no longer live in the animal nature, interested in creation on the physical plane, butHercules, 185:is no longer self centered. We are no longer interested in ourselves but our consciousness beingHercules, 201:integrating now, who make no noise, are not interested in themselves, but upon whom is laid theInitiation, viii:in interpretation. Again, there are some who are interested, yet who feel the possibilitiesInitiation, 26:much must be left unsaid. The average man is interested and his curiosity is aroused by referenceInitiation, 59:ritual and ceremonial, being vitally [59] interested in the effects, hitherto unrecognized, of theInitiation, 103:him away from, instead of towards the goal he is interested in; whilst ordinary good living, whenIntellect, 106:power of a new affection." To be profoundly interested in some new and intriguing subject, and toIntellect, 157:God; he divorces himself from feeling and is not interested in his own personal satisfaction, forIntellect, 163:Change, page 21. The intuition, he tells us "is interested in purely intangible results and, if itIntellect, 205:Out of this sequence of activities, the interested investigator will awaken to the realization thatIntellect, 216:meditate. It is easy to teach meditation to the interested business executive. Intellect, 216:which constitute a day, that they are not interested? Fifteen minutes can always be found, if theIntellect, 218:of literature in which they are not the least interested. If it is impossible to get a moment forIntellect, 247:no phenomenal contacts for himself and is not interested in being patted on the back and having hisIntellect, 252:which are only a veil to pride; they are not interested in the good opinion of any person,Intellect, 252:the approval of their own soul, and are vitally interested in the pioneering work of the world TheyIntellect, 253:kingdom of the soul; then we will be no longer interested [254] in its recollection. We must alsoIntellect, 255:may lead to serious trouble. The earnest and interested aspirant, at this stage, is himself aIntellect, 257:as per schedule, - but to become more mentally interested in life, in the thought world, in someIntellect, 267:and the philosophical. They are not [267] interested in terminologies, nor do they waste timeIntellect, 267:truth underlying all presentations and are only interested in the principles of brotherhood, in theMagic, 24:above are differentiations. Those again who are interested in the more metaphysical approach and inMagic, 54:consideration of these rules, I am not so much interested in their application to the magical workMagic, 61:of the planes of illusion, and fails to be interested. If he looks forward he sees a distant lightMagic, 82:can as yet be apprehended by the many who are interested is by a close study of the vicissitudes ofMagic, 119:and (at this period) is only secondarily [119] interested in the good of the many though he mayMagic, 119:what becomes of the personal self and is only interested in the helping of the many. It boils down,Magic, 150:touched upon above, can be worked out by the interested aspirant. Next we read "he concentrates hisMagic, 170:gradually dawns on him that his Master is only interested in him insofar as his ego can be used inMagic, 252:As this takes place, he begins to be interested in the magical work in which it is the function ofMagic, 395:A man is deemed spiritual if he is interested in the world Scriptures, if he is a Church member andMagic, 419:upon any doctrine or authorities. They are not interested in having any personal authority, nor doMagic, 421:in the work in which it is realized that all are interested. Working disciples everywhere when theyMagic, 426:cooperativeness best describe them. They are not interested in dogmas or doctrines and have no
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