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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTERESTED

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Magic, 461:interest and cease to work, or are primarily interested in their own affairs and personalities, theMagic, 542:foreground is often overlooked, and it has interested those of us who teach and guide to note howMagic, 567:wavers in his intent and is not sufficiently interested. Many fine ideas equally fail toMagic, 568:are intended for those who are definitely interested in the way of liberation from form, and whoMeditation, 27:more conscious on his own plane, and ever more interested - via the permanent atoms, - in the lifeMeditation, 29:and submitted to the consideration of all interested. Just what do you mean when you speak of theMeditation, 125:other bodies and disdains their use; he is too interested in work on mental levels, and thus givesMeditation, 281:steps for contact permitted. A Master is only interested in a man from the point of view of hisMeditation, 331:I have indicated enough to provide much room for interested speculation. [332] Patanjali, 354:herein opens up a vast field of study for the interested investigator. The eye is one of the mostProblems, 12:attitudes and there are many who are more interested in civic and the national good than inProblems, 26:along creative lines; it is profoundly interested in trying out every kind of ideology. The fightProblems, 71:for corporate or personal gain. They are not interested in benefiting the public except in so farProblems, 171:spiritual Hierarchy of the planet is primarily interested in finding the men who will work alongProblems, 171:who will work along these lines. It is primarily interested in humanity, realizing that the stepsPsychology1, xxiii:cosmic to the individual. Men are, as yet, too interested in the particular and the individual toPsychology1, 12:can be practically demonstrated if those who are interested in this Treatise on the Seven Rays canPsychology1, 79:of this teaching to their daily lives. I am not interested in imparting weird or unusual items ofPsychology1, 110:the rest of the race. I regard you as sincerely interested in the spiritual life, as concerned withPsychology1, 116:we can do for him? Again I say, we are not interested in personalities and their small affairs. WePsychology1, 187:they, by an accident of birth or by choice, are interested, regarding each religion as part of thePsychology1, 293:individualistic and selfish; they will be more interested in new ideas than in the ancientPsychology1, 294:with the problem remains to be seen. I am not interested in speculation. [295] But I can and IPsychology1, 302:They are probably too simple to evoke an interested recognition. But the power lying behind them isPsychology1, 389:occult, aggressive, full of grandeur, interested in law and in laying the emphasis upon race andPsychology2, 16:Substitute for past, necessarily self-interested and personal ambition, the needs of the group andPsychology2, 158:we are told to serve and obey, we are not interested. Yet service is the mode, par excellence, forPsychology2, 283:than is possible at this time to the average interested aspirant who studies these pages. ThreePsychology2, 316:of identification shifts, and he becomes less interested in the field of experience and more awarePsychology2, 445:cooperating with the psychologist and is interested in bringing about the right results. ThePsychology2, 464:for creative presentation. Whether men are interested only academically in the power of thought, orPsychology2, 471:has been so good that the black forces are interested sufficiently to attempt to hinder their finePsychology2, 501:in accomplishment and can be of value to the interested psychologist in so far as they indicate thePsychology2, 521:and it can be read and studied by those who are interested to do so. They can thus clarify theirPsychology2, 564:that the man or woman who is expressing and interested in these lower powers (which are called thePsychology2, 586:indeed. In three ways only: By ceasing to be interested in the display of these powers, by refusingPsychology2, 667:as that term is usually understood. It is not interested in politics, religion or place. Its workPsychology2, 673:attacks no authority or government. It is not interested in the overthrow of rulers or the downfallPsychology2, 685:form of training in order to present to these interested Spiritual Beings Who are seeking to helpPsychology2, 737:written. Behind these three groups, equally interested in them all, stands another group. It isPsychology2, 751:money that is needed to enable us to reach the interested public. It is your meditation and intenseRays, 37:who is seeking to comprehend these Rules is more interested in seeing the situations which heRays, 127:real time to give to soul expansion. They are so interested in their reactions to theirRays, 128:he is not preoccupied with them or fundamentally interested in them. His eyes are off himself andRays, 250:in any controversy among occult groups or the interested public, but as a simple statement of factRays, 341:or individual interests, and is not at all interested in the aims of its personality. It is theRays, 362:of Decision. [362] Disciples are more apt to be interested in the Ashrams from the angle of theirRays, 406:They are not (if I might so express it) interested in any individual unit of any kind or in itsRays, 667:those who truly love their fellowmen, who are interested in the esoteric teaching, and who seek toRays, 711:concerned with group activity; it is never interested in or directed to the revelation of anythingReappearance, 19:in all countries, there are thousands who are interested in the fact of that Hierarchy, who believeReappearance, 51:apostles, through the chosen seventy, and the interested five hundred... Now He works through HisReappearance, 137:due to the fact that humanity is not excessively interested in the orthodox presentation of truth,Reappearance, 143:sure. It is impossible to believe that They are interested in the views of the Fundamentalists orReappearance, 178:another, they give little or nothing, even when interested in such a cause as that of the return ofSoul, 23:groups as follows: "The introspectionist is interested in consciousness, awareness, awareness of
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