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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTERESTING

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Astrology, 13:the highly developed man. They would find some interesting and convincing results eventuate.Astrology, 18:a while. Astrologers might discover some most interesting and arresting problems and perhaps arriveAstrology, 22:all the teaching you have had upon this most interesting theme of the three major planetaryAstrology, 40:Hierarchy (or the eighth) is a peculiarly interesting one. They are called "the Triads" for TheyAstrology, 48:dense physical body. The fifth Hierarchy has an interesting position as the "mediating" bodyAstrology, 49:of the three worlds have a vital use and a most interesting place. From the logoic standpoint, theyAstrology, 56:of resolving the dualities will be known. It is interesting to note also that seven of the symbolsAstrology, 63:- The Great Wheel and Spiritual Unfoldment It is interesting also to note in this connection that -Astrology, 66:rays are represented except the first. This is interesting, as the mass of the people move withinAstrology, 87:"It would repay the student to contemplate the interesting succession of triangles that are to beAstrology, 90:Masters gauge Their disciples and they are most interesting; I touched upon them somewhat earlierAstrology, 96:control of the Common or Mutable Cross. It is interesting to note that each of these three signs ofAstrology, 98:Effects of the Zodiacal Constellations It is interesting here to note also that through the rulingAstrology, 111:the individual human being, the microcosm. It is interesting to [112] compare the symbolism and theAstrology, 125:our planet and humanity, we find a most interesting situation. Two major rays express themselvesAstrology, 127:power of the [127] mind. Students will find it interesting to work out the implications forAstrology, 129:the activity of the two orthodox rulers. It is interesting to note that the astrologer, Alan Leo,Astrology, 130:still greater consummation. There is a wide and interesting field of research to be found in theAstrology, 136:As one studies these twelve signs, it is interesting to trace the relation of consciousness to theAstrology, 146:astrological delineation. We come now to a very interesting point in connection with Aquarius.Astrology, 147:life, symbolized by the two wavy lines. It is interesting to bear in mind that in the progress ofAstrology, 151:they constitute a complete unit. It is interesting to note how these three signs are either thoseAstrology, 154:of the two horns of the scavenging goat. It is interesting to study the three signs in which theAstrology, 166:will notice from the above tabulation one or two interesting points. These should be carefullyAstrology, 169:to the five initiations. This is peculiarly interesting to study because at the time that anyAstrology, 176:and thence to initiation in Capricorn. It is interesting to note that the astrological symbol forAstrology, 178:evolutionary process has impelled him. It is interesting, in this connection, to trace theAstrology, 182:In connection with the above, it is interesting to note that the Twins set apart and unattached inAstrology, 183:the point which I seek to make. It would also be interesting to make an analysis of thoseAstrology, 184:standpoint of the Hierarchies involved. The most interesting fact which emerges as we study theAstrology, 186:Lord. A study of the above will reveal most interesting relationships and prove my point anent theAstrology, 191:returns to life experience in this sign. It is interesting to note that no planet is exalted inAstrology, 200:Aquarius, Alcyone and Humanity constitute a most interesting triangle of force. Alcyone is one ofAstrology, 204:by Hercules, the Sun-God, in this sign. It is interesting to note that each of the great Sons ofAstrology, 212:Scorpio is one of the signs of death), it is interesting to note that Christianity is governed byAstrology, 218:the stage of the fourth initiation, but it is an interesting fact to remember for it is in theAstrology, 221:I would like to touch upon another interesting point which will serve to demonstrate the potency ofAstrology, 226:that of the undeveloped man. This will be an interesting point for astrologers to investigate andAstrology, 241:the zodiac and their interrelation makes a most interesting study and well worth the closeAstrology, 242:Effects of the Zodiacal Constellations It is interesting that in the note to Tabulation V bothAstrology, 247:hinted, dominate the new astrology in a most interesting manner and condition the charts of thoseAstrology, 259:- cosmic, systemic and human - are profoundly interesting in their interrelation; this we shallAstrology, 260:up of substance is not yet realized. It is interesting to note that Scorpio establishes theAstrology, 287:the water signs, Cancer - Scorpio - Pisces, are interesting, and the fire signs, Aries - LeoAstrology, 298:speaking, you have the emergence of an interesting triangle of force which affects the Leo subjectAstrology, 305:not flat surfaces as are our charts. This is an interesting piece of information but of no value,Astrology, 306:the soul is concerned. These charts are most interesting. The relation of Leo to Cancer, throughAstrology, 310:I would also call your attention to another interesting fact in connection with this sign. NoAstrology, 317:which underlies the three water signs is most interesting in one particular direction. You have, asAstrology, 320:is the way of the initiate. You will note the interesting fact that you have here nine signs whichAstrology, 327:field of research and I have indicated a most interesting new form of historical investigation andAstrology, 340:of the soul in form. You would find it an interesting study to compare the effects of these rayAstrology, 348:signs. This analysis constitutes in itself an interesting and far-reaching field of speculation.Astrology, 356:Effects of the Zodiacal Constellations It is interesting to discover that the hierarchical ruler ofAstrology, 356:you that you have in these three rulers a most interesting sequence of forces, for Rays 3, 4, and 5Astrology, 364:with people on nearly every ray. This is an interesting point to remember if you will realize thatAstrology, 369:with the decanates and their rulers, it is interesting to find that Sepharial and Alan Leo giveAstrology, 400:the entire zodiac and provides in itself an interesting and progressive story with which I have notAstrology, 401:soul aspects for the lower form reactions. It is interesting to note that in Scorpio, Uranus isAstrology, 415:are conditioned by it. For instance, you have an interesting illustration of this in the nature ofAstrology, 427:sounded note." In this connection there is an interesting triangle of energy formed by: [429] TheAstrology, 435:significance of this is grasped, the following interesting points will appear. I give them to youAstrology, 444:Triangles - Triangles of Force - Planets It is interesting to note that the seventh Ray ofAstrology, 480:I would like here to call your attention to an interesting point which has a definite bearing uponAstrology, 483:symbolically as: [483] This is one of the most interesting and informing astrological symbols IAstrology, 486:- The Science of Triangles - Conclusions It is interesting to bear in mind that just as each signAstrology, 489:Ray VII - Aries - Cancer - Capricorn Certain interesting facts emerge if this tabulation isAstrology, 492:point into a controlling position. 5. It is interesting to have in mind that Ray V governs theAstrology, 507:hidden planet. The Sun, veiling a planet. It is interesting here to note that the non-sacredAstrology, 508:energy. The Earth, Mars and Pluto [508] form an interesting triangle with Venus behind the sceneAstrology, 511:houses you can work out for yourselves. It is interesting to note, for instance, in connection withAstrology, 524:minor dictators, the tyrant in the home. It is interesting to note that the keynote of India is "IAstrology, 524:ray of India. The implications are clear and interesting and also encouraging. The consciousnessAstrology, 548:effect major changes in our little planet. It is interesting to realize that Aries, theAstrology, 605:a deep mystery but the correlation is interesting and guaranteeing. These seven ray energies,Atom, 18:of atoms, and there will then open up to us the interesting consideration of forms other than theAtom, 35:themselves may be worlds within worlds. An interesting speculation along these lines is to be foundAtom, 38:that atoms possess qualities, and it would be interesting if one were to take the differentAtom, 39:and useful relation assume beautiful or interesting shapes and colors, or give forth a pleasantAtom, 39:American, Edison laid down a number of most interesting surmises from which I have culled theAtom, 41:Crookes, one of our greatest scientists, gave an interesting lecture before a body of chemists inAtom, 44:to make religion scientific. There is a very interesting Sanskrit writing, many thousands of yearsAtom, 47:standpoint, and the outer happenings, are mostly interesting just in so far as they concernAtom, 55:of the manifestation." Here you have a most interesting sentence, and one of real occultAtom, 65:It can be seen working out in a peculiarly interesting manner in this cycle in which we live.Atom, 73:even if they are only hypotheses, they may prove interesting and give us a possible clue to theAtom, 81:the builder of forms. This is brought out in an interesting manner in Proverbs viii. where WisdomAtom, 82:subject that we have been considering in a most interesting manner, summing it up as follows: "ThusAtom, 89:can be found summed up in the Bible in a rather interesting phrase, where Jehovah says to Moses,Atom, 105:we are now considering is, for us, a peculiarly interesting one, because it is the stage in whichAtom, 107:hearing, touch, and sight, you have a very interesting analogy to and connection with the threefoldAtom, 122:rays of consciousness. [122] There is a very interesting analogy between the evolution of the atomAtom, 124:the solar system. I do not know, but it makes an interesting line of thought for us, and it does noAtom, 132:or in that which is called the ethers. Much interesting work has been done along this line byAtom, 133:overlooked. Again, we can look for a very interesting happening in connection with the human familyAtom, 135:is the case we shall see more of that peculiar, interesting capacity which some people evince, andAtom, 139:is something very far ahead of us, but it is interesting to speak about, and holds a promise forAtom, 143:the law of analogy which may lead us to very interesting realms of thought. We have for severalAtom, 151:of atomic life, if we think it out, is vastly interesting, and leads us into many lines ofAtom, 156:of [156] the Pleiades. This group is a most interesting one. If you will go to the dictionary and
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