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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTERESTING

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Hercules, 46:around which the wheel of life revolves. It is interesting to discover again, in Taurus, theHercules, 64:as mortal and Pollux as immortal. It is an interesting astronomical fact that the star, Castor, isHercules, 66:or inter-communication 'and commerce. It is interesting to note that the United States [67] andHercules, 69:of Lepus as being "chased eternally", and it is interesting to note that the Hebrew names of someHercules, 85:the vulnerable "heel of Achilles".) This is an interesting way of expressing the liabilities of theHercules, 87:It is not a striking constellation. It is interesting to note that there is no Hebrew word forHercules, 88:to intuition. At-one-ment with Capricorn It is interesting to contrast the two signs, Cancer andHercules, 100:been associated with Hercules, though it is interesting to note that this famous labor has noHercules, 100:testing and training. This is one of the most interesting labors numerically, and in order toHercules, 101:ten. The ancient scriptures of the east use some interesting phrases to express the nature of theseHercules, 105:irrigation at that season. This has also an interesting esoteric significance for, according to theHercules, 107:matter and ends with the bird of spirit. It is interesting to note that in Aquarius, theHercules, 109:true esoteric meaning can possibly emerge. The interesting fact about the period in which we nowHercules, 110:controls growth and is essential to life. It is interesting that Berman defines intellectuality asHercules, 116:with an enemy "of a different sort". It is interesting that the two labors which, "Hercules, thoughHercules, 119:mind. In this Virgo lecture A.A.B. gave a most interesting sequence of prophetic references to theHercules, 153:connected with this sign which are tremendously interesting. First, there is Serpens, the serpentHercules, 156:by A.A.B., 1937) Sagittarius is to my mind most interesting because it has such a peculiarHercules, 157:going straight as an arrow to his goal. It is interesting that the United States' standard showsHercules, 163:is nothing left to live for, there is nothing interesting enough to pull one through existence.Hercules, 163:there. The chrysalis stage is Sagittarius. It is interesting to carry the sequence of thought orHercules, 172:signs of service to humanity. For it is interesting that, in Aquarius, we are dealing symbolicallyHercules, 175:which has achieved. In Delphinus you have a very interesting constellation that holds in it anHercules, 176:down into hell. The order in which they came is interesting. [177] First he had to purify himself.Hercules, 189:on suffering, illumination and love. It would be interesting to see how far you yourself can graspHercules, 193:and we certainly do not know what love is. It is interesting to try to express to yourself what youHercules, 217:Message of Aquaria, p. 23,by Homer Curtiss. An interesting and more probable definition of the wordHercules, 218:the Planetary Spirit and the human being. It is interesting to note that the Zodiac is spoken of asHercules, 219:on Earth Life In the larger picture certain interesting facts emerge. We can say, for instance,Hercules, 219:Jewish Passover and the lamb sacrifice. It is interesting to note in this connection the trueHercules, 220:tradition and upon our Church usage. It is interesting to note in this connection that on ChristmasHercules, 220:Virgin, became visible in the east, and it is interesting to note the coincidence that Spica, theHercules, 222:the cross of Spirit or of the initiate and it is interesting to note that the word "cardinal" comesHercules, 227:of Hippolyte, the Queen of the Amazons. It is interesting to note that the first labor on theInitiation, vii:for what it may be worth as a formulation of an interesting hypothesis. To those who anticipateInitiation, 10:that is said may be reasonable, logical, interesting, or suggestive, but not conclusive. The wordInitiation, 26:in the following words: - These statements sound interesting and perchance they are true. TheInitiation, 55:M., the Master K. H. and the Master Jesus are interesting themselves [56] closely with the work ofInitiation, 58:both Roger Bacon and later, Francis Bacon. It is interesting to note that as the Master R. takesInitiation, 59:on the Path," and his work is particularly interesting to the general public at this crisis, for heInitiation, 63:of the indwelling spirit is curiously interesting. We might look at it in this way: The moment ofInitiation, 84:for the next step. The analogy is kept in an interesting way in the New Testament in the life ofInitiation, 87:prove very revealing, and might demonstrate an interesting analogy between the methods ofInitiation, 107:the three Buddhas of Activity at initiation is interesting. They are three aspects of the oneInitiation, 133:to receive stimulation. Then succeeds an interesting interlude, wherein the united wills of theInitiation, 135:First, the student should bear in mind the interesting significance of the fact that he, on theInitiation, 183:upon a ray suited to their type of mind. It is interesting to note that the oriental type attainsInitiation, 196:of thy name." The last verse is particularly interesting, as it demonstrates the suppression of theIntellect, 26:Dr. Dibblee of Oxford makes the following interesting comments upon instinct and intuition, whichIntellect, 27:of reason to instinct. We have, therefore, this interesting triplicity - instinct, intellect andIntellect, 29:World Unity Magazine, October 1928. It is interesting to note that the same ideas are expressed byIntellect, 38:entirely legitimate part of its affairs. It is interesting to note what Dr. C. Lloyd Morgan in theIntellect, 68:Russell deals with these two groups in a most interesting way, though he uses the one term MysticIntellect, 81:book Man and His Becoming, makes the following interesting comments on the word "union," which haveIntellect, 106:attention, that is, one-pointed attention. It is interesting to note what Father Maréchal says inIntellect, 141:the means of growth previously described." It is interesting to note that Malaval in his secondIntellect, 160:In the physical body there are certain most interesting reactions. These fall into two main groups:Intellect, 161:mysterious thing we call the intuition? It is interesting to note that the word is totally ignoredIntellect, 163:College, Oxford. In it, he gives us several interesting definitions of the intuition. He remarksIntellect, 183:The Soul and Its Mechanism, page 130. It is interesting here to note the uniformity of the teachingIntellect, 188:page 47. The term Prajna used above is very interesting. It is "the presence in every individual ofIntellect, 191:Persian Treatise on Sufism will show. It is interesting to note that those writings persist theIntellect, 202:results of ideas, and Hu Shih tells us in that interesting symposium, Whither Mankind, "...thatIntellect, 208:in order to evoke the soul opens up one or two interesting considerations. It would appear from theIntellect, 213:In the Oriental books this is called by the interesting term "right withdrawal" or "rightIntellect, 248:of contact with some great Soul. It is less interesting, but preserves him from illusion. If heMagic, 71:some time rightly to handle it. We have in it an interesting illustration of the microcosmicMagic, 74:to this relation, or synchronizing vibration is interesting: Soul - Man on the Physical Plane MindMagic, 74:the centers, and their synchronization is interesting and in it is epitomized the evolution of theMagic, 77:[77] can formulate intelligent ideas anent this interesting subject. We can aid in the revelationMagic, 95:response between the brain and the soul. An interesting angle of information might here be given,Magic, 143:to utter. Wrong speech separates, and it is interesting to bear in mind that the word, the symbolMagic, 149:detachment and reorientation. It is notably interesting as a demonstration of the succinctness andMagic, 160:to completion on the physical plane. It is interesting to remember this: If a thought-form is sentMagic, 182:preoccupation. Inquiry about the Master is more interesting than inquiry about the neededMagic, 212:his triple instrument. There is an interesting relation between these three "directions ofMagic, 219:the mind in the magical work of creation. It is interesting to note in this connection that, asMagic, 221:used for the plane of emotional reaction. It is interesting to note this for it is in itself anMagic, 225:the interplay of the pairs of opposites, and an interesting line of occult study concerns itselfMagic, 228:White Magic - Rule Seven - The two Paths It is interesting to note the occult sequence in theMagic, 240:forces men to walk in the great illusion. It is interesting to note that the work of the Devil, theMagic, 257:of the deeper meanings can be imparted. It is interesting to note that as progress is made upon theMagic, 336:it will increasingly find itself will be most interesting. These three developments will usher inMagic, 361:back to the buddhic or intuitional plane. It is interesting to note that just as the Monad,Magic, 373:in a new sense and in his vivification many interesting developments eventuate. In three ways thisMagic, 410:and its interrelated work that counts. It is interesting to note that in the scientific group theMagic, 411:the concrete. Through their work therefore that interesting sensitivity of man, with its threeMagic, 462:rapid amelioration of world conditions. It is an interesting point to bear in mind that the firstMagic, 478:and so produces successful enterprise. It is interesting to note that in Atlantean days, the wordMagic, 497:Magic - Rule Eleven - Salvation from Death It is interesting, though incidental to our subject, toMagic, 512:a true vehicle for his soul or self. A very interesting analogy works out as we study the words:Magic, 534:Rule Twelve - The Prisoners of the Planet It is interesting here to note that death is governed byMagic, 542:prejudices and longings, can be seen in the most interesting precipitation. The vast assembly ofMagic, 545:called "occult recognition." This rule is a most interesting example of the many connotations andMagic, 588:of giving general and blanket rules. It is interesting here to note, even though it has no bearingMagic, 615:of light and the kingdom of form. In one most interesting sense it is true that because the humanMagic, 616:creative work on the mental plane. There is an interesting and ancient proclamation found in theMeditation, 17:or Knowledge is a man's ray, the method is very interesting. It takes the form of the intenseMeditation, 64:(though not for the first or third), there is an interesting response between the fifth plane ofMeditation, 89:word and of the written word are diverse and interesting. Until such time as you have among you a
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