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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTERESTING

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Meditation, 100:would like to point out to you a certain rather interesting fact. Most of the psychologicalMeditation, 130:A truth I speak here; I give not voice to the interesting chimeras of a fanciful brain. Beware ofMeditation, 149:different and when seen clairvoyantly is very interesting. Meditation, 157:in Meditation Ray Forms This is a profoundly interesting and vast subject, and may only beMeditation, 183:we will take up perhaps the most vitally interesting division on forms connected with fire. TodayMeditation, 184:The correspondence is accurate, mysterious and interesting. The correspondence in the Microcosm toMeditation, 188:at this stage, you may be able to understand an interesting point about the Atlantean cataclysms.Meditation, 201:can I give here but I think you will find it interesting. The time is coming when those who workMeditation, 212:of wisdom. If correctly drawn to scale some interesting geometrical patterns will be found as theMeditation, 236:much of value past your realization. Another interesting point upon which we have not time to dwellMeditation, 250:on the physical planes will bring about many interesting developments. They will be partially anMeditation, 274:it as may wisely be made exoteric) is varied and interesting, and is based on a scientificMeditation, 279:Heart." This is an esoteric statement of a very interesting experience to which the pupil will beMeditation, 280:cannot as yet make use? We waste not time in interesting intellectually those we seek to help. WhenPatanjali, 14:form. Non-attachment must supersede them. It is interesting to note that the modifications of thePatanjali, 40:fact. Memory, or right mindfulness. This is an interesting factor in the process as it involvesPatanjali, 45:are to be found various subdivisions and it is interesting to note that in the archives of thePatanjali, 62:achieved. Obstacle I - Bodily Disability It is interesting to note that the first obstacle hasPatanjali, 70:can be effected. The next sutra is most interesting as it deals with the effects produced in eachPatanjali, 79:into that of the "dweller in the body." It is interesting to note here, the Hindu teaching upon thePatanjali, 101:the realm of the formless. Students will find it interesting to compare the four stages wherebyPatanjali, 103:sway is the lowest aspect known. There is an interesting analogy between the inertia (or tamas)Patanjali, 126:soul vision and to eliminate obstructions. It is interesting to note here that the words "soulPatanjali, 155:the indicated and the untouchable. It is interesting to note here that the gunas or qualities (thePatanjali, 175:or soul itself. Doubt. This is one of the most interesting of the modifications for it concernsPatanjali, 270:sums the [270] preceding ideas and it is interesting to note how this first great result ofPatanjali, 270:the three dimensions, and students will find it interesting to work out these analogies of thePatanjali, 274:the personality, spirit with the body. It is interesting here to note that a clue to the truth ofPatanjali, 283:W. Q. Judge, in his commentary, makes certain interesting remarks, as follows: "Another greatPatanjali, 290:When these seven points are borne in mind, it is interesting to note that the symbol of the centerPatanjali, 298:world into seven [298] great divisions is also interesting in so far as it demonstrates the equalPatanjali, 299:Earth world Physical consciousness. [299] It is interesting to note certain comments of Vyasa onPatanjali, 327:mind and the nervous system so that we have an interesting triplicity, The mind, The brain, NervousPatanjali, 330:definite results can be achieved and it will be interesting to note what they are. This masteryPatanjali, 356:of the five instruments of sensation." It is interesting to note that these three attainmentsPatanjali, 379:the psychic powers are developed and it is interesting to note that we have in these words anPatanjali, 380:to their use in order to become psychic. It is interesting to note here that the first causePatanjali, 397:of that mind-image, the body, takes place. It is interesting to note the occult meaning conveyed inPatanjali, 413:the source of light or illumination. It is interesting here to note that as the brain and the mindProblems, 57:as a method of preparation for that useful and interesting future. It, therefore, becomesPsychology1, 58:purpose; there is a consciousness of life. It is interesting to note in connection with the DeityPsychology1, 67:the life practice. Otherwise these ancient and interesting ideas, these interpretative names, andPsychology1, 103:to these issues and happenings will find it interesting to note what is going on. The consensus ofPsychology1, 107:Masters free for more important work. One of the interesting things that is happening, and one ofPsychology1, 117:One - II. Certain Questions and their Answers An interesting point might here be noted and aPsychology1, 166:of the great seventh ray still to come. It is interesting to note chat this movement was started byPsychology1, 174:recognize their need of each other. It has been interesting to note how the idea of the controlledPsychology1, 176:are now actively handling this problem. It is interesting to note that the reason for the successPsychology1, 200:an Earlier Manuscript. There is a vast fund of interesting knowledge as to the action and resultsPsychology1, 217:Magic Synthetic Ritual. You will note one interesting difference in this tabulation, and that isPsychology1, 240:planetary truth can be grasped by man. It is an interesting, though quite unimportant fact, that atPsychology1, 246:at this time. Again, readers would find it interesting to note mentally the relation of growth toPsychology1, 315:onus of increased responsibility. However, it is interesting to trace parallels, and it is becomingPsychology1, 317:by these predominant ray influences. It is interesting also to interpret these ray influences (as IPsychology1, 327:needs emphasis when instructing groups. It is an interesting sidelight thrown upon the phenomena ofPsychology1, 346:the Life of... reveals Itself in beauty." It is interesting to note that the numerical value of thePsychology1, 348:the racial, national and cyclic rays, provide an interesting hypothesis which can be intelligentlyPsychology1, 350:more obvious major effects. This will give an interesting side light upon the vast importance ofPsychology1, 355:and the lower aspects of mankind was made. It is interesting to note that the secondary rayPsychology1, 365:through which the soul functions. It is interesting to note how the sixth ray, which produced inPsychology1, 371:intensively to the animal world much new and interesting data will be discovered; when thePsychology1, 382:I have neither the time nor the inclination. Interesting as it is, and indicative of the presentPsychology1, 384:I - Section Two - III. The Rays and Man It is interesting to note that the fourth Ray of Harmony orPsychology1, 387:under the influence of the second ray. An interesting fact emerges as we consider this grouping.Psychology1, 389:a sound form of hierarchical government. It is interesting to note that the higher expression ofPsychology1, 390:under the Law of Correspondences with amazingly interesting results. Intuitional relations and thePsychology1, 395:planet, but was nevertheless only a passing and interesting phenomenon in the history of the solarPsychology1, 406:There is an analogy to this triplicity and an interesting symbolic relation in the threePsychology1, 412:Four Kingdoms Note: Much information and several interesting hints are scattered here and there inPsychology2, 147:Life 4. The Law of Repulse We have here a most interesting law to consider. It is one of the majorPsychology2, 172:to pay for that revelation. We have studied an interesting sequence of Laws. In Law One, we findPsychology2, 191:be built by them. 7. A few groups will have an interesting function, but one which will notPsychology2, 208:regarded probably unprofitable; it may also be interesting, but is presumably imaginative. May IPsychology2, 254:f. The Quality, Innate in Man, to Idealize It is interesting to note how automatically andPsychology2, 277:the Enlightened One. There is one peculiarly interesting point which can perhaps be made clear.Psychology2, 293:- The Appropriation of the Bodies It is interesting to remember that the etheric body is uniquelyPsychology2, 297:activity, or of divine energy, creating a most interesting psychological problem. The soul (1stPsychology2, 298:ray effect in their lives, and thus draw up most interesting charts of their own nature, qualitiesPsychology2, 300:own mental perception of himself. It would be interesting later, if students could be set some suchPsychology2, 309:the lower pair of opposites takes place. It is interesting to note that it is during this stagePsychology2, 310:distinctive of the past solar system. From one interesting angle, the battle of the opposites uponPsychology2, 311:lies definitely ahead of many today. This is an interesting point upon which to think and reflect;Psychology2, 354:as agents of destruction under the Plan. It is interesting to note that when this stage is reachedPsychology2, 362:The man stands ready to play his part. It is interesting to note that the first result of the usePsychology2, 374:period of time until the light breaks in. It is interesting here to note that the Master Jesus, asPsychology2, 386:fifth ray employ the first ray technique. It is interesting to note that (prior to the firstPsychology2, 389:(by esotericists) black and white magic. It is interesting also to note that it is the very rarePsychology2, 413:when modern psychologists add to the amazingly interesting knowledge they have of the lower man, anPsychology2, 426:a more complete person. May I state here an interesting point? The problem itself is brought aboutPsychology2, 432:Personality - Some Problems of Psychology It is interesting to note that practically all thePsychology2, 440:called in The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali by the interesting name of "the raincloud of knowablePsychology2, 448:of Stimulation We now come to what is the most interesting part of our psychological study, for wePsychology2, 450:is called "modern idealism", you have a most interesting moment or event - for these two words arePsychology2, 459:this interlude in the life of the soul. It is interesting to remember that these conditions arePsychology2, 460:people work always towards a crisis and it is interesting to note that this crisis may bePsychology2, 504:most revealing because they will indicate in an interesting manner, the spiritual status andPsychology2, 506:Atlantean and Aryan civilizations. It is interesting to realize that there are fourteen more toPsychology2, 518:upon the eleven other signs. This is a most interesting theme and one that has been littlePsychology2, 529:transmuted, transformed and transferred. It is interesting to note that the two little centersPsychology2, 547:and definitely condition his future karma. One interesting point in connection with accidents might
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