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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTERESTS

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Astrology, 142:and service to his own well being and personal interests. But in Aquarius, the polar opposite ofAstrology, 142:firm or business within whose limits all his interests are confined and to whose welfare all he hasAstrology, 293:and an equally important shift away from selfish interests to group requirements. This givesAstrology, 339:expression for service. Aquarius-Leo Personality interests as an expression of the individual areAstrology, 374:new modes of expressing world synthesis, human interests and the world religion, so humanity, theAstrology, 397:energy, for temper is but energy run wild in the interests of the personality; blindness (for theAstrology, 527:of forces, leading inevitably to identity of interests and activities. From the angle of fusion, ofAstrology, 530:the perfecting of their national life in the interests of the whole of humanity, and through theAstrology, 531:nations in a federation of purpose and of interests until such time when all the nations of theAstrology, 532:cruelty triumph and selfish and wicked national interests and ambitions had prevailed, theAstrology, 542:around Germany as the center and for the selfish interests of Germany. The grouping which is a partAstrology, 555:than himself, more engrossing than his previous interests and which concern humanity in itsAtom, 104:to be asleep; there is apparently so little that interests them; they seem utterly unaware ofAtom, 105:with his own affairs, with that which primarily interests him, and lives his own intense, internal,Atom, 113:to the particular line of thought which interests them, they produce results, they tap the innerAtom, 123:a man's consciousness begins to expand, his interests begin to lie outside his own particularAutobiography, 12:will be solved; two groups which involve the interests of the very rich and the very poor. Autobiography, 17:This is the A.B.C. of occult symbolism but it interests me to find it all brought together in ourAutobiography, 43:of us went our own way. It turned out that our interests were totally different and the firstAutobiography, 47:now, but our paths have wandered far apart, our interests were and are widely different, and ourAutobiography, 47:coincide, but to me friendship, mutual interests and similar attitudes to life are far moreAutobiography, 170:of the Theosophical Society had to throw his interests into one or all of the three modes of work -Autobiography, 173:with an open mind, threw the weight of their interests and backing on our side. In spite of it all,Bethlehem, 183:his service and his ultimate sacrifice in the interests of the whole. The constellation Aquila isBethlehem, 263:been too much occupied with material and selfish interests. But this has been a needed stage, evenBethlehem, 272:a living service. Selfishness and self-centered interests will finally be ruled out, for theBethlehem, 277:form. It is our immediate duty therefore, in the interests of the kingdom whose citizens areDestiny, 15:where that is deemed desirable in the interests of the whole and if what he is doing is estimatedDestiny, 20:worker. They are occupied mainly with the interests and the good of the whole group with which theyDestiny, 20:they are not primarily concerned with the petty interests of the individual - occupied with hisDestiny, 54:leading to an idealized order and a community of interests. Because of this and because of theDestiny, 73:and the selfishness and the self-protective interests of the French nation can be offset, FranceDestiny, 74:or the dismemberment of other countries in the interests of France will have to end, if the trueDestiny, 79:itself on behalf of the oppressed and in the interests of the higher principles. The need for thisDestiny, 102:of forces, leading inevitably to identity of interests and activities. From the angle of fusion, ofDestiny, 104:the perfecting of their national life in the interests of the whole of humanity and through theDestiny, 105:nations in a federation of purposes and of interests until such time as all the nations of theDestiny, 149:and must [149] pass away, and this in the interests of life itself and progress. The message of theDiscipleship1, 23:is rare indeed. The submergence of personal interests in the good of the family or in that ofDiscipleship1, 49:independent souls who submerge their personal interests in service and who seek that inner linkingDiscipleship1, 67:deemed to indicate separate activity or separate interests. All [68] will be working towards oneDiscipleship1, 184:must give place to the guarding of the group interests. It may be the result of shyness and of anDiscipleship1, 191:those you contact? Animal magnetism is not what interests you, but that which you have can beDiscipleship1, 255:concerned is not devotion to your own selfish interests but it is for you a great extrovertingDiscipleship1, 388:that purified, discriminative mind which (in the interests of the soul) will separate the essentialDiscipleship1, 401:and later a readjustment of your time and interests which will permit you the leisure for deepenedDiscipleship1, 402:plane, to handle money (though not in your own interests) and has tied you in closely with theDiscipleship1, 411:but I ask you most definitely to do it in the interests of your own development and, above all, inDiscipleship1, 414:life, and your home problems, plus all your life interests, with too heavy a hand. There are twoDiscipleship1, 494:not by struggling but by substitution of other interests, ignoring them and treating them withDiscipleship1, 500:a due proportion of relaxation and cultural interests. You have a second ray mental body and,Discipleship1, 508:You are finding it easier to swing into other interests. The periods of submergence in the oldDiscipleship1, 538:relationships. Your outer obligations and interests must continue to be met, but I am talking toDiscipleship1, 545:so, you will find changes taking place in your interests and outlook, and will arrive at fresh waysDiscipleship1, 545:place, which will alter the trend of your life interests, and these will be based on a changedDiscipleship1, 549:or Idealism. This accounts for much in your life interests, which provides opportunity for serviceDiscipleship1, 585:the sacrifice of your time, your personal interests, and your personal desires, based upon yourDiscipleship1, 587:not to the time that is taken up by your home interests, obligations and duties. Give, then, theDiscipleship1, 599:- living in the world of men, yet having your interests in the world where the Great Ones work. YouDiscipleship1, 637:for and against your present life attitude and interests. Endeavor to see, as you so do, that soulDiscipleship1, 645:personality contacts. Neither of these attitudes interests you and you can therefore be of realDiscipleship1, 661:indifference to yourself and to your personality interests, likes and dislikes, indifference toDiscipleship1, 772:a cul-de-sac of personal training and individual interests. If that is your attitude, then there isDiscipleship2, 26:no matter what may be the outer activity or interests, and it involves no outer silence, orDiscipleship2, 132:ends and for the furthering of their major interests, whatever those may be. They have [133] learntDiscipleship2, 389:any time and at will - if it serves his selfless interests - the revelation is forever his. PonderDiscipleship2, 489:at the physical vehicle, or at the worries, interests and circumstances of daily life, fixedlyDiscipleship2, 572:others, have refused to identify yourself and interests with any set except the one in which yourDiscipleship2, 680:your spiritual life, my brother. Much that interests you is not constructive. Also the cleaning upDiscipleship2, 696:withdrawing my love or my attentive care of your interests. Discipleship2, 699:and contacts and to lose yourself in the interests of your associates and of humanity. Can you doDiscipleship2, 707:should need arise to heal a breach and in the interests of the work? That has never come easily toDiscipleship2, 715:and your general health will improve; your interests will grow [716] and your usefulness increase,Discipleship2, 723:strongly urge this on you. Fill your life with interests related to my work (a work which hasDiscipleship2, 735:to the rays of your astral and physical vehicles interests you in any way? The two lower rays areDiscipleship2, 739:occult lines. The study of psychology which interests you so much and for which you are in so manyEducation, 14:with its varied reactions, and his major interests. This enquiry sets up a subjective rapport withEducation, 20:a greater whole. He blends then with the group interests, activities and objectives. They areEducation, 28:this thread is used purely for lower selfish interests; it steadily gets stronger and more potentEducation, 92:should be subordinated to the group need and interests, and that living energy should be turnedEducation, 100:sustain himself; that his individual life and interests count less than the corporate life, andEducation, 124:and of a willingness to identify his personal interests with those of a group which has for itsExternalisation, 15:There is therefore no essential conflict of interests, and on [16] the inner side - if they are inExternalisation, 57:those energies which will further human interests, relate the subhuman to the human through a rightExternalisation, 64:mistakes which involve, primarily, a man's own interests and his own internal life; but theseExternalisation, 129:destruction, to conserve national stakes and interests are all the talking points of the leadersExternalisation, 130:expressed in a willingness to act always in the interests of all, thus promoting worldExternalisation, 141:as to the rightness of the side on which your interests lie - the side of the Forces of Light.Externalisation, 167:as much by expediency and selfish, national interests as by the general good, yet they know thatExternalisation, 167:world of men - the sacrifice of selfish personal interests for the good of the whole and the givingExternalisation, 192:be carried forward by men who, having the best interests of the whole at heart, can change theExternalisation, 195:and when it is regarded as contrary to the best interests of any nation to spread those ideas whichExternalisation, 213:of selfish personal, national and racial interests remains yet to be determined. Two things are,Externalisation, 214:selfish acquisitiveness, emphasis upon material interests, brutal aggression and cruelty. The twoExternalisation, 214:but practically they do nothing to further its interests. This third group is formed internally ofExternalisation, 214:powerful group who, through selfish material interests, plus a sense of separative superiority, orExternalisation, 219:soul consciousness, with its correlations, group interests, the meeting of group need, and theExternalisation, 219:opinion to world rights, to inclusive human interests and to international cooperation that is theExternalisation, 244:individuals willingly submerge their personal interests in the good of the group; when the group orExternalisation, 244:the group; when the group or groups merge their interests in the national good, when nations give
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