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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTERIOR

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Astrology, 107:playing upon the Mutable Cross, produces those interior changes which eventually lead toAstrology, 210:In Scorpio, with the same planet ruling his interior life, the war is on and in this case MarsAstrology, 259:begins to change and the desire of man for interior recognition of the indwelling Christ begins toAstrology, 309:but preserves at the same time its interior control (Uranus) and from that point of achievement,Astrology, 358:pairs of opposites; in Virgo it produces that interior struggle between the exoteric not-self andAstrology, 418:in the solar system and the zodiac - onward, interior and revolving - some idea can be grasped ofAstrology, 420:incident also to zodiacal movement and its own interior mathematical conditioning - a subject ofAstrology, 612:alert centers. The diagram indicates the "interior light chart" of an advanced aspirant on theAutobiography, 47:period was unrealized at the time, but great interior changes took place. I was, however, soAutobiography, 59:and started, I really believe, the cycle of interior questioning which later led me out of myAutobiography, 81:them and you will then see the sequence of my interior disturbance. Years ago, when I was in myAutobiography, 83:can see, therefore, how little by little these interior questions were thundering in my spiritualAutobiography, 161:the whole situation blew up. Speaking of my interior experience, I had become as disillusioned withBethlehem, 28:will lead us into a new dimension, into the interior world of true fact and right energy. It is aBethlehem, 99:make of water a most apposite symbol of this interior subtle world of the lower nature in whichBethlehem, 100:and Christ was faced with this. A clear, clean interior break is to be made with the past before weBethlehem, 111:clamor of this were succeeded by the deep and interior silence of the Cross, where, forsaken ofBethlehem, 119:be sure was presented to Him. Thus the possible interior weakness of the three aspects of Christ'sBethlehem, 135:period of service is ended. Christ faced another interior crisis, and this time, according to theDiscipleship1, 13:but definite rules which should govern the interior spiritual life of neophytes in training for theDiscipleship1, 89:aspect of visualization must give place to an interior process which is the first step towards theDiscipleship1, 95:you to discover for himself. It is a matter of interior orientation and not a matter of outsideDiscipleship1, 135:to refocus and to learn again at the source of interior wisdom. So it is with you. Be occupied withDiscipleship1, 178:which will aid you in balancing your problem of interior ray interrelation and, in this way, weDiscipleship1, 181:our modern world. You have had a year of strain, interior strain predominantly. I believe youDiscipleship1, 186:of hard work, accompanied by much external and interior upheaval. This you realize. It may be ofDiscipleship1, 210:the remainder of your life to one of intense, interior application. Your work will be increasinglyDiscipleship1, 258:synthesis. Group unity and synthesis. Discord, interior and exterior. Hamony within and without.Discipleship1, 361:through wide reading and through your constant, interior thinking. My attention has been called toDiscipleship1, 370:on the seventh ray. Ponder, therefore, upon the interior relations and the exterior effect of yourDiscipleship1, 381:it. It has done much for you, and through the interior work which you have accomplished in yourselfDiscipleship1, 381:developed but from the angle of those interior determinations which carry a man forward along theDiscipleship1, 381:No man takes initiation before his interior will is developed and consecrated to the service of theDiscipleship1, 436:field of human contacts, but most of them of an interior nature and in the realm of consciousness.Discipleship1, 447:path. the forces of man's lower nature and their interior interplay is of paramount importance; heDiscipleship1, 538:orientations, dynamic inner decisions, and an interior organizing for service and for sacrifice.Discipleship1, 541:daily life. These readjustments will be basic, interior and subjective. They will produce (as IDiscipleship1, 623:away from the exterior life of the form to the interior life of the soul, then true esoteric livingDiscipleship1, 632:and hence the intensity of your mystical interior life. Of this interior life, few are aware. It isDiscipleship1, 632:of your mystical interior life. Of this interior life, few are aware. It is the sweetening,Discipleship1, 641:with your life activity - exterior and [641] interior. Will you make a study of these, discoveringDiscipleship1, 658:from the responsibility of bringing about right interior attitudes. Your physical condition, yourDiscipleship1, 703:in his personality vehicles. It is the place of interior resort. Disciples can, therefore, graspDiscipleship1, 714:the soul's attention is drawn away from its own interior considerations and egoic affairs to thoseDiscipleship1, 716:he gradually settles down to the later stage of interior investigation. During all this period, theDiscipleship2, 13:precipitation, producing a chemicalisation, an interior process of upheaval and probably outerDiscipleship2, 17:so call it, of the work will be threefold: The interior interrelation of the seven centers in theDiscipleship2, 98:months to careful consideration, reflection and interior investigation and then, at the end of theDiscipleship2, 136:organizations and, by the very force of its interior life eventually externalize itself. ThisDiscipleship2, 249:established an effect upon you and the needed interior changes have taken place. Formula Six isDiscipleship2, 256:"It is a matter," I have elsewhere told you, "of interior orientation and not of outsideDiscipleship2, 273:then have a nation, galvanized into activity by interior spiritual energy, and the lines which haveDiscipleship2, 291:soul, bringing revelation of the nature of the interior worlds, of the kingdom of God and of theDiscipleship2, 292:the Path of Light. Ponder on this. It has also interior repercussions and was indeed the result ofDiscipleship2, 412:became a point upon which discrimination of an interior activity must be made, and not a factorDiscipleship2, 413:the aspirant must be taught is to know, past all interior controversy, where he stands upon thatDiscipleship2, 420:stands before the [420] Initiator in an intense interior preoccupation with the world ofDiscipleship2, 471:There are stresses and strains due to the deep interior life of soul relation; these bring withDiscipleship2, 483:not, consequently, work with perseverance at interior unfoldment; [484] you need to strain afterDiscipleship2, 484:and contact also with your group brothers on interior levels is easy for you and presents noDiscipleship2, 488:is need for care and the progression of the interior work, e'en when the external recording isDiscipleship2, 505:my brother, shall be the type of meditation and interior work which you should be doing during theDiscipleship2, 505:Outward moving, persistent orientation, and interior withdrawing or abstraction. The relation ofDiscipleship2, 506:work in the future; it will condition your interior development and will also inevitably make yourDiscipleship2, 549:within the Ashram and within the field of its interior and exterior service. But the development ofDiscipleship2, 558:link was indissoluble and that the interlude of interior work and the period wherein you worked outDiscipleship2, 724:you only because its lack and your refusal (an interior refusal) to seek a suitable place to liveDiscipleship2, 764:and the soul. Solitude as a quality of the interior life of an Ashram. The solitude of spiritualEducation, 86:present the hypothesis of the soul in man as the interior factor which produces the good, the trueEducation, 133:the motive for this solicitude is wrong. The interior impulse to deal with the whole problem ofExternalisation, 33:in its activity and yet consciously alive to the interior values; they should be able to functionExternalisation, 51:right synthesis, leading to right national and interior group activity. The problem resolves itselfExternalisation, 64:group healing under direction, once certain interior adjustments have been made. Group Four canExternalisation, 102:unerringly and inevitably to the organization - interior and subjective - of the seed groups, toExternalisation, 242:the enterprise of united living will produce an interior work which will flower forth in theExternalisation, 529:these changes necessitate much adjustment. The interior work of hierarchical alignment is in theExternalisation, 529:Ashrams, whilst the task of superintending the interior adjustments incident to new alignments andExternalisation, 538:plans and activities which will lead to renewed interior activity, based not on lack of previousExternalisation, 560:and to the three worlds of human evolution. The interior constitution of the Hierarchy and itsExternalisation, 562:to change, to postponement as far as certain interior and purely hierarchical determinations areExternalisation, 567:to Shamballa, the stimulation of its own interior life, and the readiness of humanity forExternalisation, 574:the confines of the Hierarchy Itself - makes due interior preparation and applies to its chosenExternalisation, 660:which we are considering is concerned with the interior or subjective work of the Hierarchy, theFire, 51:fires. These latter fires are to be found in the interior of each globe, and are the basis of allFire, 52:of the planet, and of man are threefold: 1. Interior fire at the center of the sphere, those innerFire, 53:Logos or The Grand Man of the Heavens. Latent or interior fire produces the internal heat whichFire, 53:the Microcosmic Man: Human latent fire, the heat interior of the human frame causes production ofFire, 54:to take up somewhat in greater detail the interior fires of the systems, microcosmic andFire, 58:Here we will only deal with the latent interior fire of the Sun. Planet. Man. Atom. We mustFire, 157:or the repulsive effect, Momentum, or the interior effect, Frictional, environal effect,Fire, 515:that we are considering them as: First. The interior economy of the life germ on the three planesFire, 847:solved the problem of the constitution of the interior of the Earth, and has from there worked hisFire, 891:resent the great heat to be found in the earth's interior. Little can here be communicated anentFire, 897:dense matter, and filling in a large degree the interior caverns of the planet. The microcosmicFire, 1007:and then extend the concept to the work of the interior Thinker, as he utilizes the third eye, theyFire, 1104:longer devachanic periods, for these cycles of interior mental consideration are of ever increasingFire, 1105:the three rows of petals unfold. [1105] As the "interior jewel" rays forth more powerfully. TheFire, 1116:of streams of energies, all representing interior and still greater (because cosmic) energies.Fire, 1182:to mean more than a locality situated in the interior recesses of the solar body, and haveGlamour, 3:which can be discovered only when the individual interior light is recognized as such. This is the
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