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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTERLUDES

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Discipleship1, 72:pay no attention to these recurring cycles and interludes between the pairs of opposites for heDiscipleship1, 94:the first initiation and the second - long, long interludes of silent and almost unapparent [95]Discipleship1, 164:which leads to enforced and perhaps inconvenient interludes of gaining physical strength. TheDiscipleship1, 193:of thought which you carry forward during these interludes. This is, for you, a somewhat difficultDiscipleship1, 223:no easing of the situation and no periods or interludes for real rest or pause. Do not, therefore,Discipleship1, 256:to the moments of altitude) and its difficult interludes wherein understanding is wrought outDiscipleship1, 358:and sunset. I am going to suggest that at those interludes in the day's activities you change yourDiscipleship1, 422:but, like all pledged disciples, you need interludes of stabilization before passing on to greaterDiscipleship1, 446:suffering) and relational in its effects. Such interludes of unfoldment in the life of an aspirantDiscipleship1, 448:alive. See that it so remains in spite of any interludes of aridness and of reaction which mightDiscipleship1, 515:planes. There has been no marked gain. Such interludes are inevitable; there is no cause forDiscipleship2, 74:can permanently interfere. There may come these interludes (where neophytes are concerned) when theDiscipleship2, 451:you, my disciple. For you the "lesson of the interludes" is of major importance. I use this word inDiscipleship2, 451:intermediate between these two - that of the interludes. Beginners in the mechanics of rightDiscipleship2, 451:proceeding within their consciousness during the interludes between the fixed inhalations andDiscipleship2, 453:remainder of your life is concerned - for the interludes. These interludes are, for you, theDiscipleship2, 453:life is concerned - for the interludes. These interludes are, for you, the growing times; they areDiscipleship2, 453:view and esoterically comprehended? Simply those interludes in the initiate's life of serviceDiscipleship2, 453:Tension and Recognition. Without these interludes of abstraction, his work would slowly weaken asDiscipleship2, 453:steadily more and more dependent upon the "interludes" wherein both these phases of activity ceaseDiscipleship2, 453:the essential demand of your soul for rhythmic interludes; your personality emphasis should be,Discipleship2, 454:of life will depend upon your effective use of "interludes." Only you can determine their timing,Discipleship2, 454:suggest that you attempt to place one of the interludes at the time of the full moon each month,Discipleship2, 454:abstraction: Twelve brief, abstract monthly interludes at the time of the twelve yearly full moons.Discipleship2, 455:initial, major interlude. Two longer periods of interludes or of abstraction at the time of May andDiscipleship2, 455:moons. These points of inner abstraction, of interludes in your subjective life, can be carried onDiscipleship2, 551:with the occult meaning of silence, of voiceless interludes and of the "spiritual retention ofExternalisation, 210:of rehabilitation and education. During these interludes between the past and the new world order,Fire, 746:of development, long cycles of meditation, and interludes between stages of activity. Hence theFire, 764:arousing in the mind of the student the idea of interludes of quiescence dependent upon theInitiation, 220:in its five activities. Mahamanvantara The great interludes of time between two solar systems. ThisMagic, 106:this is the case, the work of initiation and its interludes of active discipleship become possible.Magic, 150:life of the active disciple it produces those interludes which every disciple knows, when (throughMagic, 150:perfection and has not yet attained, these interludes of silence, withdrawingness, and ofMagic, 507: A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Twelve - Interludes and Cycles RULE TWELVE The web pulsates. ItMagic, 507:and justly tuned to that which must be made. Interludes and Cycles We now come to the four rulesMagic, 512:and on an understanding of those periods or interludes which are characterized by speech and byMagic, 512:work. If disciples can learn to utilize these interludes, they can then release the "prisoners ofMagic, 513:One Life of the solar system works in these vast interludes of meditative silence, calledMagic, 513: A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Twelve - Interludes and Cycles What does concern the student ofMagic, 513:attain a definite constructive activity in his interludes. These interludes, for the purpose of ourMagic, 513:constructive activity in his interludes. These interludes, for the purpose of our discussion, fallMagic, 513:discussion, fall into three categories: 1. Life interludes, or those periods wherein the spiritualMagic, 514:inner life, slowly developed during the cyclic interludes, becomes the dominating factor. The manMagic, 514:particular incarnation will also demonstrate its interludes, and these the aspirant has to learn toMagic, 514:outgoing activity, periods of withdrawal, and interludes wherein the outer life seems static andMagic, 515: A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Twelve - Interludes and Cycles 3. The third type of interlude,Magic, 516:but through a scientific utilization of the interludes, developed in breathing, between points ofMagic, 517:to learn facility in utilizing these two soul interludes - one of which produces effects upon theMagic, 517:of divine inhalation and exhalation with its two interludes of silence and of thought. Let me againMagic, 517:Let me again reiterate the consequences of these interludes. In the higher interlude, abstract orMagic, 517: A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Twelve - Interludes and Cycles Students of occultism who haveMagic, 517:have achieved right poise, can begin to use the interludes between the two aspects of physicalMagic, 518:conscious man. As can be seen, these breathing interludes are also two in number, after inhalationMagic, 518:enable him to carry forward the "work of the interludes", in which alone magical work can be done.Magic, 519:have learnt to use the lower of the two soul interludes - that which concerns the relation of mindMagic, 519:know the significance of the physical breathing interludes. But the white magician works from theMagic, 519:be given the information concerning the major interludes of soul-mind and mind-brain. Only a fewMagic, 519:the significant information concerning the minor interludes, carried on in the physical bodyMagic, 519: A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Twelve - Interludes and Cycles One other point might be ofMagic, 520:there will always be those who can "work in the interludes" and so keep the plan progressing andMagic, 521:the "midway point" in his work of using the interludes, both major and minor, we come now to thePsychology1, 272:of this incarnation, and who needed longer interludes between births wherein to assimilatePsychology2, 205:turmoil, but they have steadily increasing interludes wherein the mind can momentarily make itselfPsychology2, 701:situation. In the life of an aspirant, such interludes frequently occur. The personality is awarePsychology2, 704:upon their spiritual resources. These interludes of apparent silence, of inertia and of inactivity
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