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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTERMEDIARY

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Astrology, 38:emanating from the seven constellations. Their intermediary work, therefore, is dual: They are theAstrology, 263:for the Sun (Son) and stands for the Mediator or intermediary, between the Father and the Mother,Astrology, 352:is the custodian of conditioning energy and the intermediary, as far as basic essentials areAstrology, 353:who, as the Messenger of the Gods or the "divine Intermediary, carries messages between the polesAstrology, 362:The Earth itself is, on a small scale, also an intermediary or a relating planet, because it isAstrology, 483:produces the manifestation of Hierarchy - the intermediary between Shamballa and Humanity: Scorpio,Autobiography, 14:that sign is the sign of the mediator or the intermediary. I am inclined myself to Pisces, becauseAutobiography, 14:to quarrel. Also, I have definitely acted as an intermediary in the sense that certain teachingAutobiography, 231:in scope. This group acts as a definite intermediary between the spiritual Hierarchy of our planetDestiny, 140:the Hierarchy which is, at present, the divine intermediary, interpreting the will of God, which isDestiny, 148:of Pisces, the Fishes - the sign of the divine Intermediary in the highest sense, or of the mediumDiscipleship1, 38:with the education of the masses) is a direct intermediary between the higher mind and the lowerDiscipleship1, 39:group will act as a channel of communication or intermediary between the energies which constituteDiscipleship1, 359:strength and light and knowing yourself to be an intermediary. Close with the invocation which youDiscipleship1, 751:initiate-chela takes him in hand and acts as intermediary. The chela (as I have earlier pointedDiscipleship2, 8:being dependent upon a senior disciple as an intermediary? What is it that prevents you from havingDiscipleship2, 9:protected the group and all work she does as an intermediary between you and me. I do notDiscipleship2, 50:to God or to the Hierarchy (which is the intermediary between spiritual reality and human life) wasDiscipleship2, 258:of spirit-matter. It is the "dissolution of the intermediary," and to this the crucifixion andExternalisation, 13:alert and [13] active can offer himself as an intermediary between men in physical plane bodiesExternalisation, 58:nature and the place of the human kingdom as an intermediary between the three higher kingdoms andExternalisation, 150:as well as with the Hierarchy (which is Their intermediary) in order to bring about theExternalisation, 163:its destined task as the intelligent, loving intermediary between the higher states of planetaryExternalisation, 163:Forces of Light bring Illumination to Mankind Intermediary - The Hierarchy. Soul consciousnessExternalisation, 163:Let the Spirit of Peace be spread abroad Intermediary - Shamballa. Spiritual consciousness Agent -Externalisation, 164:everywhere meet in a Spirit of Cooperation Intermediary - Humanity itself. Self-consciousness AgentExternalisation, 420:is the festival of the Buddha, the spiritual Intermediary between the highest [421] spiritualExternalisation, 506:the Christ, saving Him much and working as His intermediary. This will seem logical to you, for HisExternalisation, 599:of the work of Christ as the great and chosen Intermediary, standing as the Representative of theFire, 915:prana to all forms of life; they are a group of intermediary devas, and may be regarded as theFire, 943:types of the present time. [943] Certain intermediary agents who represent (within these threeFire, 1196:emanating from the seven constellations. Their intermediary work, therefore, is dual: They are theHealing, 615:Christianity has presented Him as acting as the intermediary between an angry God and a pitiful andHealing, 615:the Christian doctrines) that the soul is the intermediary between the monad and the personality;Healing, 615:presentations, i.e., the Buddha is shown as the intermediary between Shamballa and the Hierarchy,Healing, 615:once a year; the Hierarchy itself is the intermediary between Shamballa and Humanity; the ethericHealing, 615:and individual etheric vehicles) is the intermediary between the higher planes and the denseHealing, 691:how the soul becomes at this point simply the intermediary between the personality and the initiateHercules, 122:energy of the son of mind, the soul", the intermediary between the Father and Mother. The esotericHercules, 136:utmost simplicity of means, with a minimum of intermediary steps, with inherent logic". A redwoodInitiation, 57:Christ, thus saving him much and acting as his intermediary wherever possible. No one so wiselyInitiation, 196:and the Thinker on his own plane becomes the intermediary between that which is of the earth,Intellect, 71:concentrated in its intensity; it seizes without intermediary, with the sovereign certitude ofIntellect, 74:experience, free from the intrusion of any intermediary? The answer comes that there is a methodIntellect, 87:world of the soul, and its capacity to act as an intermediary between the soul and the physicalIntellect, 104:the world of souls. Its function is to act as an intermediary between the soul and the brain and toIntellect, 162:'information,' without an objectively interposed intermediary; it is the only act by which theMagic, 105:is fused with the golden light of the cosmic intermediary, it awakens from darkness the rush lightMagic, 105:the rush light of anu, the speck." The "cosmic intermediary" is the term given to the etheric body,Magic, 148:of the etheric body, as it exists as an intermediary between the brain, nervous system and theMagic, 168:space of two years a senior disciple acts as the intermediary betwixt the Master and the newlyMagic, 177:methods which utilize the mental vehicle as the intermediary between the soul and the brain, orMagic, 247:the spiritual body of the soul, standing as the intermediary between Spirit and matter, Life andMagic, 457:possible for the soul to act [457] as the intermediary between the plane of divine ideas and theMeditation, 54:term "the relation between", and is the creating intermediary, the linking third factor in thePatanjali, 289:into the higher worlds and as a transmitter or intermediary between the soul and the brain.Patanjali, 293:correspondence of the heart center, and the intermediary between the twelve petalled egoic lotus onPatanjali, 411:higher impulse, issuing from the soul, as the intermediary between spirit and matter. The soul isPatanjali, 412:simply to the position of an instrument, of an intermediary, of a sensitive plate, registeringProblems, 163:the festival of the Buddha, that great spiritual Intermediary between the center where the will ofPsychology1, 71:The Link between the Three and Three The Divine Intermediary The Hand of God The Hidden One ThePsychology1, 77:Revealer of Truth The great Connector The Divine Intermediary The Crystallizer of Forms ThePsychology1, 107:and the recipient or the communicator (the intermediary or scribe) is either inspired by his ownPsychology1, 117:effort, teach him to be a communicator, an intermediary. The hallmark of such communicators isPsychology2, 190:with the education of the masses, as a direct intermediary between the higher mind and the lowerPsychology2, 434:or counterpart of the outer form, being the true intermediary between the inner worlds and thePsychology2, 690:and of men. He has been constituted the direct intermediary between the earth and the Buddha, WhoPsychology2, 690:the Buddha, Who is, in His turn, the consecrated intermediary between the entire waiting HierarchyRays, 29:with the Master without being dependent upon an intermediary? Let me illustrate: In the group IRays, 223:is no longer needed. No mediating principle or intermediary between man and the Father is anyRays, 234:group of servers; this group acts as an intermediary between the Hierarchy and Humanity, and it hasRays, 432:wisdom. The Spiritual Triad, acting as the intermediary between the Monad and the brain of theRays, 475:soul on the physical plane. The "divine intermediary" is no longer required. The "Son of God Who isRays, 486:in nature - humanity itself becomes the divine intermediary and the transmitter of spiritual energyReappearance, 5:or handling, they are apt to look for a divine Intermediary and for the [6] Mediator Who will pleadReappearance, 6:Even the human soul is regarded as an intermediary between man and God; Christ is believed byReappearance, 10:an Illuminator, an Avatar, a transmitting Intermediary, a Christ. He gives the message which willReappearance, 46:of the work of Christ as the great and chosen Intermediary, standing as the Representative of theReappearance, 155:is the Festival of the Buddha, the spiritual Intermediary between the highest spiritual center,Soul, 63:Eastern teaching regards the vital body as the intermediary between the physical and theTelepathy, 152:by medical science but which are like an intermediary web or network. These relate the etheric body
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