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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTERMEDIATE

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Astrology, 183:the "hub of the wheel." This is that point in intermediate space where the twelve zodiacal energiesAstrology, 273:the Fixed Cross. This is consequently one of the intermediate crosses which relate the major threeAstrology, 334:the signs are not those of the opposites but intermediate signs and, therefore, marking theAstrology, 334:intermediate signs and, therefore, marking the intermediate period of relationship and notAstrology, 360:which leads finally to balance. This leads to an intermediate consummation in Libra. The influenceAstrology, 368:this mystery lies hid in the fact that, in the intermediate stage between Gemini and Sagittarius,Autobiography, 264:The schools now forming to train disciples are intermediate in nature and are intended to bridgeAutobiography, 274:newer teachings; creating new schools which are intermediate between the old and the future SchoolsAutobiography, 276:clear. The Arcane School being one of the newer intermediate schools deals with the ordinaryBethlehem, 166:did. He stood triumphant before the world, at an intermediate stage on His way to the Cross. TheDiscipleship1, 358:to the higher mind, but often fails to touch the intermediate point, that of the soul on its ownDiscipleship1, 424:clearly the ultimate goal and ideal, but the intermediate steps remain sealed to them. Go on,Discipleship1, 682:to the Master and to his own soul. In the intermediate stage, he is occupied with the achieving ofDiscipleship1, 699:the early stages, complex and dualistic in the intermediate stages but slowly responding to theDiscipleship2, 56:will produce the emergence of Initiation. The intermediate stage is that of Integration. We haveDiscipleship2, 122:and head and solar plexus. [122] There is an intermediate stage in which the heart and the ajnaDiscipleship2, 167:and understanding; they occupy a no-man's land, intermediate in the one case between the masses andDiscipleship2, 199:the Sun as its dominant source of life. In its intermediate form, it is that which reveals to theDiscipleship2, 200:on Meditation - Part XII It might be said that, intermediate between the great planetary centers, aDiscipleship2, 200:I would have you bear in mind is that these intermediate groups of Workers who know the power ofDiscipleship2, 201:from the larger groups to which they are intermediate: 1. The New Group of World Servers gathersDiscipleship2, 215:of the lowest types of human beings through all intermediate types up to and inclusive of theDiscipleship2, 223:is concerned. In relation to Shamballa, the intermediate group of meditating, creative Workers isDiscipleship2, 253:modern disciple perceives likewise many of the intermediate stages, the opposing forces, theDiscipleship2, 263:relationships are not six initiations but six intermediate expansions of consciousness, occurringDiscipleship2, 364:They indicate the six relationships or the six intermediate stages of consciousness to be foundDiscipleship2, 451:inhalation and of, exhalation, with two points intermediate between these two - that of theDiscipleship2, 459:but must necessarily include also all intermediate stages of awareness as well as the power toExternalisation, 159:to the Hierarchy of Light, which is the intermediate center between Humanity and Shamballa. ItExternalisation, 192:foundations must be preserved inviolate, but the intermediate processes and the experimentationsExternalisation, 323:of aspirants, disciples and initiates, and is intermediate between the spiritual Hierarchy and theExternalisation, 566:of world servers has been created as an [566] intermediate body between the Hierarchy and theExternalisation, 632:Servers. This is an effective group of workers, intermediate between Humanity and the SpiritualExternalisation, 678:goodness, will in the long run triumph. The intermediate agonies are distressing but not final, andFire, 19:The great Five met the Three and Four. The point intermediate was achieved. The hour of sacrifice,Fire, 219:and Sama the song of the Pitris and Yajua the intermediate song. The functions of the Vedas must ofFire, 275:for the battlefield of life, and its myriads of intermediate stages, which might be expressed asFire, 402:into a primal element through the medium of an intermediate stage. 1. In the Planets OccultFire, 506:and blended and perfectly produced through the intermediate point the causal body) and which, whenFire, 569:one of the fundamental methods in evolution. The Intermediate Law of Karma. - There is also anFire, 569:Intermediate Law of Karma. - There is also an intermediate law, which is the synthetic law of theFire, 701:and Fire Elementals The second group, the intermediate, can be subdivided into two lesser groups:Fire, 738:Sinnett, pp. 100-105-106. 46 Devachan. A state intermediate between two earth lives into which theFire, 924:body of every plant and animal and of all intermediate forms of life, and which constitutes theFire, 1045:main sets of atomic groups, but there are many intermediate forms upon which it is not possible asFire, 1141:the point of equilibrium. This includes all the intermediate stages. The Builders of the cosmosFire, 1156:Logos they represent more accurately, highest, intermediate and lowest, and the three form but oneGlamour, 9:are consciously registered. This stage is an intermediate one between the exoteric reading of aGlamour, 9:conceptual understanding. There is later another intermediate stage between conceptualGlamour, 46:of the soul, lie all the many types and kinds of intermediate reactions. In illustration of ourGlamour, 247:In the last analysis, he knows that if that intermediate aspect of himself, the etheric body, canHealing, 139:of development, and many of these stages are intermediate to the five stages above mentioned. TheseHealing, 197:of the glands to the centers, with the intermediate systems of nadis, and nerves. The next greatHealing, 273:(consequently) the nervous system through the intermediate system of the "nadis" or the ethericHealing, 283:as a fully manifested son of God (with no intermediate or necessary unfoldments), and itsHealing, 313:which means both astral and mental. It is an intermediate level of consciousness. Only broadHealing, 397:that of the illiterate savage, through all the intermediate stages of mental effectiveness up toHealing, 497:Humanity is at so many different stages - intermediate between the three already outlined - that itHealing, 553:do not cover every type of man and the many intermediate types and stages. The healer will need toHercules, 33:experience and the lessons learned from the intermediate five labors bring about that poise andHercules, 83:as intuition (symbolized by the doe). The intermediate stage is that of the intellect. The greatInitiation, 29:Monad on the monadic plane. In both cases the intermediate state of consciousness has beenInitiation, 75:of his superiors. Such is the goal, but the intermediate stages are fraught with difficulty for allInitiation, 92:the expression of this Existence on an intermediate plane, a Being who must at present remainInitiation, 189:to the cosmic planes, with no period of intermediate work on earth, in the system, or on Sirius.Intellect, 13:An Essay at Definition. There is, perhaps, an intermediate stage wherein we function as men,Intellect, 111:higher. Take the lower powers first. These are intermediate between the higher powers and theMagic, 37:in certain great states of awareness with many intermediate conditions, of which the major can beMagic, 327:and faiths. Hence we are passing through an intermediate stage of chaos and of questioning, ofMagic, 609:about, we then have he aspirant joining that intermediate group of trained communicators who standMagic, 610:of the soul. It refers to one of the intermediate stages in the creative process. [611] It isMagic, 633:under the glamor of public opinion. The intermediate group has a most difficult task to perform,Meditationemphasizing the goal immediately ahead and the intermediate stages. Judge of the letters on theirMeditation, 103:trouble in its extreme, and that there are many intermediate stages of risk and trouble that attackMeditation, 145:higher, a kind of mayavirupa that acts as his intermediate channel. These forms are usually, thoughMeditation, 168:the student can control step by step the various intermediate states that lie between him and hisPatanjali, 20:or idealistic aspirations, with all the intermediate stages to be found between these extremes. ThePatanjali, 96:are many grades of lives responsible for the intermediate sounds and these can therefore bePatanjali, 297:the home of the Agnishvattas. 2. Antariksa - the intermediate space. 1. Bhu - the earth world. [5-7Patanjali, 357:the one referred to in Book II. Sutra 45, and intermediate to the condition mentioned there andPatanjali, 408:the superhuman stages. All these forms, with all intermediate forms are dependent upon some life,Psychology1, 40:in all three groups, as in nature, there are the intermediate stages composed of those who are onPsychology1, 49:stage as regards expression, for this is the intermediate stage. None are as yet working with fullPsychology1, 171:served. At the same time They organized the intermediate group of World Servers, who could act asPsychology1, 225:periods so varying, and the recognition of the intermediate stages so difficult, that aught that IPsychology2, 163:which is neither of them. It is this central,, intermediate way that is revealed to the initiate,Psychology2, 180:and attempt a world task. They can act as an intermediate group between the world of men and thePsychology2, 207:other in a bewildering way. The varieties of intermediate types are myriad, but this analysis willPsychology2, 342:been seen." The aspirant passes through an intermediate stage in the [343] process of evolutionPsychology2, 363:relationships and the service of man, as an intermediate group, a bridging group, upon our planet.Psychology2, 363:group, upon our planet. The function of this intermediate group is to embody a type of energy,Psychology2, 479:mental plane, thus directing it away from the intermediate plane. Definite physical or mentalPsychology2, 480:and Problems of Mystics', as they form an intermediate group, including many intelligent andPsychology2, 515:dual result. These two results (with all their intermediate stages) are [516] The extraversion ofPsychology2, 549:three major activities arc conditioned by the intermediate stages of: The active radiation of thePsychology2, 566:takes form in the consciousness without any intermediate stages or steps. This is formlessPsychology2, 635:organizers are being drawn. They constitute an intermediate group between the world thinkers, thePsychology2, 646:expression of the men of good will for which the intermediate period is a preparation. It isPsychology2, 649:succeed nor can this middle party in the world - intermediate between the partisans and the groupsPsychology2, 656:The members of this group are, in reality, an intermediate group, between the Custodians of the
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