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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTERMEDIATE

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Rays, 170:the smallest atom of substance, through all the intermediate living forms, on and up to theRays, 205:it also in coherent and useful manifestation. Intermediate between these two symbols of will andRays, 228:to use developed soul power. This is that intermediate potency found between the power of the mindRays, 233:is no vision, the people perish." To act as an intermediate group between the Hierarchy andRays, 253:includes The recognition of this group as intermediate between the Hierarchy and Humanity. TheRays, 255:the teaching which I have given out has been intermediate in nature, just as that given by H.P.B.,Rays, 255:given 1875 - 1890...written down by H.P.B. Intermediate, given 1919 - 1949...written down by A.A.B.Rays, 296:there lies ahead of all true aspirants an intermediate stage of decentralization, of automaticRays, 368:through the New Group of World Servers. This intermediate group - between the Hierarchy andRays, 372:Path" to which the Buddha refers, and fills the intermediate and the [373] mediating place betweenRays, 424:Paths and likewise a vision of their varying intermediate, individual goals. Hence the name of theRays, 433:and an increasing perception for which the intermediate stages, between initiations, prepare theRays, 486:always remember that soul consciousness is an intermediate stage. It is also a process whereby -Rays, 577:demonstrates complete control during the intermediate period between any initiation and the nextRays, 577:initiation and the next higher initiation; the intermediate period is regarded as "a cycle ofReappearance, 34:and understanding; they occupy a no-man's-land, intermediate on the one hand between the masses andSoul, 104:consciousness. This energy is prana, which is intermediate between mind and matter. "HinduSoul, 105:of Greek philosophy, a category which is intermediate between spirit and matter, and brings themSoul, 118:is here called Chakra. These are related through intermediate conductors with the gross organs ofTelepathy, 14:of an inner spiritual reality. An intermediate stage of this instinctual activity, based largely onTelepathy, 44:Contemplatives who are trained to act as an intermediate receptive group between Shamballa and theTelepathy, 88:Path. Messages from the disciple's own soul are intermediate between those mediumistic expressionsTelepathy, 113:stage reached in the human kingdom, an intermediate aspect of the three above forms of impressionTelepathy, 157:Head center - Center at base of spine. With the intermediate five centers no longer required. [158]
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