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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTERNAL

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Fire, 636:in the exoteric and ordinary connotation. The internal heat of substance which nourishes and causesFire, 686:certain vibratory capacity, and the devas of the internal furnaces became (relatively speaking)Fire, 741:spirillae are fully vitalized, and vibrant. The internal heat of the atom, plus the external heatFire, 760:aspect as well as the third, and in his own internal life is in process of evolving the firstFire, 774:the Spirit aspect. Its activities are primarily internal and self-centered for the greater part ofFire, 784:of Gods, of men, and of atoms. 3. The Fiery. The internal energy of the rapidly congregating atomsFire, 811:in the physical body is incidental to wrong internal conditions. This is already being somewhatFire, 836:the lesser deva substance dependent upon its own internal heat, as it involves the withdrawal ofFire, 843:human or the animal. It was the result of the internal decision on the part of the planetary LogosFire, 906:they (in their major and minor groups) are the internal macrocosmic and microcosmic fires, someFire, 964:By the time the third Initiation is reached, the internal triangle is in full process ofFire, 997:find much in these rules to produce eventual internal illumination. We will divide them into threeFire, 998:energy from the solar Pitri is the result of his internal recollectedness, his indrawing of hisFire, 1002:alive, vibrant, and of a desired nature. Its internal activity is such that its persistence for theFire, 1034:the effects thus: Rotary activity - The internal activity of every atom viewed as a unity, theFire, 1040:movement forward is modified considerably by the internal atomic activity, and this it is whichFire, 1041:sphere being the form matter takes when its own internal activity, and the activity of the form areFire, Chart:the inflow of force or energy to these internal centers (via the polar center) results in thoseFire, 1060:produced by all forms in all kingdoms when their internal activity has reached such a stage ofFire, 1063:indwelling life. Radiation comes about when the internal, self-sufficient life of any atom isFire, 1064:follows its own revolution, and lives its own internal life. This concerns its primary awareness.Fire, 1066:of the "frictional fire" which speeds up its internal vibration; then by the work upon the atom, orFire, 1066:progression, Simulative vibration, Awakened internal response, until finally electric fire isFire, 1071:which is the lowest aspect of fire, of those internal furnaces which exert an influence upon theFire, 1075:No atom becomes radioactive until its own internal rhythm has been stimulated to a point where theFire, 1089:evolution. They refused to incarnate because of internal group conditions brought about through theFire, 1095:of the atoms of matter are as yet governed by an internal life which has for its main, distinctiveFire, 1102:for the activity of the monadic sheath, its own internal volition produces the formation of aFire, 1130:The minor centers are concerned with the internal coordination of the sheath, the major with theFire, 1196:Consciousness, the three, by an arrangement of internal groupings, show seven groups; these may beFire, 1211:upon it externally, and aware of its own internal economy and of the latent forces and energiesFire, 1222:This must again be regarded as having: A triple internal interplay. A triple external interaction.Healing, 18:in connection with conditions - external and internal. It will be apparent to the casual thinkerHealing, 19:am concerned with the diseases arising in wrong internal conditions. The responsibility of a childHealing, 128:exist, the body of humanity is diseased and its internal life disrupted. Instead of freeHealing, 338:health, as it expresses the reverse. It is the internal relation between the subtler energies,Healing, 567:his predisposition to disease, based upon the internal friction thus produced. At the present pointHealing, 592:involving their relation to each other and their internal reaction to the impact of energies comingHealing, 596:the will-to-live. The patient has given in; the internal fight is too much for him; he can bring inInitiation, 66:the meaning of occult cohesion, and of that internal unity which holds the system as a homogeneousInitiation, 150:inner dynamic purpose and recollection, or that internal ideation which must invariably precede theIntellect, 39:the end a new type, the soul type, with its own internal apparatus, and holding within itself againIntellect, 120:about depends on the exceedingly complicated internal structure of this organ, and on itsIntellect, 222:from avarice. Second, the five rules, which are internal and external purification, contentment,Magic, 57:energy from the soul is the result of Constant internal recollectedness, Concentrated one-pointedMagic, 60:energy from the solar pitri is the result of his internal recollectedness, the indrawing of hisMagic, 94:in world wide efforts for the betterment of the internal relations of nations, religions andMagic, 373:that leads to slow but definite changes in the internal structure of the atom, the coming intoMagic, 453:to those individuals who have the internal equipment which will enable them to understand. I.Magic, 454:and adjust themselves to varying relations of an internal nature with those forms, which in theMagic, 590:of the cell life can also induce that internal friction between them which will eventuate in brainMeditation, 100:proceeds in like manner to the microcosmic. The internal fires of the terrestrial globe, deep inMeditation, 101:those obscure entities the "agnichaitans" of the internal furnaces, come into greater activity,Meditation, 183:solar system. For instance, as evidenced in the internal economy of our planet, and the centralMeditation, 184:is achieved. The vital fires that keep the internal economy of the human being, - the microcosmicMeditation, 184:center in the majority of cases for the internal fire. The correspondence is accurate, mysteriousMeditation, 185:of mind. Kundalini, the twofold blending of the internal heat and of the pranic current. The homeMeditation, 265:here, but to deal more specifically with the internal relationship which exists between Master andMeditation, 307:and after troubled Ireland has adjusted her internal problems, a school for the more advancedPatanjali12. The control of these modifications of the internal organ, the mind, is to be brought aboutPatanjali, 14:to note that the modifications of the internal organ, the mind, are five in number. Manas, or mind,Patanjali, 25:12. The control of these modifications of the internal organ, the mind, is to be brought aboutPatanjali, 25:however, it is difficult to carry out. The internal organ is of course the mind. OccidentalPatanjali, 36:of the adept. It is a condition of intense internal activity instead of external; it is an attitudePatanjali, 95:then a passing beyond the external form to the internal state of that form, to that which producesPatanjali, 103:balanced-state then the yogin gains the internal undisturbed calm (that is to say), the vision ofPatanjali, 106:expression, and until the man is one with that internal spiritual reality which is his true self,Patanjali, 112:of race, place, time or emergency. 32. Internal and external purification, contentment, fieryPatanjali, 112:an understanding of the law of rebirth. 40. Internal and external purification produces aversionPatanjali, 112:of prana (or the life currents) is external, internal or motionless; it is subject to place, timePatanjali, 112:stage which transcends those dealing with the internal and external phases. 52. Through this, thatPatanjali, 182:as it affects those around him, and his own internal reactions. Means III Posture. Asana. RightPatanjali, 183:or union. The physical plane life, external and internal is attended to; the correct attitude toPatanjali, 187:of Patanjali - Book 2 - The Steps to Union 32. Internal and external purification, contentment,Patanjali, 188:that his unprepared brother takes. The words "internal and external purity" relate to the threePatanjali, 201:of Patanjali - Book 2 - The Steps to Union 40. Internal and external purification produces aversionPatanjali, 201:the words used. Literally the translation runs "internal and external purification produces hatredPatanjali, 202:dense body, b. Magnetic purity etheric vehicle internal purity, c. Psychic purity astral vehiclePatanjali, 211:man's attitude towards: 1. His own lower nature internal and external purification, 2. His karma orPatanjali, 220:of prana (or the life currents) is external, internal or motionless; it is subject to place, timePatanjali, 220:conveyed fall into three parts: I. The external, internal or motionless control [221] of the lifePatanjali, 223:the "external control of the life currents!" The internal control of the life currents is broughtPatanjali, 224:development of the other [224] two, external and internal control and must be present before thePatanjali, 226:stage which transcends those dealing with the internal and external phases. We have seen how thePatanjali, 245:of the deity, pictures or forms in nature, Internal objects, such as the centers in the ethericPatanjali, 256:he can begin to work with the interior, internal and intimate means. The entire eight means of yogaPatanjali, 256:attempt to comprehend until he has developed the internal instrument for comprehension; it isPatanjali, 259:and, at the moment of manifestation the internal organ (Chitta) is concerned in both of the trains,Patanjali, 259:of the trains, then such modifications of the internal organ is the modification in the shape ofPatanjali, 292:to others. This light is in the nature of an internal radiance, its position is in the head, in thePatanjali, 340:- Woods. "The external modification (of the internal organ)... thoughtless is (called) the greatPatanjali, 351:that of the external instrument [351] and the internal capacity of that instrument to respond toProblems, 9:problems fall naturally into two categories: The internal, psychological problems of the individualProblems, 19:the class distinction system has controlled her internal relationships for ages. These accusationsProblems, 24:Their real problem is the attaining of right internal relationships. Although the problem ofProblems, 28:through if each nation will recognize its own internal defects and will handle them with vision andProblems, 29:a twofold one: To solve its own psychological internal problems. This it does by recognition ofProblems, 106:There is, however, much improvement in the internal history of these territories, and there is muchPsychology1, 58:sentiency as are registered by the hair, by the internal organisms in the body, by the nervousPsychology1, 218:As long as the true nature of the atom and its internal organization remains a matter of
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