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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTERPLANETARY

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Astrology, 641:"Inter-cosmic - affecting constellations. Interplanetary - affecting planets. Interchain -Astrology, 677:This level is the lowest one on which these interplanetary deities appear. No more can beEducation, 62:of energies - planetary, extra-planetary and interplanetary; with them educators have no concernExternalisation, 26:made. The Spirit of Peace which is invoked is an interplanetary Agent of great power WhoseExternalisation, 150:and certain great [150] Forces which are interplanetary or solar, and also great cosmic Energies.Externalisation, 155:exist in two categories: solar Forces which are interplanetary and cosmic Forces which enter intoFire, 530:schemes and all that is therein. All the lesser interplanetary bodies. The deva and humanFire, 722:of achievement. Cosmic Avatars. Solar Avatars. Interplanetary Avatars. Planetary Avatars. HumanFire, 722:the cosmic planes. While the planetary and the interplanetary avatars are liberated from the cosmicFire, 726:D - Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals 3. Interplanetary Avatars. A very interesting group ofFire, 727:This level is the lowest one on which these interplanetary deities appear. No more can beFire, 727:in the fifth round of the fourth chain. These interplanetary avatars come in, as the products ofFire, 728:chains, and it only needed the work of an interplanetary avatar (at the formation of the triangleFire, 878:and is reabsorbed into the general reservoir in interplanetary space. The fiery triangle is lostFire, 948:one of the forces tending to the production of interplanetary pralaya. It is this piece of creativeFire, 950:use of certain mantrams and words which bring in interplanetary force of the fourth order. ThisFire, 954:our planet, thus permitting the entry of interplanetary force, and of force from the higher mentalFire, 1029:as: Inter-cosmic, or affecting constellations. Interplanetary, or affecting the schemes.Fire, 1053:of these waves of life-force (planetary, interplanetary, systemic, cosmic and inter-cosmic) whichFire, 1082:the sun, Devas of the fourth degree, Flames from interplanetary spheres, Atoms from the crimsonFire, 1089:upon another chain, tarried in the interplanetary spaces until earth conditions were such that theFire, 1091:development and for more appropriate seasons in interplanetary spaces, and some must wait until theFire, 1093:globes, which are the correspondence to the interplanetary and intersystemic spheres. There isFire, 1144:forms, objective and subjective, planetary and interplanetary, in connection with the Sun, and inFire, 1196:within the system; they are the life of all interplanetary space, and the existences who arePsychology1, 58:the constellations upon the solar system and the interplanetary forces. We might sum it all up inPsychology2, 685:Buddha has a special function at this time as an interplanetary mediator, and in this capacity (atTelepathy, 124:The relation evoked is, as you can well imagine, interplanetary and extra-planetary; these terms
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