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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTERPLAY

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Fire, 381:Men within the body logoic, Their mutual [381] interplay, and Their rational interdependence, andFire, 382:the globes as seen in time, with their mutual interplay; he has for study the part each one may beFire, 464:kingdom. Hence it can be seen how close is the interplay, and the interdependence, and how closelyFire, 470:and of the Raja-Lord, and is dependent upon the interplay between these two opposite poles, - theFire, 527:upon the type of force which animates, upon the interplay of that force in substance, upon theFire, 529:the effect produced on consciousness by their interplay. Back of all forms and of all substancesFire, 545:them as dissociated from each other. The interplay is too accurate, and the mutual stimulation tooFire, 547:or congery of causal bodies, and their mutual interplay. Every egoic unit or monadic force centerFire, 589:working in synthesis. Rays 1, 3, 7, have an interplay, as we know. Ray seven is the appearance inFire, 598:and a ceaseless ebb and flow, in the dramatic interplay of the forces that stand for the dualFire, 612:these two groups and it is their interaction and interplay which produces Light, or the manifestedFire, 631:substance of a subplane. It is with their mutual interplay and work that we are now concerned, orFire, 643:on all planes, which activity is produced by the interplay of the negative and positive aspects ofFire, 644:the atmic aspect or Spirit and this dual interplay will be further aided by the Guardians of theFire, 657:Man, and therefore we have an interesting cosmic interplay as follows: One of the seven Rishis ofFire, 657:a Pleiad. The Heavenly Man of our scheme. This interplay will be threefold and as far as we areFire, 803:he is dealing with something much wider than the interplay of effect and cause within the sphere ofFire, 827:by the ten of relative perfection. 63, 64 The interplay between kamic impulse and manasic energyFire, 842:of the first circle are divided into groups but interplay goes on between them; energy in anyFire, 861:of awakening. This has to be effected before the interplay of energy between the egoic lotus andFire, 870:worker displays, but it is indicative of group interplay. Fire, 881:of Attraction and Repulsion, of the magnetic interplay between all forms, great and small, of groupFire, 883:action of the two tiers of petals. The interplay between the two circles is completed, and theFire, 886:them, to produce the necessary geometrical interplay between the seven head centers, and then toFire, 901:and the sixth plane, are connected; there is an interplay of energy between the fourth cosmicFire, 918:dense. They will also eventually consider the interplay between the lower three and the higher fourFire, 918:of energy or force, of their combination, their interplay, and their psychic action and reaction.Fire, 970:receptive physical brain, is established, the interplay is reciprocal, and the two are keyed orFire, 971:and the vitalization by desire is begun. The interplay of mental impulse and desire produce whatFire, 978:part. Intuitive perception and telepathic interplay will distinguish the intercourse betweenFire, 978:and the work is facilitated for Them if the interplay between units of the group is steady andFire, 999:When these two vibrations are attuned, and the interplay is rhythmic, then the two meditationsFire, 1000:contact with each other; the consequence of this interplay was the birth of the Son, or the greatFire, 1010:directly affects the pineal gland, and the interplay of force behind the two (the correspondence,Fire, 1010:centers, begin to contact each other, a definite interplay is set up. This triple interplay formsFire, 1010:a definite interplay is set up. This triple interplay forms in time a vortex or center of force,Fire, 1029:Third, that activity which causes the interplay - attraction and consequent repulsion - between allFire, 1029:of nature. Inter-human, or relating to the interplay between the various human units. Inter-atomic,Fire, 1030:the ultimate good is attained by the method of interplay, interchange, and in mutual attraction andFire, 1031:paths of these various spheres, their centers, interplay and inter-communication, and of forceFire, 1047:and the third moisture or concretion. By the interplay of the three types of force which constituteFire, 1048:The rotary life of the atoms, and their interplay, modified by the Life of the planetary group, orFire, 1049:and spiraling. At first the action, or the interplay between the rotary lower atomic form, and theFire, 1064:term, call matter. The atom, therefore, has an interplay with other atoms. Later, the atom in aFire, 1068:how [1068] to protect themselves from the interplay of forces. As we well know, the workers withFire, 1086:that at this particular time there has been an interplay of force between our tiny system and thisFire, 1094:The sphere of activity itself, the effect of the interplay of these two - the circumference of theFire, 1094:if he can work into his picture a hint of the interplay of all these fiery essences, colored withFire, 1097:understood, the eye is formed through the interplay of certain streams of force, of which there areFire, 1100:the sacred nine." The specific alignment, interplay or free circulation of force simultaneouslyFire, 1105:active or latent during different cycles. The interplay between planets, or between systems andFire, 1106:atoms, and this constant and ceaseless interplay results in the "occult heat" of the body, and itsFire, 1115:inner of the two types of force; their mutual interplay provides the necessary stimulus, andFire, 1117:general heightening of the vibration through the interplay of those forces, all this sweeps theFire, 1117:concept somewhat further, and realize the cosmic interplay which is likewise being carried forward.Fire, 1122:and form, through their rapid revolution and interplay, what appears to be a blazing point of fire,Fire, 1153:will be formed which will permit of the interplay of energy between the different planetaryFire, 1173:a scheme. 10. The Law of Solar Union. When the interplay of the Suns is being dealt with from theFire, 1184:of systemic latitude and longitude, and their interplay and interaction produce a whole of wondrousFire, 1186:streams and their objectivising through mutual interplay. Energies (Tabulation VII) Source FocalFire, 1190:one of the seven or of the ten) which has an interplay with ours and which, therefore, inevitablyFire, 1203:His relationship to another solar Logos, and the interplay of force between them in a greaterFire, 1215:laws of group work. The twenty-two methods of interplay. These thirty-two phases and ideas must beFire, 1220:by a triangle of fire, thus picturing the triple interplay between all atomic structures. Law 3. AFire, 1222:of Attraction 3. The Twenty-two Methods of Group Interplay These methods of group interplay canFire, 1222:of Group Interplay These methods of group interplay can only be grasped through a consideration ofFire, 1222:again be regarded as having: A triple internal interplay. A triple external interaction. We might,Fire, 1222:of Power. 1. Destruction of forms through group interplay. 2. Stimulation of the Self, or egoicFire, 1223:Union. 10. Perfecting of forms through group interplay. 11. Stimulation of the solar Angels, or theFire, 1223:and all forms. Under the Law of Attraction, the interplay between these ray forces and all atomicFire, 1247:it is the force which is responsible for the interplay of electrical phenomena of every kind. TheFire, 1258:is an interesting correspondence to this cosmic interplay in the relation between the Venus scheme,Glamour, 2:a loving desire to help. That emanates from the interplay of a personality, governed by a strongGlamour, 15:that a group of aspirants, whose intuitional interplay is established, can accomplish, is to aid inGlamour, 42:of force. He discovers then how these forces interplay in his own experiences [43] and nature, andGlamour, 48:steadily increase as he progresses. The rule of interplay, of travel, and of group recognition andGlamour, 48:from the Law of Service, and from the constant interplay between man and man, and soul and soul. ToGlamour, 61:calls them. Ideas are also sensed in the interplay between disciples. Frequently, when disciplesGlamour, 111:the world of feeling, of quality, of sentient interplay, and of emotional reactions, with theirGlamour, 116:subject to the glamors produced by the interplay of the opposites, plus the condition of maya,Glamour, 117:personality. It is the united relation and the interplay between these two which - when a point ofHealing, 3:called the emotional body) is the effect of the interplay of desire and of sentient response uponHealing, 100:been withdrawn. This process sets up a definite interplay between the healer and the patient. ThereHealing, 103:of meeting, and through the physical interplay between personalities. It would be inevitable thatHealing, 123:are based on living relationships and the interplay of the energy of love with the forces ofHealing, 137:focused through the seven centers. It is the interplay of these energies which produces good healthHealing, 143:fluid or quality-endowing agent. Their interplay, relationship and unified function are anHealing, 147:the center at the base of the spine. An active interplay, once established between the ajna centerHealing, 147:of the initiate. In the same way, the active interplay between the head center and the center atHealing, 156:reached a point of group awareness and of group interplay of a deeply spiritual kind, and new formsHealing, 158:established relationship, with its subsequent interplay (magnetic and radiatory), which bringsHealing, 184:of the spinal cord. Constantly a movement, an interplay and a reversal is going on. I can butHealing, 189:of stimulation or lack of stimulation, of interplay or of separativeness, of quiescence or ofHealing, 191:active in the body, then there is health, clean interplay and right activity. When the builders areHealing, 196:will tend to show that the more closely the interplay between these two - the nadis and the nervesHealing, 200:involves the formation, activity and related interplay of the following triangles of force: TheHealing, 214:functioning is adequate [214] and the necessary interplay is established, you then have a highlyHealing, 217:traced to the condition of the centers, to their interplay or their lack of interplay, to anHealing, 217:the centers, to their interplay or their lack of interplay, to an undeveloped condition, unawakenedHealing, 225:are due to two basic causes: One is the close interplay between people, living under modern
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