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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTERPLAY

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Healing, 285:centers and thus producing an equable and even interplay. The more the neophyte studies thisHealing, 304:by the promiscuity and the endless moving interplay of all life within all lives. The result isHealing, 345:contrary attitudes as possible, and where the interplay of love may produce an effectiveHealing, 374:with impersonality as a unit and with true interplay of love, such a group can then begin to doHealing, 424:the world soul of which one hears so much. This interplay of the principle of death with theHealing, 497:body comes into being through the reciprocal interplay between the physical plane, which is not aHealing, 534:active in the body, then there is health, clean interplay and right activity. When the builders areHealing, 569:of the first divine aspect in a man by its interplay with the head center. This interplay onlyHealing, 569:man by its interplay with the head center. This interplay only takes place when the man has reachedHealing, 592:without the etheric body. These forces and their interplay produce the common ills of man andHealing, 593:worlds. These secondary difficulties, due to the interplay between the centers, fall into threeHealing, 593:and these should be carefully noted: The interplay between: The centers above the diaphragm, i.e.,Healing, 594:the first initiation is taken the first great interplay is set up between the two and the firstHealing, 605:- The Laws and Rules Enumerated and Applied An interplay is now established between the healer andHealing, 606:and is very effective; in the third case, an interplay is set up which preserves balance, andHealing, 607:active in the body, then there is health, clean interplay and right activity. When the builders areHealing, 633:The factor of time, the factor of the interplay between the point of will which is that of theHercules, 10:an inner and spiritual reality. It is with this interplay of the outer form and the inner life [11]Hercules, 11:forms are aspects of energy; that there is an interplay and an impact of energies upon our planet;Hercules, 42:attracting spirit and matter and instituting the interplay between the objective and the subjectiveHercules, 42:to form; the habits instituted by the timeless interplay between the polar opposites which haveHercules, 119:of God. How perfectly these fundamental ideas interplay and confirm each other, when we abandon theHercules, 163:called three centers of life, and because of the interplay between those three local points ofHercules, 186:because of the intuitional spiritual interplay between the minds of the units in the groups. We doHercules, 221:of years. The cross is originally formed by the interplay between the twelve signs of the Zodiac.Hercules, 223:of the four constellations: [223] Gemini The interplay between higher and lower. Virgo The formInitiation, 122:the blending of all of nature's forces the interplay of energy between the two schemes may beInitiation, 123:integral life, then as dualities, through the interplay of force through any two schemes, thusInitiation, 152:and Brahma. This sound is still going forth; the interplay and interblending of the many tiny notesIntellect, 140:and eventually bringing about a perfect interplay between them and finally between the soul, theIntellect, 143:of the mind and the brain, direct contact and interplay between the two becomes increasinglyIntellect, 144:results of this dual activity and facility of interplay we will consider next. The intuition beginsIntellect, 151:is illuminated. This is only possible when the interplay between the three factors of soul, mindIntellect, 159:with which we are all familiar. I refer to the interplay that can be set up between souls, divinelyIntellect, 167:feet are fleet to speed to the Beloved, and the interplay between the Lover and the Loved One isIntellect, 172:a certain definite stage of coordination and of interplay between the soul, the spiritual man, andIntellect, 184:the wide study of comparative religion, and the interplay between the races. These two factors areIntellect, 202:a condition where it is group-conscious; group interplay and the interests of the greatest numberMagic, 9:the East, it becomes apparent that through the interplay of the poles, and through the friction ofMagic, 30:peculiar psychology. This is the result of the interplay between the spirit or energy aspect andMagic, 33:inherent distinctions brought about through the interplay between the physical body involved andMagic, 36:the qualities are brought into being through the interplay of the pairs of opposites, spirit andMagic, 67:and telepathic and responsive to thought interplay. The time is approaching when thought willMagic, 79:have reached a point of better understanding and interplay their interaction will be of mutualMagic, 198:a definite relation is set up and there is an interplay of energy between the two. This activity inMagic, 205:of the two head centers and their mutual interplay will come gradually the domination of theMagic, 225:in a most peculiar manner are the result of the interplay of the pairs of opposites, and anMagic, 241:through governments, through politics, and the interplay between nations and is relatively small inMagic, 277:of cell lives may be stimulated and thus a close interplay be brought about. This will lead to suchMagic, 278:the law of synthetic limitation, of vibratory interplay, and of active precipitation. The oneMagic, 288:the matter aspect, of the animal nature in its interplay with the soul. First Ray: - Let the ForcesMagic, 295:also to vibratory activity as the result of the interplay between it and the physical plane lifeMagic, 391:not waste time in planetary intricacies and the interplay of solar energies, but will concernMagic, 392:integrity of the solar system, and of the solar interplay with other systems, but the consciousnessMagic, 403:synthesis in humanity and of a telepathic interplay which will eventually annihilate time. It willMagic, 421:forth of the light, an instantaneous electrical interplay, a sudden sensing of a similarity ofMagic, 424:this extended consciousness. Thus telepathic interplay and extended sentiency must be developed andMagic, 428:in its true sense, the growth of telepathic interplay, the elimination of the non-essentials whichMagic, 452:peculiar psychology. This is the result of the interplay between the spirit or energy aspect, andMagic, 465:mounts on the shoulder of matter. The mass interplay of spirit and matter is now so potent that oneMagic, 498:however, that astrally and mentally the interplay can be closer and more sensitive than ever beforeMagic, 498:body. Two things, however, militate against this interplay: one is the grief and violent emotionalMagic, 523:by telepathic communication and by intuitive interplay will the plan and the technique of itsMagic, 593:on either side of them. Thus, [593] through the interplay, they are gradually worn away, so that inMagic, 605:human history is a triple thread and in the interplay of these three threads the story of evolutionMagic, 607:they will nurture the growth of telepathic interplay in the world and thus weave those strandsMeditation, 2:When the fifth Initiation is taken, the interplay between the three centers is perfected, and theMeditation, 33:to the Personality or lower self, showing the interplay between the two and their interdependence.Meditation, 234:small, but through the frequent meeting and interplay of the forces and colors, and their constantMeditation, 271:at all times of the Master's consciousness. The interplay between the Master and disciple is beingPatanjali, 10:being first attracted to them through the mutual interplay of spirit and matter. By the control ofPatanjali, 96:forces has [96] its own sound, produced by their interplay. Having discovered that, he penetratesPatanjali, 96:in certain forces which produce (through their interplay) a form of some kind. The higher the levelPatanjali, 151:the union of spirit and matter. It is their interplay which produces all the form-producingProblems, 11:time disrupting agencies. The problem of the interplay and interaction of the nations is largely aProblems, 58:tradition, good and evil happenings and the interplay of varying cultural aspects of civilizationProblems, 78:and fairly. In some form or another the interplay between capital and labor, between employer andProblems, 103:solved on that inclusive basis. It concerns the interplay between people of different races butPsychology1, xvii:By studying and reading with care, a group interplay is set up, the group becomes more closelyPsychology1, 11:is this problem of energy units and their mutual interplay which underlies the entire subject ofPsychology1, 11:in the world is a nucleus for the focusing and interplay of the seven types of force, just as everyPsychology1, 17:are told in the scriptures of the world that the interplay, or the relation between, Father-SpiritPsychology1, 18:brought about by life and matter and their interplay, and producing change and constant mutation. IPsychology1, 18:being by the relation of spirit and matter. This interplay produces that psychological Entity whichPsychology1, 22:ether of space. The consequence of this active interplay of life and substance is that a basicPsychology1, 24:(as an expression of truth) through the free interplay of life and form, basing the design ofPsychology1, 31:life or spirit and which is produced through the interplay of life with matter. This, when positedPsychology1, 31:in consciousness or as sensitive response to the interplay going forward, during the evolutionaryPsychology1, 3+4:unfoldments of a conscious response to divine interplay and activity, to a final identificationPsychology1, 44:into the major rays, and their mutual interplay produced the minor four rays. Thus the sevenPsychology1, 45:devotion, the characteristic of the attractive interplay between the domestic animals and man.Psychology1, 46:In the human family, the effect of this dual interplay of Life (desiring satisfaction) and of formPsychology1, 48:duality can be seen, for each of them, the interplay which we call cause and effect. Ray I - Will,Psychology1, 48:in substance, causes activity. The result of the interplay of these three major rays can be seen inPsychology1, 53:sentiency, it produces through its evolutionary interplay an addition, and we find emerging qualityPsychology1, 113:the race, that is of vital importance; it is the interplay between the subjective group of worldPsychology1, 114:upon the individual but only on the group interplay and interaction, its integration and growth.Psychology1, 130:Light, or radiation, the effect of the interplay between the life and the environment. The firstPsychology1, 150:show the emergent tendency through their mutual interplay. This triple energetic impulse, borne onPsychology1, 158:and specific type radiation become possible. The interplay of these three rays determines the outer
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