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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTERPRETATION

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Astrology, 16:complete confidence in the understanding and interpretation of the astrologer and the recognitionAstrology, 21:life, the practicing astrologer will arrange the interpretation of the horoscope. It will requireAstrology, 21:to determine the processes of astrological interpretation for those who are active and living soulsAstrology, 65:you of the occult truism which states that interpretation and right understanding are based uponAstrology, 69:the [69] accuracy of astrological prediction and interpretation will be based upon three factors:Astrology, 70:initiate. It will require a different mode of interpretation. I have referred to this before andAstrology, 87:The Science of the Rays. The Science of Esoteric Interpretation which is carried out through TheAstrology, 87:the four previous ones and will constitute an interpretation of the future which will be founded onAstrology, 132:Constellations The same symbolic mode of interpretation must govern also our understanding of theAstrology, 132:Leo approaches the closer to the esoteric interpretation of astrology whilst Sepharial is purelyAstrology, 172:wheel. From the standpoint of astrological interpretation and in the case where the astrologer isAstrology, 213:It was he who gave the Scorpio-Mars slant to the interpretation and exposition of the ChristianAstrology, 216:purely upon the mental plane is given a physical interpretation, and thus happenings which areAstrology, 216:as physical occurrences. A clue to this triple interpretation which astrology must eventuallyAstrology, 235:understanding) and mystical (requiring spiritual interpretation). It will involve the aid andAstrology, 236:But mankind is reaching maturity and a different interpretation of the purposes and intents ofAstrology, 256:fact and an illusion. The whole process and its interpretation is dependent upon the intellectualAstrology, 334:of individual evolutionary status for correct interpretation. It is essential, for their rightAstrology, 334:with in the new esoteric astrology - prediction, interpretation from the standpoint of both theAstrology, 335:today is the need for them to know - prior to interpretation - where, upon the path of evolution,Astrology, 335:and Aquarius - he will arrive at a right interpretation of the lives: Of initiates. Of groupAstrology, 347:of constellation energies determining the interpretation of the horoscope would beAstrology, 353:will be lifted up to a higher plane. True interpretation will come and true healing in allAstrology, 371:to pour into the world, man is seeking another interpretation of God's will which will not involveAstrology, 387:has reference. But be not too literal in interpretation for "that which is of the earth can also beAstrology, 400:hitherto untouched but I have not time for the interpretation of this vast and profitable field ofAstrology, 402:signs will have indicated to you their right interpretation, both here and elsewhere. Form life,Astrology, 408:therefore, certainty in analysis, prediction and interpretation is not possible. This whole subjectAstrology, 430:(incidentally) to the true theme of astrological interpretation. From this peculiar angle,Astrology, 476:of Christian symbolism (even though the interpretation is as yet inadequate) these seven crisesAstrology, 493:last analysis, the problem of response to and interpretation of the environing contacts is oneAstrology, 585:spirit; that will must not infringe upon their interpretation of love. Such people are individuallyAstrology, 591:dualism and still conditioned by modes of human interpretation. Under the occult method, we mustAstrology, 596:the Logos. We need, therefore, to formulate the interpretation of the seven rays in terms of willAtom, 16:Others are prone to think that their outlook and interpretation is the only one. [17] I hope inAtom, 21:in the atom, in man, and in all that is. This interpretation [22] of the evolutionary process doesAtom, 77:ideas clearly formulated. We have seen that our interpretation of the processes of natureAtom, 86:we most of us credit it as having an allegorical interpretation. What is the occult truthAtom, 146:and to demonstrate the accuracy of their own interpretation. We next saw that, roughly speaking,Atom, 153:truth will be found, not along physical lines of interpretation, but along the lines ofAutobiography, 49:thousands of people have come to me for interpretation, for advice and suggestion as to what theyAutobiography, 123:divinity and the static condition of theological interpretation is contrary to the great law of theAutobiography, 123:evolution. After all, theology is simply man's interpretation and understanding of what he thinksAutobiography, 157:the new approach to life and truth, freedom of interpretation and impersonality were theAutobiography, 184:and more prepared for a normal and sensible interpretation of occult truth than are the members ofAutobiography, 189:nothing more to give out and that unless their interpretation of what H.P.B. said and meant wasAutobiography, 214:book seems to supply. H.P.B. said that the next interpretation of the Ageless Wisdom would be aAutobiography, 238:the commentary, as I was anxious to present an interpretation of the Sutras which would be moreAutobiography, 250:the student is under no compulsion to accept any interpretation or presentation of truth. A memberAutobiography, 262:The teacher supplies them with his personal interpretation of standard, occult information,Autobiography, 268:and then subjected to the mental analysis and interpretation of the disciple. The disciple whoAutobiography, 273:to the leader and loyalty to that leader's interpretation of truth. They do useful work among theAutobiography, 277:of the mind, right control of thought and right interpretation of all spiritual phenomena. HeAutobiography, 293:then there is something basically wrong with our interpretation of truth; if the goal of theBethlehem, 6:fighting over the non-essentials of traditional interpretation and have omitted to teach the secretBethlehem, 12:which can help us nevertheless to a larger interpretation of Christianity. "Buddhism andBethlehem, 12:part of the doctrine of the Buddha is its interpretation of his life." - Religion in the Making, byBethlehem, 13:be based. This may perhaps be found in a clearer interpretation and understanding of these fiveBethlehem, 36:has prepared numbers of the race. The new interpretation and the next revelation are imminent. ThisBethlehem, 63:divinity. These are astronomical facts. The interpretation of the symbolism attached from ancientBethlehem, 65:the Bible itself and Cruden's Concordance. The interpretation of the names is taken from Cruden'sBethlehem, 79:an unfoldment which can have no possible human interpretation, then all that has been written andBethlehem, 80:and not to follow in the steps, or to accept the interpretation of His words, which any disciple ofBethlehem, 93:galaxy of World Teachers gave an ever-widening interpretation of Deity, reaching, as time elapsed,Bethlehem, 107:symbol, and though faulty and weak in the interpretation of its essential teachings, it symbolizesBethlehem, 110:of the finest thinkers in the field of Christian interpretation today tells us that "all they whoBethlehem, 112:it necessary in a book such as this to give an interpretation of the devil? Is it not apparent thatBethlehem, 112:by mythology. The myths demand a serious interpretation in correspondence with objective reality,Bethlehem, 117:That is what has been done. Truth is capable of interpretation in many ways. Those who are simplyBethlehem, 144:with its negative emphasis and its punitive interpretation, will give place to the radiance of loveBethlehem, 153:their part? A study of their names and the interpretation of them as given in the familiar Cruden'sBethlehem, 153:and his theme is pleasantness, which is the interpretation given to the word "Naamathite." Here weBethlehem, 160:Christ's Messiahship, which word is man's interpretation of the recognition. At the Baptism, HeBethlehem, 175:God has been misrepresented many times, and the interpretation of what Christ did has beenBethlehem, 194:at-one-ment which was pre-eminently St. Paul's interpretation of the Crucifixion, but the doctrineBethlehem, 197:realize a different expression of divinity. Our interpretation of sin and its penalty has been atBethlehem, 198:belief Calvinism is perhaps the best and purest interpretation, and a brief statement as to thatBethlehem, 211:is entirely upon love, and the usual orthodox interpretation is nowhere to be found. Just love andBethlehem, 226:we may find the ordinary orthodox theological interpretation at fault. It is quite possible thatBethlehem, 232:history (before theology gave a turn to interpretation, and so altered the Gospel of love into aBethlehem, 262:so recognized, even when their Christian interpretation is ignored, or when Christ remainsDestiny, 52:love and understanding, producing attraction and interpretation. It is interesting to note that theDestiny, 76:Ray of Harmony through Conflict). The simple interpretation of this is that we are watching theDiscipleship1, 25:is the partial realization of the Plan and its interpretation at second or third hand by theDiscipleship1, 48:It may be that your slant on life and your interpretation of a situation needs readjustment andDiscipleship1, 63:and whether their sensitivity is such and their interpretation of what they sense is of sufficientDiscipleship1, 141:and hopes you will comprehend without too much interpretation. I think you will, for your intuitionDiscipleship1, 188:potent thought-form of aspiration, of spiritual interpretation and of spiritual aims and goals. ButDiscipleship1, 204:action, problems of understanding and of interpretation, and also problems of application of theDiscipleship1, 245:them or to impose your ideas upon them. Your interpretation of them and of their need (no matterDiscipleship1, 258:to your own mental unfoldment and a practical interpretation of its desired effects in terms ofDiscipleship1, 318:astral life, based on devotion and idealistic interpretation, you would work with greater power andDiscipleship1, 385:feet. What you see within that portal and what interpretation you give to this symbolic work is forDiscipleship1, 437:Your work is along the lines of radiation and interpretation. The only other thing I seek to doDiscipleship1, 448:of that which induced me to give you the word " interpretation" as your most important keyword, forDiscipleship1, 448:you, during the coming months, take the theme of Interpretation as your most important meditationDiscipleship1, 449:is no further need for you to do the review on Interpretation. And this is all I have to say toDiscipleship1, 545:any of you at any time if there has been right interpretation of my words and suggestions. I seekDiscipleship1, 549:These require watching and necessitate correct interpretation. Upon this suggestion, I would askDiscipleship1, 608:coming six months and, at the close, give your interpretation of each Rule for the helping of your
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