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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTERPRETATION

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Discipleship1, 682:he is always right and who is confident that his interpretation of what is needed is infalliblyDiscipleship1, 684:spiritual instinct, right understanding and interpretation of ideas and correct formulation ofDiscipleship1, 733:so-called lower psychism is only so when the interpretation and the use of the experience is atDiscipleship1, 742:they have no experience in the distinction and interpretation which must exist between aspects ofDiscipleship1, 782:the student is under no compulsion to accept any interpretation or presentation of truth; he canDiscipleship2, 22:Age upon this subject and also to the Piscean interpretation. It is part of my work to begin toDiscipleship2, 52:into the kingdom of God. This is the symbolical interpretation of the phenomena. As the groupDiscipleship2, 55:be apparent and can be seen as inviting a dual interpretation: It concerns the relation of theDiscipleship2, 58:first three major stages, studying with care my interpretation. During the months of January andDiscipleship2, 70:in his being an initiate - a very different interpretation to the current theosophical one. As IDiscipleship2, 109:knowledge and who are capable of correct interpretation of the occult facts, and who are alsoDiscipleship2, 176:on behalf of humanity is also susceptible of interpretation in a personal sense, regarding theDiscipleship2, 176:your understanding of the Invocation and your interpretation of it (both macrocosmically andDiscipleship2, 186:a far too literal, and therefore misleading, interpretation. This has been responsible for muchDiscipleship2, 238:that the concept, the idea, the decision and the interpretation of a group of powerful menDiscipleship2, 249:itself." Formula Five awakens the Will, but any interpretation of this awakening would proveDiscipleship2, 251:reflective consciousness. The first and obvious interpretation concerns the eye of knowledge. ButDiscipleship2, 262:concern because of their extreme difficulty of interpretation. I would ask you to bear in mind thatDiscipleship2, 265:at Formula One and seek its [265] simplest interpretation, and yet an advanced one from the angleDiscipleship2, 268:Triad can convey this type of revelation and interpretation. 3. Through the presentation of PointsDiscipleship2, 269:for initiation grows by the recognition and the interpretation of hints, and by extracting from aDiscipleship2, 272:inner growth warrants a fresh approach to their interpretation. This formula is seen by theDiscipleship2, 279:because it is ideas, their right application and interpretation, [280] which determine the futureDiscipleship2, 285:ponder these six sentences, try to give them an interpretation which will come to you from theDiscipleship2, 293:Forget not that recognition involves right interpretation and right relation to that which is seenDiscipleship2, 298:adequately intelligent to be trained in right interpretation. 5. The evocation of the will. ThisDiscipleship2, 303:would have been possible. A key to the correct interpretation of a hint lies in its Discipleship2, 320:does this hint mean to you? A key to the correct interpretation of a hint lies in its Discipleship2, 340:and the inaccuracy of his past opinion and interpretation of experience. [341] 6. Time is one ofDiscipleship2, 343:now have seven hints which are capable of a dual interpretation, of individual reception, and ofDiscipleship2, 345:the formulas to the first and third methods of interpretation, whilst the larger group of ideasDiscipleship2, 355:that of the Master or the higher initiate. That interpretation which I will indicate to you willDiscipleship2, 356:if they so choose; but these seven terms of ray interpretation have to be used on each hint, a taskDiscipleship2, 357:side." This will perhaps throw light upon the interpretation which I originally gave to you. One ofDiscipleship2, 364:and space in terms of the Eternal Now. Right interpretation of this formula gives insight into theDiscipleship2, 369:initiations, though they necessarily have an interpretation appropriate to all the initiations. LetDiscipleship2, 379:of the Law of Sacrifice. The Christian interpretation of the Will of God and of the significance ofDiscipleship2, 388:mean to you? Hint V. - The key to the correct interpretation of a hint lies in its withDiscipleship2, 395:- Part IX Hint Five. "The key to the correct interpretation of a hint lies in its withDiscipleship2, 403:this new process of simultaneous perception and interpretation, we employ the rather vague wordDiscipleship2, 435:and can learn to give correct and understanding interpretation to that which is being revealed toDiscipleship2, Esoter:of Christian symbolism (even though the interpretation is as yet inadequate) these seven crisesDiscipleship2, 495:achievement of this clear vision and a correct interpretation of emerging facts and relations. I.Discipleship2, 590:element requires the eye of vision, plus right interpretation of that which it sees. For thisDiscipleship2, 620:doubt it, for words - requiring as they do right interpretation - can mislead as much as they canDiscipleship2, 721:in to A.A.B. (for the helping of the group) your interpretation of these symbols. Speak truthDiscipleship2, 737:below, viewing them in two ways: the individual interpretation and, secondly, that interpretationDiscipleship2, 737:individual interpretation and, secondly, that interpretation which concerns humanity as a whole. IfDiscipleship2, 752:of physical expression, plus a mistaken interpretation of duty at times. Know you not, my brother,Discipleship2, 753:understand rightly and then react. Your initial interpretation given to my words may not be theEducation, xi:personal self-development. [xi] "Since unified interpretation and understanding is not a science inEducation, 37:systems. Much remains to be done. The interpretation of men in terms of energy and the grasping ofEducation, 39:I would like here to enlarge somewhat upon the interpretation of the much used words (frequentlyEducation, 40:order than the ordinary human being, and the interpretation of God and nature in terms ofEducation, 57:of the new education is essentially right interpretation of life past and present and its relationEducation, 112:is qualified by emotion, it becomes separate in interpretation and focused in partisanship andEducation, 116:the world of patterns and upon the true interpretation of ideas, and hence the problems. Later,Externalisation, 15:should gradually be perfected, and the right interpretation of what he sees and contacts on theExternalisation, 98:or intuitive spiritual understanding (involving interpretation and identification) and the higherExternalisation, 100:kindness and knowledge, which is man's feeble interpretation of the divine energies with which heExternalisation, 141:keep up a steady process of right thought, right interpretation of current events and a rightExternalisation, 264:of His people. No matter what the dogmatic interpretation or the theological idealism, some form ofExternalisation, 271:through coercive measures, but through correct interpretation and quick appreciation by the masses,Externalisation, 300:familiar groupings. In September 1940 I gave an interpretation of a new Stanza of the GreatExternalisation, 331:however, much that you can do along the line of interpretation of ideals, of unifying and ofExternalisation, 345:Spirit; that Will must not infringe upon their interpretation of Love. Such people are individuallyExternalisation, 419:still speculation and much foolish claiming and interpretation. Yet the churches have everExternalisation, 502:of the masses. The old forms of thought and of interpretation are now too restricted and tooExternalisation, 549:the attention of the general public through my interpretation of the Problems of Humanity and bringExternalisation, 612:spiritual statements which will not necessitate interpretation (and give rise to misinterpretation)Externalisation, 638:cover the planet, enforcing her totalitarian interpretation of communistic doctrine (there is aExternalisation, 638:communistic doctrine (there is a right and true interpretation), refusing freedom to the individualExternalisation, 638:the human masses - everywhere standardizing her interpretation of democracy. A world in which allFire, xiii:basis, for both science and religion, of that interpretation of the processes of nature which hasFire, xiii:way out of the depths of a materialistic interpretation. It must not be forgotten, however, thatFire, 88:conscious expansion, and intelligent interpretation, coupled to a wise abstention from dogmaticFire, 109:turning of that key opens up a door to a wider interpretation as it admits one into the mysteriesFire, 171:same five symbols that have so often a cosmic interpretation. 1. The circle. At this stage theFire, 218:control, - this control being based on the right interpretation of the Law of Economy. AnotherFire, 299:the quaternary and the Triad, carrying the interpretation up to a Heavenly Man. The chain was theFire, 477:through matter. Hence the usually accepted interpretation of the term 'atom' must be extended fromFire, 642:in man, and with the intelligent interpretation of the happenings of Nature; it is concerned with aFire, 695:five-pointed star has frequently a very material interpretation. All these angles of vision areFire, 697:456.) when dealing with the principles; also the interpretation of these figures varies accordingFire, 740:and thus avoid the dangers of materialistic interpretation, the meaning will become clearer. 47 TheFire, 1019:students have to surmount consists in the true interpretation of the three terms: Mother - Matter -Fire, 1026:the fire and water. Little can here be said in interpretation of these words, beyond a reference toFire, 1119:pictures serve as a clue or key to the higher interpretation. They reveal to the student certainFire, 1133:be made, though too literal or too identified an interpretation should not be put upon them. First,Fire, 1141:to right - lesser cycles. The three keys: Cosmic interpretation. The symbols standing for cosmicFire, 1141:Light. The cross. The triangle. Systemic interpretation. Dealing with evolution of system and allFire, 1141:with evolution of system and all therein. Human interpretation. Dealing with man himself. The crossFire, 1233:considered in the following way: 1. The exoteric interpretation of a symbol is based largely uponFire, 1234:certain specified limits. 2. The subjective interpretation is the one which reveals the idea lyingGlamour, 6:of the most useful and potent is the study and interpretation of symbols. Symbols are the outer andGlamour, 10:would ask you to render not only an intelligent interpretation of the symbol, but also aGlamour, 12:line has significance, all numbers have their interpretation and all forms are symbols of an innerGlamour, 12:like to make clear to you that there is no set interpretation of any symbol, and that for eachGlamour, 12:usually a lack of interest in the due interpretation of life forms and their meaning. Also, tooGlamour, 13:distinction between this second stage of symbol interpretation and ordinary meditation. You have
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