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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTERPRETATION

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Glamour, 25:[25] Then write it down in the form of an interpretation or article and we may arrive at muchGlamour, 55:far greater Whole. That which he brings to their interpretation is inadequate. The idea which hasGlamour, 56:The ray type of the ego colors the man's interpretation of the idea. It colors the emergingGlamour, 59:Problem - The Nature of Glamor 2. Through wrong Interpretation. The idea, a vital entity or a germGlamour, 62:of that which is contacted as well as for right interpretation. Glamour, 65:The way of wrong perception. The way of wrong interpretation. The way of wrong appropriation. TheGlamour, 131:idealism. They are only in touch with the human interpretation of the idea, as formulated by someGlamour, 132:narrow men and women, seeking to express their interpretation of God's idea, and limited, crampedGlamour, 138:ridiculous and profound assurances of correct interpretation, and his oft-times cruelty, cloaked byGlamour, 175:with its perception, apprehension, analysis and interpretation whilst initiation, through theHealing, 46:H.P.B. in Vol. III, of The Secret Doctrine, its interpretation will be dependent upon the point ofHealing, 58:read the records more correctly and with right interpretation, they will understand the way out,Healing, 177:of dualism must be solved. This solution and interpretation of the symbol must come from the realmHealing, 208:In esoteric medicine and its philosophical interpretation (which is in the last analysis theHealing, 271:this will some day be added correct astrological interpretation, immediate recognition of rayHealing, 381:hypothesis or a questionable and non-acceptable interpretation of the underlying causes of disease.Healing, 401:in theological pronouncements. The Christian interpretation as given by the orthodox and theHealing, 576:then to be interpreted differently to the modern interpretation; the modern meaning is only now inHealing, 576:and permitted to use them. It is their Atlantean interpretation which largely colors the modernHealing, 576:and it is that significance and the new interpretation which I shall endeavor to impart. Rule I wasHealing, 576:to impart. Rule I was not subjected to the new interpretation because it was so obviously modern inHealing, 577:dominant, and therefore the new and modern interpretation of these rules (based on the mindHealing, 625:of the man to his environment or determine his interpretation of life and the passivity or theHealing, 675:to all men and to all circumstances, plus right interpretation of the existing difficulties of theHealing, 687:Purpose of Sanat Kumara (of which the Plan is an interpretation in time and space) begins to haveHealing, 708:anent the centers, the primary or easiest interpretation will appear. Healing, 708:as to its significance. Its elementary interpretation relates in reality to the central and majorHercules, 7:astrology in its highest aspect and its true interpretation will eventually enable man to focus hisHercules, 110:to give the technical, perhaps more scientific, interpretation of this cave which Hercules entered.Hercules, 152:may mean that we are going to die. That is one interpretation. Perhaps we are going to die to anHercules, 156:been driven off. The labor is achieved." F.M. Interpretation of the Labor (Edited Lecture byHercules, 164:impose upon my fellow men my personal interpretation of truth. I see no truth but my truth. I am anHercules, 190:"living waters" of Aquarius. (Interpolated) Interpretation of the Test Augeas, the son of Neptune,Hercules, 197: The Labors of Hercules - Labor XII Interpretation of the Story There are several variations of theHercules, 205:of the reality of God and for the richer interpretation of His character." With these clear words,Initiation, viii:is right in essence, though belittled in interpretation. Again, there are some who are interested,Initiation, 206:from between the two. This rule looks easy of interpretation upon the first reading, and seems toIntellect, 113:might be dealt with as follows: The exoteric interpretation of a symbol is based largely upon itsIntellect, 114:may be remains as yet a mystery. The subjective interpretation or meaning is the one which revealsIntellect, 239:being through our contact with, and right interpretation of, the ideas we succeed in contacting inIntellect, 242:of emotional energy. In these two ideas of right interpretation and right transmission, and ofMagic, 95:himself to the clear hearing and correct interpretation of the inner voice of the soul and broodsMagic, 158:These are the Eye, the Heart, the Throat. The interpretation and significance of these rules can beMagic, 175:potently affect the thought of the race. The interpretation of the process arises from many causes;Magic, 193:of misapprehension, of credulity and of wrong interpretation of the phenomena of other states ofMagic, 400:inclusive in their outlook and so wide in their interpretation of truth that they see the hand ofMagic, 427:approach and the particular note or method of interpretation in any part of the world, there willMagic, 434:astrology in its highest aspect and its true interpretation will enable man eventually to focus hisMagic, 437:during the month of August. The correct interpretation therefore of a chart is largelyMagic, 541:and he experienced in his work, can the real interpretation be given. There is much danger inMagic, 630:Evil is due to wrong perception and erroneous interpretation of that which is perceived. TheMeditation, 99:that have not as yet received due attention or interpretation. What must therefore be watched? TheMeditation, 207:may be called blue. The key to the accurate interpretation of the term employed lies in the pointMeditation, 215:for your consideration that in the esoteric interpretation lies hid half the mystery, and the otherMeditation, 215:the other half is concealed by the fact that all interpretation depends upon the standpoint of theMeditation, 218:correctness upon their exoteric or esoteric interpretation. Therefore to return to what I earlierMeditation, 231:Only in the Hall of Wisdom can the esoteric interpretation of the colors be truly known. That HallPatanjali, 58:among the many translators, gives this interpretation, putting it as follows: "The repetition ofPatanjali, 84:in the Sanskrit are somewhat difficult of exact interpretation. The thought conveyed is that as thePatanjali, 107:energies of which they are the product. His interpretation of them is consequently false, [108]Patanjali, 108:through the use of the senses and the wrong interpretation of the things sensed, these thoughtPatanjali, 162:as his medium of search, of explanation and of interpretation, for the senses and [163] all hisPatanjali, 289:has given rise to much discussion and its usual interpretation has given the idea that meditationPatanjali, 310:powers are capable of a lower and a higher interpretation. This is nowhere more apparent than inPatanjali, 320:but one which nevertheless conveys the correct interpretation. We have seen in the preceding sutrasPatanjali, 332:of the binding life comes radiance." Another interpretation might be "through control of samana thePatanjali, 348:give to this sutra a purely physical interpretation, a much wider concept is involved. In it wePatanjali, 360:undesirable being again possible." And Dvivedi's interpretation gives still another angle: "TherePatanjali, 381:is a very free translation but conveys a clear interpretation of the truth to be grasped. TheProblems, 65:of the new education is essentially right interpretation of life, past and present, and itsProblems, 126:exploded and with it the infallibility of interpretation; all the world Scriptures are now seen toProblems, 168:of the spiritual welfare of humanity and a truer interpretation of the meaning of the wordPsychology1, 134:of matter to spirit, and bringing about the interpretation of that to which there has been aPsychology1, 179:a meaning hitherto unknown, and we shall have an interpretation of that meaning which will enrichPsychology1, 181:the world of patterns and upon the true interpretation of ideas, and hence the problems. Later,Psychology1, 231:leaders, plus a sincere though foggy and deluded interpretation of truth, are a great detriment toPsychology1, 287:the general and universal. Behind the erroneous interpretation, however, lies truth. Where thisPsychology1, 292:mental and spiritual illumination, and a truer interpretation of the teaching of the Lodge ofPsychology1, 384:love and understanding, producing attraction and interpretation. Psychology2, 7:and with the aid of spiritual understanding and interpretation. With the bigger questions we willPsychology2, 15:are later subordinated to selfish purpose and interpretation, the man can, however, be in touchPsychology2, 20:truth is grasped, the significance and the interpretation of its formerly important part is seen toPsychology2, 43:Understanding of the Plan; The magical work of interpretation; Manifestation of divinity. A closePsychology2, 72:light", and the development of a cultured right interpretation so that the intuitive knowledgePsychology2, 107:accord on detail, on method, and [107] on interpretation of principles is not possible. But - thePsychology2, 108:embodying an aspect of a greater principle, an interpretation of a principle, correct and proper atPsychology2, 175:You have been so urged. The initial and normal interpretation and the immediate effect of thePsychology2, 199:at this time. These two laws are not capable of interpretation as above, because only those who arePsychology2, 216:clear it might be wise to distrust the obvious interpretation. The matter is abstruse. It is wellPsychology2, 216:and according to the type of mind will be the interpretation. Psychology2, 224:and right creative activity, based upon right interpretation of ideals. This triplicity of purposePsychology2, 334:his skill and his peculiar point of view and interpretation of conditions at the disposal of hisPsychology2, 342:impulse and consequent activity of desire. The interpretation of experience, intensifying andPsychology2, 345:symbols, requiring careful analysis and interpretation. None of this higher teaching is givenPsychology2, 376:can ponder on this formula and seek their own interpretation of it, endeavoring first of all toPsychology2, 397:disciple, which are as yet not capable of interpretation nor can they be comprehended by averagePsychology2, 413:they have of the lower man, an occidental interpretation of the oriental teaching about the centersPsychology2, 413:wise solution of the difficulties, and a correct interpretation of the peculiarities with whichPsychology2, 414:determining action. This aspect of astrological interpretation will become less and less useful asPsychology2, 423:of integration and much can be done by training. Interpretation of the life and the environment,
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