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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTERPRETATION

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Psychology2, 483:Effect (working out from life to life) and the interpretation of the problem in terms or a lessonPsychology2, 494:lay the present emphasis upon dreams and their interpretation. May I point out again that the truePsychology2, 500:the brain cells, but the recognition and interpretation of these vague or agitated impressions isPsychology2, 502:to the psychologist, and frequently receives an interpretation which reveals to him the depths ofPsychology2, 505:in the bulk of cases, man's effort at the interpretation of life and its meaning down the ages.Psychology2, 507:no more attention or mysteriously applied interpretation or symbolic elucidation than do thePsychology2, 509:therefore, by the psychologist before interpretation can be intelligently given and prove useful. Psychology2, 511:truths of the esoteric teaching and its correct interpretation by the trained minds in thePsychology2, 570:he receives no real training in the art of interpretation and in the technique of distinguishingPsychology2, 721:of the new "schools of thought", so-called. The interpretation of the sensed ideals may be inPsychology2, 740:through spiritual perception and correct interpretation, the kingdom of God on earth. This is aRays, 26:response of the integrated personality to soul interpretation and understanding." Another pointRays, 37:of [37] three forms of application or interpretation and I would have you remember this, becauseRays, 45:of development. Toward a newer tension. The interpretation of the phrase presents difficulty. ThisRays, 57:comprehended through life experience, subject to interpretation in the world of meaning. SomeRays, 82:those with initiate understanding, the obvious interpretation will not prove satisfactory. TheRays, 99:good. It will be obvious, therefore, that the interpretation of these Rules must involve capacityRays, 156:are principally concerned at this point with the interpretation of the Law of the SupplementaryRays, 217:We are, however, concerned with the interpretation of the rule as it affects a group which isRays, 317:of the theological teachings, has been the interpretation put upon the word "resurrection" in theRays, 337:The same three words - in greatly enhanced interpretation and with the emphasis upon a much fullerRays, 347:use of the word "door" is purely symbolic; the interpretation given to the word by the ordinaryRays, 347:discipline and aspiration. That is largely an interpretation based on wishful thinking and is ofRays, 356:initiation" as occultly understood and with the interpretation of which we are familiar; these fourRays, 378:then will be predisposed to right thinking and interpretation. I am anxious for your approach toRays, 381:true and is an instance of a man-made interpretation, giving us the first example of theRays, 436:lead produces also a rapidity of mental interpretation which is essential to the sane registrationRays, 436:mind, there must always accompany them a true interpretation and a correct recognition of "thingsRays, 436:non-disciple and the psychic go wrong, for their interpretation is almost always fundamentally inRays, 447:light," and the development of a cultured right interpretation, so that the intuitive knowledgeRays, 500:in terms of religion, whereas the religious interpretation is but one mode of understandingRays, 556:of the process was dependent upon right interpretation. In this materialistic age, thatRays, 556:interpretation. In this materialistic age, that interpretation has been largely material in nature;Rays, 569:to his fellowmen, to circumstances and to his interpretation of life events. These are peculiarlyRays, 626:price to pay because her immaturity and childish interpretation of world affairs, her lack ofRays, 627:Today the balancing factor of feminine interpretation and the feminine point of view is needed andRays, 629:material philosophy of the country. The youthful interpretation of this idealism can be seen in theRays, 676:Much will depend upon my answer and upon your interpretation of it. I would ask you consequently toRays, 678:practical? Any initiation which does not find interpretation in daily reactions is of small serviceRays, 700:divine right and prerogative. The beauty of the interpretation of this initiation and the reward toRays, 708:plays in the revelatory sequence: Revelation. Interpretation. Intention. Will. These must be lookedRays, 713:and recognition: He realizes that the right interpretation of the revelation is the firstRays, 714:study for a while: the sequence of Revelation. Interpretation. Intention. Will. Rays, 718:we come back to the same necessity for right interpretation of the revelation or of the vision. 4.Rays, 723:of major importance and links sensitivity, its interpretation and control, with the everyday lifeRays, 730:and one that is not often emphasized. The usual interpretation has been that the word comes fromRays, 758:for those they love; they have given a material interpretation to their basic needs. TheReappearance, 60:statements which [60] will not necessitate interpretation and receive the wrong interpretation,Reappearance, 60:necessitate interpretation and receive the wrong interpretation, because He will be present toReappearance, 79:in the astronomical teaching and its spiritual interpretation of the passage of the Sun through theReappearance, 81:- down the centuries - a prophetic episode, the interpretation of which is possible ofReappearance, 109:of degree and historical inception; it is one of interpretation, of fanatical adherence to some petReappearance, 141:the fanatical idea that anyone's individual interpretation of truth must necessarily be the onlyReappearance, 153:still speculation and much foolish claiming and interpretation. Yet the churches have everSoul, 14:agreeing with Dr. Pillsbury that two lines of interpretation are unnecessary, I am convinced of theSoul, 50:the entire story. The Eastern wisdom offers an interpretation which warrants consideration andSoul, 138:spiritual perception, correct understanding and interpretation of one's fellowmen, so that, likeSoul, 151:things which are made. According to this interpretation of the Apostle's words the physical and theTelepathy, 15:of the reader, or seeker after truth. This interpretation of the Bhagavad Gita in terms ofTelepathy, 54:to use this mechanism at will, and then inspired interpretation. Telepathy, 104:which I now deal is far deeper and concerns the interpretation and the clear and correct recordingTelepathy, 106:true meditation. [106] The stage of recognized interpretation. This is an exceedingly difficultTelepathy, 106:This is an exceedingly difficult phase. Interpretation is dependent upon many factors: theTelepathy, 106:is involved in this important matter of correct interpretation. In this aspect of impression theTelepathy, 106:he knows well that true and effective interpretation of the imparted impression is dependentTelepathy, 106:concrete thought-forms can also distort the true interpretation, as can astral intervention; theTelepathy, 107:"an open mind"; it is as essential to correct interpretation as is freedom from glamor and theTelepathy, 107:many incarnations. For the registration and the interpretation of the higher impressions is a basicTelepathy, 109:aspect, that of intelligence, is involved when interpretation of contact occurs; the second aspect,Telepathy, 110:in its earlier stages (where methods of interpretation and of deduction are concerned) it may prove
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