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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTERPRETATIONS

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Astrology, 6:to be a factor of isolated importance. Modern interpretations fail to emphasize the importance ofAstrology, 76:true science, which lies behind the orthodox interpretations. [77] Base of the spine. SacralAstrology, 336:of the investigating astrologer and his interpretations. It is the focused energy of Cancer whichAstrology, 412:possible for them to be truly accurate in their interpretations of group or individual horoscopes.Astrology, 468:it is possible to indicate certain fundamental interpretations of this relation which will enableAstrology, 607:We can, however, gain some dim, human interpretations of divine goals by relating these rays andAstrology, 680:enlarge upon it, correct certain erroneous interpretations, and ascertain one or two new facts. WeAtom, 55:and realized as tangible. Yet in both these interpretations the most vital part of the concept isAutobiography, 48:the verbal inspiration of the Scriptures and the interpretations of my particular school ofAutobiography, 72:fact of Christ - not to the fact of theological interpretations - and when money and the productsAutobiography, 123:of theology to have lost my faith in theological interpretations and I felt that there was nothingAutobiography, 123:give other, deeper, more significant or broader interpretations and thus found a more progressiveAutobiography, 126:they were all right. I began to wonder if my interpretations were not as good as somebody else's. IAutobiography, 142:that the only thing that was wrong was man-made interpretations of the truth and it dawned on meAutobiography, 255:disagree with the organizational policies or the interpretations of the leaders. They are notAutobiography, 264:emphasize the ancient rules but with their new interpretations. He will no longer stand (as heAutobiography, 271:point of power against which the lesser interpretations and methods break and drop away. He teachesAutobiography, 273:will emerge clearly, and certain new truths and interpretations will be given. This new and moreBethlehem, 136:as the Gospels present it, uncolored by the interpretations of a later son of God, no matter ifBethlehem, 179:emphasis to be laid upon the various theological interpretations of His life story, but Christ theyBethlehem, 194:the God-Man. Christianity inherited many of its interpretations, and the teachers and interpretersBethlehem, 195:of ancient beliefs than are we [195] from the interpretations given to Christianity during the pastBethlehem, 208:comprehension of the people, and the distorted interpretations which future theologians would giveBethlehem, 235:Christian believers, and to reconcile human interpretations with the truth in the Gospels. We haveBethlehem, 264:of date. It needs only to be rescued from the interpretations of the theologies of the past, andDestiny, 24:of thought are everywhere to be found; distorted interpretations and travesties of reality aboundDestiny, 133:The use and misuse of this law and its constant interpretations in terms of material desires,Discipleship1but are susceptible of fresh and often different interpretations. The training to be given duringDiscipleship1, 65:free from your own desires and from your own interpretations? By achieving that poised and positiveDiscipleship1, 687:It is the holding on to your personality interpretations, wishes and ideas which leads you to drawDiscipleship1, 708:own ideas anent discipleship and his personal interpretations of truth. The Master takes a group ofDiscipleship1, 711:yourselves and your personal reactions, your own interpretations, and your personal demands, youDiscipleship1, 722:of reality at all. It is based on theological interpretations and human selfishness; it is foundedDiscipleship1, 741:are inherently astral in their activities, their interpretations of phenomena and their attitudesDiscipleship1, 767:the sources of life and many analogous interpretations. There is at this stage and after a certainDiscipleship1, 769:activity is spasmodic, based upon erroneous interpretations, colored by personality faults, delayedDiscipleship1, 770:their difficulties and their individual interpretations of truth, and just love their fellowmen andDiscipleship1, 788:disagree with the organizational policies or the interpretations of the leaders. They are notDiscipleship2, 50:ask you to ponder with renewed interest. Your interpretations are so often motivated by anDiscipleship2, 60:in the emergence of major dividing lines. Such interpretations are man-made and are not trueDiscipleship2, 60:interpretations are man-made and are not true interpretations of the parable or word picture whichDiscipleship2, 131:naturally exists among you and your thought and interpretations (based on insufficient knowledge)Discipleship2, 248:think, conditioned as you are by the terms and interpretations of the lower mind. Formula Three isDiscipleship2, 266:conditioned as you are by the terms and the interpretations of the lower concrete mind." [267] Discipleship2, 268:of "abstraction." These Formulas have seven interpretations; only three of them are, however,Discipleship2, 274:at them yourself as you ponder the only three interpretations possible to you at this time: theDiscipleship2, 277:planetary affairs, and are capable of several interpretations - according to the point ofDiscipleship2, 354:you already know, a hint is susceptible of many interpretations, according to the point inDiscipleship2, 355:else in the occult teaching, is capable of seven interpretations which can roughly be divided intoDiscipleship2, 356:shall not be able to give you full and adequate interpretations or write you at length upon eachDiscipleship2, 373:Each is therefore susceptible of many and varied interpretations; these are dependent upon theDiscipleship2, 388:told you, they are each of them subject to seven interpretations, but for our purposes we willDiscipleship2, 412:and was concerned with those inhibitions, wrong interpretations and negations which interfere withDiscipleship2, 418:you. There are - needless to say - nine esoteric interpretations of this hint, corresponding to theDiscipleship2, 429:of initiation has been the puerile and feeble interpretations of it which the various occult groupsDiscipleship2, 436:of light, and that implies many different interpretations of the word "light"; it concerns theDiscipleship2, 536:adequate to the task, and these distinctions and interpretations are badly needed by aspirantsDiscipleship2, 666:these distinctions can be approached, and the interpretations will be dependent upon the status ofEducation, 88:the result of man made quarrels over human interpretations of truth. Thus gradually, our quarrelsExternalisation, 201:by the majority of men. On theological interpretations there are wide differences; on a widespreadExternalisation, 201:church. They are neither interested in man-made interpretations of truth nor in past quarrelsExternalisation, 201:cares not whether men accept the theological interpretations of scholars and churchmen, but He doesExternalisation, 202:religion is unobstructed by ancient forms and interpretations, then we shall see a world in processExternalisation, 231:lying information and distorted imputations and interpretations with which the masses of people,Externalisation, 256:their selfishness, their prejudices and their interpretations and see the basic duality of thisExternalisation, 257:love humanity and who cling to their special interpretations of what they think Christ meant, atExternalisation, 257:preoccupied with their own dreams, ideals and interpretations; when they can let these go becauseExternalisation, 271:II - The General World Picture Certain racial interpretations of ideals will also have to disappearExternalisation, 279:theories, their dreams and their visions, their interpretations and their peculiar and oft narrowExternalisation, 288:explanatory in nature, expressive of human interpretations, and formulations of evolutionaryExternalisation, 310:and activity. They are contending for their own interpretations of truth, and for their pet idealsExternalisation, 339:and not simply as religious and theological interpretations. Spiritual perception has becomeExternalisation, 404:quarrels of theologians over words, phrases and interpretations, the sons of God - in process ofExternalisation, 423:and the destruction of outworn and crystallized interpretations (called doctrines) of the spiritualExternalisation, 503:graduated into a higher school, given the occult interpretations, and taught that, after all, theExternalisation, 596:which He aimed. It needed more than theological interpretations and the numerical growth of theExternalisation, 635:instilled by all of you; it is not man-made interpretations which save a man, but hisFire, 110:symbol and allegory can be subjected to seven interpretations. There are three locks to be opened.Fire, 386:enlarge upon it, correct certain erroneous interpretations, and ascertain one or two new facts. WeFire, 1233:as in the nature of symbols. A symbol has three interpretations; it is itself an expression of anFire, 1233:turn, a purpose inconceivable as yet. The three interpretations of a symbol might be considered inGlamour, 20:of that concept. Speaking generally, the interpretations have been as follows, and they are onlyGlamour, 20:have been as follows, and they are only partial interpretations, and are almost in the nature ofGlamour, 64:than you might think. It concerns the higher interpretations of the Hindu aphorism: Better one'sGlamour, 101:from deception and wrong identifications and interpretations. You will have noted how the career ofGlamour, 177:and misrepresentation take place. These untrue interpretations of revealed truth, when they haveGlamour, 177:a distorted, twisted doctrine. Theological interpretations and dogmas fall into this category andGlamour, 184:that book and naught deemed correct but their interpretations of that book. If they are correct,Glamour, 243:motion, no more mistaken moves and no more false interpretations, no wandering down the bypaths ofHealing, 375:of the undesirable and the misunderstood interpretations of known facts, and the misappliedHealing, 402:accepted (though with many foolish additions and interpretations) in the Orient. This teaching hasHercules, 51:not bear investigation. Their minds and their interpretations of other people's actions are soHercules, 116:to cooperate patiently with the present. Interpretations of the Myth The story of the myth relatedHercules, 123:ever more inclusive. One of the most serviceable interpretations given is this comment onHercules, 138:mind. (From A.A.B.). As with all of Libra, interpretations and understanding of the constellationsHercules, 172:with the secrets of life and the higher powers. Interpretations of the Labor in Capricorn There areHercules, 182:to heaven and others go to hell. Many ridiculous interpretations have been put upon the symbolismHercules, 205:and not upon the pronouncements and the interpretations of limited minds. Dr. Rufus Jones, theIntellect, 113:as in the nature of symbols. A symbol has three interpretations; it is itself the expression of anIntellect, 113:or impulse inconceivable as yet. The three interpretations of a symbol might be dealt with as
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