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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTERPRETATIONS

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Magic, 15:brilliant discoveries of science, the correct interpretations of nature's laws, and theMagic, 55:constitution of man and an appreciation of the interpretations of modern Eastern and WesternMagic, 184:and hence the undue distress and premature interpretations of the partially illuminated disciple orMagic, 398:with the needed reservations as to symbolical interpretations and the limiting effects of words. AnMagic, 400:not matter if their terminologies differ, their interpretations of symbols [401] and scripturesMagic, 453:by sentence, and arrive at that one of the interpretations which is the easiest for the averageMagic, 453:of vision of the average aspirant, leaving other interpretations to those individuals who have thePatanjali, 35:The word "samadhi" is subject to various interpretations, and is applied to different stages ofPatanjali, 252:to consider some of them, for in the various interpretations will come a full understanding of theProblems, 35:of the living Christ, whilst rejecting man-made interpretations of Him and of His message, andProblems, 61:the result of man-made quarrels over human interpretations of truth. Thus gradually, our quarrelsProblems, 125:the failure of the churches: Narrow theological interpretations of the Scriptures. Material andProblems, 125:have sought to foist their personal, religious interpretations of truth, of [126] the ScripturesProblems, 126:their followers have forced these man-evolved interpretations upon the unthinking and the ignorant.Problems, 129:daily affairs. The negativity of the theological interpretations of the Buddhist and HinduProblems, 139:religions, by those who refuse to let go the old interpretations and methods, who love the oldProblems, 139:the churches interpose their authority and their interpretations between God and man. The time forProblems, 143:all who do not believe in the theological interpretations of the Middle Ages, of the modernPsychology2, 108:the pride of mind which sees its way and its interpretations to be correct and true, and others'Psychology2, 471:of that concept. Speaking generally, the interpretations have been as follows and they are onlyPsychology2, 471:have been as follows and they are only partial interpretations, being almost in the nature ofPsychology2, 663:and synthesis, and express those religious interpretations which teach the spirit of unity. ThePsychology2, 666:sacrifice our personal differences, our petty interpretations, and our selfish ambitions upon thePsychology2, 671:and of control which will materialize their interpretations of the ideal. These the masses have toPsychology2, 678:and will govern the next world cycle, - these interpretations and their right and intelligentRays, 25:and space. Orders and commands are the feeble interpretations which men give to what theyRays, 93:will be disentangled, and men will know the two interpretations which can be put upon the eventsRays, 97:Bear this in mind as we study significances, interpretations and carry our thoughts into the worldRays, 184:the personality via the antahkarana. Secondary interpretations and tertiary correspondences areRays, 279:however, with these attitudes, processes and interpretations that the initiate is concerned, butRays, 296:not the Christ; they have imposed their interpretations of truth on truth itself; they have createdRays, 436:When the time factor no longer controls, the interpretations registered by the brain are infalliblyRays, 485:penetrate into the world of meaning and to see interpretations not apparent to the neophyte. [486]Rays, 594:the needed thought-forms or concepts for those interpretations. These thought-forms fall into threeRays, 680:on personal ambitions, love of power and on interpretations of the writings of Lenin and Marx whichRays, 707:significances behind the symbol and will make interpretations according to the point they haveReappearance, 24:study of the Gospel story, unimpeded by orthodox interpretations, reveals certain things. The usualReappearance, 24:reveals certain things. The usual interpretations, if men would but recognize them in their trueReappearance, 42:which He aimed. It needed more than theological interpretations and the numerical growth of theReappearance, 63:Let us look for a moment at the erroneous interpretations given to the Gospel story. The symbolismReappearance, 100:is true and correct; it is only the man-made interpretations which have misled humanity. In theReappearance, 110:we may be sure, as a conquering hero, as the interpretations of the theological teachers have ledReappearance, 125:a part of the great plan and was no mistake. The interpretations and the excited reactions of theReappearance, 138:that something must be relinquished, that new interpretations of old truths must be found, but failReappearance, 140:to comprehend and yet he is asked to accept the interpretations and the affirmations of other humanReappearance, 140:He does not believe that their minds and their interpretations are any better than his. The sameReappearance, 140:the same old theologies and the same old interpretations are deemed adequate to meet man's modernReappearance, 142:of fear unless they accept the old theological interpretations and the old ways of approaching God?Reappearance, 142:guide humanity who are grounded only in the past interpretations. These young men enter upon theirReappearance, 142:of man's thinking; fanatical adherence to human interpretations has taken the place of ChristianReappearance, 147:all who do not believe in the theological interpretations of the Middle Ages, of the modernSoul, 18:out of the fusion of the Eastern and Western interpretations of life. Old interpretations may fail,Soul, 18:Eastern and Western interpretations of life. Old interpretations may fail, yet ancient truths willSoul, 21:assumed by the physical sciences in their interpretations of inorganic nature; namely mechanistic,Soul, 74:of 1923. As one investigates the different interpretations as to the nature of the soul, threeSoul, 82:pointed out, an idea capable of very different interpretations. The word signifies no more thanTelepathy, 15:as the Bhagavad Gita, for instance, has various interpretations, dependent upon the point inTelepathy, 75:the danger of wrong, erroneous and self-centered interpretations. The telepathic information can beTelepathy, 78:emotional or astral conclusions, and to selfish interpretations. It must be remembered that theTelepathy, 97:of Registration. Processes of Recording Interpretations. Processes of Resultant InvocativeTelepathy, 100:"Processes of Registration, of Recording Interpretations, and the Resultant Invocative Response."Telepathy, 100:that all recorded truth is susceptible to many interpretations, and that these unfold withTelepathy, 101:much astral psychism and frequent wrong interpretations. There is no need at this stage, however,Telepathy, 110:and frequently erroneous in its conjectures and interpretations. The higher telepathy - also a formTelepathy, 115:which will enable him to make correct interpretations, and to recognize also the source of the
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