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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTERPRETERS

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Bethlehem, 194:of its interpretations, and the teachers and interpreters of the early Christian times were no moreBethlehem, 195:men their next step, those who come forth as the interpreters of the divine Plan, inevitably areDiscipleship1, 287:you, are intuitive, must train themselves to be interpreters. The task of the interpreter ofDiscipleship2, 258:the enlightened will comprehend my meaning. The interpreters of the Gospel and many disciples ofDiscipleship2, 589:out of the law of cause and effect. Trained interpreters are required. 3. The aspect ofGlamour, 31:higher intuitional inspiration. It is mediating interpreters of ideas that are needed and notHercules, 45:papal enunciations which were regarded [45] as interpreters of God's voice, is a term in commonIntellect, 165:in contemplation, equipped themselves to act as interpreters of the Universal Mind and asMagic, 174:accurately and adequately as transmitters and interpreters. Problems, 127:of God, with Whose mind the majority of dogmatic interpreters claim familiarity. Theology is simplyPsychology1, 171:Servers, who could act as liaison officers, interpreters, and intermediaries between the innerPsychology1, 241:is very rarely found), then they become accurate interpreters of astral phenomena. Their link withPsychology2, 667:of the New Group of World Servers are primarily interpreters. That they may have high place andPsychology2, 669:back to a point of equilibrium. To act as the interpreters of the new attitudes and the newPsychology2, 675:nations or races. They will stand as the interpreters of right human relations, for the basicPsychology2, 685:need. As transmitters they meet that need; as interpreters they increase the capacity of the humanTelepathy, 109:are as yet unknown, and the best minds and interpreters on subjective levels still confuse it with
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