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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTERPRETIVE

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Astrology, 10:should never forget the Law of Analogy as an interpretive agency. Esotericism teaches (and modernAstrology, 124:correspondences in their work - mediatorship and interpretive activity - have not got VirgoAstrology, 364:effectiveness of Mercury is also enhanced in its interpretive aspect because the Gemini person canDiscipleship2, 252:pronouncedly more perceptive and more accurately interpretive and his vision more penetrative thanDiscipleship2, 306:and to develop in you the power to use the interpretive sense - one of the new senses as far asDiscipleship2, 345:of ideas concerns the second and the fourth interpretive methods. This is something which it isDiscipleship2, 431:reflective meditation, the development of an interpretive spiritual understanding, plus the use ofFire, 7:This Law of Correspondences or of Analogy is the interpretive law of the system, and explains GodGlamour, 132:is usual and [132] commonplace) and a vague interpretive reaction to an idea, we find emergingHealing, 404:minds are functioning (through the medium of the interpretive lower mind), usually have no sense ofRays, 178:ourselves and reality - something protective, interpretive and significant, but somethingRays, 442:and the lower. This involves much work, much interpretive capacity and much power to visualize. IRays, 500:approach to Reality are spiritual in nature and interpretive of divine purpose, and whether theRays, 637:Messiah and are still doing so, [637] and of the interpretive nature of the Jewish problem as farTelepathy, 41:subjective designation or name, but one which is interpretive of the more universal and prior stage
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