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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTERRELATION

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Astrology, 174:of these three and their peculiar interrelation but the above will suffice amply to demonstrate theAstrology, 182:for they express spirit and matter and their interrelation, plus the [183] play of qualitativeAstrology, 202:facts contain a great mystery connected with the interrelation of Ursa Major, Ursa Minor and theAstrology, 223:seems to meet the requirements as adequately. Interrelation, interdependence, inter-communication,Astrology, 241:are three air signs in the zodiac and their interrelation makes a most interesting study and wellAstrology, 259:and human - are profoundly interesting in their interrelation; this we shall discover when we comeAstrology, 264:interrelated numerical synthesis and fruitful interrelation lies hid the entire history of humanAstrology, 273:this fourfold activity of Mercury and the interrelation of these four signs of the zodiac -Astrology, 278:of the Mutable Cross are represented in this interrelation, indicating [279] the completed activityAstrology, 299:mind and brain. This energy brings about an interrelation and an inner awakening which prepares theAstrology, 304:which can be discovered in the planetary interrelation, the relation between four constellations,Astrology, 306:to the higher vision, to the recognition of the interrelation involved in man's [307] essentialAstrology, 357:supreme importance. Through the medium of this interrelation and consequent intercourse, the threeAstrology, 403:of the zodiac. We have touched upon their mutual interrelation and their planetary interplay andAstrology, 407:time, however, to an analysis of the meaning and interrelation of the twelve signs of the zodiac toAstrology, 416:powerfully our entire solar system is a triple interrelation of great interest, which has a specialAstrology, 418:be found in the etheric body of man through the interrelation of the seven centers to which I haveAstrology, 439:- Constellations Triangle One is produced by the interrelation of energies from Leo, Saturn andAstrology, 457:energy produce two triangles of force in their interrelation: [458] London - New York - Darjeeling.Astrology, 476:will later find that there is a close cyclic interrelation between: The seven planes of divineAstrology, 480:the future will emphasize the relation and the interrelation of triangles. The new astrologer will,Astrology, 489:world results. I cite this as an instance of the interrelation of planets, constellations and rays;Astrology, 489:- The Science of Triangles - Conclusions 1. This interrelation is effective in this world cycle andAstrology, 527:continental or racial) to a grasp of their interrelation and effects upon each other. This scienceAstrology, 528:and influences of their governing planets, their interrelation from the energy angle and theAstrology, 537:AND THE ZODIAC There exists at this time an interrelation between three of the constellations uponAstrology, 537:because their potency and the climax of their interrelation is being reached at this time. FromAstrology, 588:and Planets, as given in Tabulation X. The interrelation there given concerns the first aspect ofAstrology, 592:basis of all relationships and all processes of interrelation in our solar system and (as far asAstrology, 595:God (the symbol of synthesis). This tremendous interrelation is embodied in one great process of:Astrology, 626:is, in the last analysis, the working out of the interrelation between God and His world, betweenAtom, 77:with the substance aspect, and with their close interrelation through the faculty of intelligenceAtom, 77:as consciousness of some kind or other. This interrelation will produce, finally, the perfectedBethlehem, 12:escape; and a right understanding of the interrelation of these great world religions mayBethlehem, 17:and constitutes the theme of this book. The interrelation of the work of the past and of theBethlehem, 204:sees only unity and synthesis, brotherhood and interrelation everywhere. Herein lies our majorDestiny, 25:of understanding to another and of recognized interrelation, the kingdom of God will be establishedDestiny, 56:the seventh, fifth and third rays, have a close interrelation. This worked out in a mostDestiny, 101:continental or racial) to a grasp of their interrelation and effects upon each other. This scienceDestiny, 103:and influences of their governing planets, their interrelation from the energy angle and theDestiny, 139:the message of love and sets up an unbreakable interrelation between the two great planetaryDiscipleship1, 35:story. These groups are intended to facilitate interrelation or communication as follows: 1. ThereDiscipleship1, 36:is brought into play, producing another type of interrelation and communication. This communicationDiscipleship1, 42:within themselves and also in their interrelation with [43] each other. This will become possibleDiscipleship1, 63:this more clearly. 1. The cultivation of an interrelation of a telepathic nature upon the mentalDiscipleship1, 80:other. Later, when there is a closer individual interrelation, it will be possible to give definiteDiscipleship1, 81:and of wisdom in the establishment of a right interrelation with the group of disciples so that theDiscipleship1, 118:effect upon you of the most desirable kind? Your interrelation with those who are your equals uponDiscipleship1, 177:you study the work of the Ashram and the group interrelation. Only the balanced person can trulyDiscipleship1, 178:you in balancing your problem of interior ray interrelation and, in this way, we shall gatherDiscipleship1, 183:a group relation, dependent upon the established interrelation of group members. [184] With thoseDiscipleship1, 184:life of the disciple - a major life problem. The interrelation between a disciple and the AshramDiscipleship1, 456:and producing a deepened and more stabilized interrelation and awareness. Use the imaginationDiscipleship1, 554:and for the permanent establishing of a correct interrelation must be prolonged, however. IDiscipleship1, 727:types of active disciples which bring about the interrelation between the outer and the innerDiscipleship2, 11:so that you can get some understanding of the interrelation [12] in ashramic work. We both belongDiscipleship2, 17:it, of the work will be threefold: The interior interrelation of the seven centers in the body willDiscipleship2, 116:energy) and the succeeding period of group interrelation and group activity will be correspondinglyDiscipleship2, 121:the life experience of the disciple of the interrelation and eventual transference of energy fromDiscipleship2, 132:to bring about three most definite results: The interrelation of the seven centers, and thereforeDiscipleship2, 161:here the beautiful interlocking and the fine interrelation which has been established by ourDiscipleship2, 254:a question of vision and contacts but of vital interrelation and of recognition which bring withDiscipleship2, 322:You have here also an indication of the close interrelation of the outer and the inner, producing aDiscipleship2, 355:A hint today will concern the group - its interrelation, its fusion, its initiation and itsDiscipleship2, 590:the duty of the day in the light of this triple interrelation. Then focusing the light that is inDiscipleship2, 684:but it is of secondary importance to your group interrelation and activity. There is no need for meEducation, 33:process of establishing this interlinking and interrelation, and the strengthening of the bridgeEducation, 70:bodies, their qualities and purpose, and the interrelation existing between the soul and the threeEducation, 138:through their close fusion and scientific interrelation, that form of divine manifestation to whichExternalisation, 47:the work of the new age seed groups, their [47] interrelation and their work as part of the new ageExternalisation, 73:in this endeavor - a tension produced by the interrelation of the head and the heart, working outExternalisation, 106:of an [106] inner unity and a subjective interrelation of which all are somewhat conscious andExternalisation, 112:of the national life. Owing to the factual interrelation between nations everywhere and to theExternalisation, 139:in this expression of human synthesis and human interrelation. It involves, however, an emphasizingExternalisation, 242:and of religious unity, plus social and national interrelation which is rapidly taking form, firstExternalisation, 277:will comprehend the significance and the interrelation of these four words. Light, with which toExternalisation, 314:to hinder their usefulness and their group interrelation, and who - because they love enough - willExternalisation, 322:and which will provide that structure of living interrelation which will foster latent love,Externalisation, 340:of unity of objective, of method and of interrelation had to be brought about without anyExternalisation, 373:viewed as a unit, its correct and proper interrelation, and the shouldering of responsibility forExternalisation, 416:of great spiritual Lives and that the interrelation between these embodied Lives is as real andExternalisation, 422:Trinity. The minor festivals will emphasize the interrelation of the Whole, thus lifting the divineFire, 96:If the above explanation of the intricate interrelation between the sun and the planets, betweenFire, 97:two may wisely be considered together, for the interrelation is so close that it is not possible toFire, 163:further light upon these centers, to show their interrelation, and to trace the effects produced byFire, 196:together of forms, their approximation and interrelation, the second Logos. The Law of AttractionFire, 200:in its discriminating activity, perfecting the interrelation between the Self and the not-self.Fire, 292:consciously and freely, with their systemic interrelation adjusted and controlled by the Law ofFire, 395:active objectivity, and having touched upon the interrelation existing between certain of theseFire, 410:Unit and unit. 45 Cell and cell. The interrelation of all these factors and their profoundFire, 511:which this ray of cosmic Love (shown in the interrelation between the Self and the Not-Self, orFire, 665:evolution. Emphasize the triangular nature and interrelation of all that eventuates. It might beFire, 680:He must realize likewise somewhat of the interrelation of the three fires in order that he mayFire, 724:mind of the student the reality of our cosmic interrelation. Fire, 907:newly-awakened powers. In this manner the close interrelation and interdependence of the two linesFire, 1130:the major with the group coordination or the interrelation of one sheath to another. The manFire, 1214:of these three factors as govern the group interrelation of the Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva aspects; timeGlamour, 7:cubes, triangles and of stars and their mutual interrelation. Conceptually. This involves arrivingGlamour, 156:or personality ray, through the medium of their interrelation over a vast period of time.Healing, 39:from the throat center to the solar plexus. This interrelation existing between the centers is one
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