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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTERRELATION

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Healing, 85:another might be added. This is the interrelation which must be established between all theHealing, 184:three paths of living fire, their relation and interrelation and their sequential polarization. HeHealing, 276:re the physical body, its various systems, their interrelation and their effect upon the manyHealing, 343:on the first ray, and vice versa? What is the interrelation and the cooperation among the ray livesHercules, 42:its cycle of existence, and concerns the interrelation between that which builds the form and theHercules, 68:Hare, Canis Major and Canis Minor, and in their interrelation and in their withInitiation, 122:complement or polar opposite. He realizes the interrelation existing between the two schemes andInitiation, 196:lower nature, to realize the interdependence and interrelation of all living things, and thus bringMagic, 407:characterized by three things: An amazing interrelation and inter-communication, of which theMagic, 422:may be possible. In about thirty years the interrelation between the units in this group (scatteredMagic, 457:within the germ (the result of male-female interrelation) lie all the potencies and capacities ofMagic, 606:and are distinguished by their relatively close interrelation with each other. They are primarily aMagic, 619:to fuse, blend, and cohere and to produce that interrelation which must eventually mark theMagic, 620:and lived selfishly; then there was little interrelation between different races or between humanMeditation, 49:point in evolution of the causal body and its interrelation on its own plane with its group, withMeditation, 68:their individual and group effects, and their interrelation. This is necessarily a select group andMeditation, 70:The effect of meditation on the centers. Their interrelation in the work of alignment. [71] FirstMeditation, 94:three bodies, their separate condition and their interrelation. This subject is so vast that itMeditation, 277:between pupil and Master, and a correct interrelation will be brought about. Meditation providesProblems, 78:their planned thinking and the rapidly growing interrelation now established between laborPsychology1, 19:parts of the universe, and have also a sevenfold interrelation between themselves.Psychology1, 25:physical plane, for there is a close numerical interrelation between (for [26] instance) the LordPsychology1, 37:of himself, man arrives at an awareness of the interrelation between the seven basic energies orPsychology1, 152:together as a coherent whole by the powerful interrelation of the suns, whose magnetic rapport isPsychology1, 163:Mental body. [163] But again remember that the interrelation and interplay is synthetic on allPsychology1, 173:a spirit of international dependence and interrelation, so that the nations would be forced toPsychology1, 192:from the universe, bring in the basic concept of interrelation, of inter-communication, ofPsychology1, 216:absent. We must never forget that, in the close interrelation of forces in our solar system, no onePsychology1, 220:and vitality, and in the interlocking and interrelation of these four divine organisms does thePsychology1, 245:upon sex and upon the function it serves in the interrelation of lives and the creation of forms.Psychology1, 258:It is of course apparent that the effect of the interrelation existing between animals and men isPsychology1, 320:Earth, are extremely active. It is their close interrelation and interplay which is responsible forPsychology1, 390:the seventh, fifth and third rays, have a close interrelation, and this worked out mostPsychology2, 110:It is a law, therefore, which concerns the interrelation of all souls within the periphery of whatPsychology2, 183:structure of thought and a close telepathic interrelation. The Great Ones, Whom we all seek toPsychology2, 184:What makes it possible to establish this group interrelation? What provides a common meetingPsychology2, 188:story. These groups are intended to facilitate interrelation or communication as follows: 1. TheyPsychology2, 189:of energy must flow, producing another type of interrelation and communication. These groups willPsychology2, 289:Their development and eventual alignment. Their interrelation in the life of the personality. ThePsychology2, 349:of the part to the whole, with the implied interrelation of all parts within the whole. Psychology2, 424:as we regard our problem as consisting of the interrelation of [425] many energies, their fusionPsychology2, 432:vehicle, his [432] mind body and their close interrelation through the medium of the vital orPsychology2, 469:more and apprehend more of the detail and the interrelation engrosses all the attention, and therePsychology2, 524:activity is great; their light is vivid; their interrelation is real, so much so that a completePsychology2, 562:together of forms, their approximation and interrelation, the second Logos. The Law of AttractionPsychology2, 563:in its discriminating activity, perfecting the interrelation between the Self and the not-self. Psychology2, 580:races and nations are no exception. Through the interrelation of Jew and Gentile, of Semitic andPsychology2, 643:of brotherhood, to foster the sense of mutual interrelation, and who sees no racial, national orPsychology2, 654:its responsibility to all other nations, and the interrelation of all parts of the life of ourPsychology2, 654:upon group good, group understanding, group interrelation, and group good will. These four are thePsychology2, 740:be made is, first of all, to bring about this interrelation on a large scale through discoveringRays, 78:being evoked, and thus gain an insight into the interrelation which exists between the three greatRays, 134:and spiritual interdependence of all and the interrelation of every unit of divine life must beRays, 138:the goal of advanced humanity. It concerns the interrelation of great centers of force. This is aRays, 159:Life, thus completing the interplay and the interrelation between all seven. These four include theRays, 215:are: The achieving of a non-sentimental group interrelation. Learning how to use the forces ofRays, 217:The achieving of a selfless and impersonal group interrelation was the first prerequisite, and theRays, 451:process of establishing this interlinking and interrelation, and the strengthening of the bridgeRays, 470:all conscious awakening of the centers and their interrelation; it lies behind the rapport betweenRays, 546:is desiring nothing for the separated self, the interrelation between the two minds - of the MasterRays, 611:effect upon relationships. This is due to the interrelation of this Ray of Harmony through ConflictRays, 734:the manifestation of unity, of oneness and of interrelation, and He comes, therefore, to wield andRays, 735:synthesis, and present to you a closer spiritual interrelation in which you, as individuals, canRays, 748:religious expression of truth. A more spiritual interrelation is on its way and the establishing onReappearance, 157:Trinity. The minor festivals will emphasize the interrelation of the Whole, thus lifting the divineSoul, 33:There is, finally, conduct, or the result of the interrelation between the environment and theTelepathyof thought and by a telepathic medium of interrelation. The Great Ones, Whom we all seek to serve,Telepathy, 25:IV. Three Types of Energy Involved Telepathic interrelation between the members of a group growsTelepathy, 53:and all of them together establish the group interrelation and the circulation of the energiesTelepathy, 71:triangle requiring to be brought into a vital interrelation are the Son of Mind, the abstract mind,Telepathy, 129:That started the chain of being or of hierarchy; interrelation was then set up between all
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