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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTERVALS

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Astrology, 525:German group, with Italy and Japan fighting at intervals (consciously seldom but unconsciouslyAtom, 103:and it also emphasizes the fact that "vast intervals exist between the consciousness of the atomAutobiography, 9:and often momentous - with which we are at intervals down the years confronted. Then what weAutobiography, 36:He added that He would be in touch with me at intervals of several years apart. The interview wasAutobiography, 37:As the years went by I found that at seven years intervals (until I was thirty-five) I hadAutobiography, 115:and made a practice of calling me up at intervals to find out if I was all right. The doctor whoAutobiography, 204:and have their families. They drop in now at intervals and somehow there is always that happy,Bethlehem, 43:As has been pointed out, "it is the intervals, not only between the base note, the major third andBethlehem, 43:or song." Between these high points, in the intervals of which the details are given us in theDestiny, 100:German group, with Italy and Japan fighting at intervals against the evil influence (consciouslyDiscipleship1, 4:may be led to give (probably at widely separated intervals) to my disciples. I am not basicallyDiscipleship1, 6:each of you and to study each of you at certain intervals. There is the work, at long range, ofDiscipleship1, 98:I have, therefore, been near you and watched at intervals the tide of life roll over you; I haveDiscipleship1, 383:but when you retire to your room at the stated intervals to carry forward your ten minutes'Discipleship1, 496:occasionally he does, though at widely separated intervals - what progress you were making, I madeDiscipleship1, 525:talk your problems aloud to me, pausing at intervals and listening for my replies or the replies ofDiscipleship1, 551:your life tendency was towards the light, with intervals of forgetfulness and engrossment in theDiscipleship1, 589:accomplishment, changing such plans at frequent intervals and using speech as a means of spreadingDiscipleship1, 598:a series of steady growth cycles, accentuated at intervals by definite periods of forcedDiscipleship1, 716:to the Master at rare and widely separated intervals; it is only when the aspirant has reached theDiscipleship2, 409:disciples have, however, emerged at varying intervals and when needed; the World Teacher has alsoDiscipleship2, 456:observing disciple) seem to mar the picture. At intervals - rare at first but more frequent whenDiscipleship2, 471:I shall be in touch [471] with you at frequent intervals. On that statement you can emphaticallyDiscipleship2, 673:is alive in the physical sense) you may, at intervals, hear from me. Subjectively, you are ever inDiscipleship2, 719:had the instructions at closer and more rapid intervals than have your group brothers, because ofExternalisation, 298:These great Beings come forth at relatively long intervals when a ray is coming into manifestation.Externalisation, 389:referred to the great meetings field at intervals by Those to Whom is entrusted the spiritualFire, 41:the reign of fourteen Manus, and their sandhis (intervals); each Manu lying between two sandhis.Fire, 41:is equal to 4,294,080,000 Add Sandhis, i.e., intervals between the reign of each Manu, which amountFire, 120:body, and to escape at ever more frequent intervals into that vehicle. Continuity of consciousnessFire, 533:Logos to carry a certain type of force at stated intervals and thus further the evolution of theFire, 792:his destiny, and working off [792] karma, the intervals intervening between two incarnations areHealing, 426:goods. Learn they are not for thee." At greater intervals will come that voice again: "MakeInitiation, 114:up to the door of initiation. The man touches at intervals that which is higher than himself; heMagic, 51:its presence felt at rare and highly emotional intervals. When the self is known and not simplyMagic, 594:He naturally gives himself a spiritual prod at intervals, and attends spasmodically to the work ofMeditation, 2:Heretofore it has only been direct at rare intervals. The four lesser brain centers are functioningMeditation, 2:average man, then, this alignment occurs only at intervals, - in moments of stress, in hours ofMeditation, 4:to form a fairly unimpeded channel. Then at intervals, rare at first but of increasing frequency,Meditation, 12:and seriously to meditate at rare and separated intervals. More frequently come the occasions ofMeditation, 129:of the unknown; occasionally and at rare intervals, the organ of inner vision temporarily opens andMeditation, 132:discouragement or criticism to which he may at intervals give way. Thus cast, they loom in undueMeditation, 267:focal point. He contacts it at times and at rare intervals at first. During the early part of hisMeditation, 275:raising of the vibration at few and stated intervals, and later more frequently, until the pupilMeditation, 277:attention of the Master at rare and irregular intervals. His physical brain is not often receptiveMeditation, 278:The Master views the image at stated intervals, rarely at first, as the progress made in theMeditation, 279:in the earlier stages in four main ways: At intervals, and when the progress of the pupil justifiesMeditation, 280:effects brought about. Ponder on this. At stated intervals the Master takes His pupils, and enablesMeditation, 289:verity before the Master. This occurs at rare intervals at first, and the consciousness of the factMeditation, 292:coupled with active service for the race. These intervals are rare at first but come moreMeditation, 315:guiding them to the Master's ashram at certain intervals for specialized work. He will have toMeditation, 319:of definite and strenuous meditation. At intervals they will conduct the pupils to the Master,Meditation, 319:the different grades of discipleship, report at intervals on the quality of their life service andPsychology1, 131:glow; the light within the head flickers at intervals during the life of the average man, andPsychology1, 358:fall." Such periods come only at rare and long intervals, and each time they come a peculiarlyPsychology2, 343:the forms, aligned at increasingly frequent intervals, are Integrated into a functioning, activeRays, 73:of soul contact, and at rapidly decreasing intervals, is created by the fusion of the light of theRays, 207:enable them to respond to the O, sounded out at intervals of one hundred years by Sanat Kumara. ItRays, 207:This Council is held at one hundred year intervals, and as far as our modern humanity is concerned,Rays, 501:I would have you refer to them at frequent intervals. The ray methods with which we shall be
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