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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTERVENTION

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Astrology, 355:then set up a magnetic field which made the intervention of the Great Lodge on Sirius and the dualAstrology, 441:human liberation and to [441] bring about divine intervention. The intervention desired should comeAstrology, 441:to [441] bring about divine intervention. The intervention desired should come via the Hierarchy,Astrology, 441:be too destructive in its effect. The last major intervention in Atlantean days came via ShamballaAutobiography, 62:never bothered me and I never suffered from my intervention. The M.P.s used to welcome my help toBethlehem, 180:of such nodes or starting-points without the intervention of any special hero or genius, and toDestiny, 128:plane. This has been balanced by the cyclic intervention of other ray forces or otherwise theDiscipleship1, 74:where it has been offset, it has required the intervention of Forces, greater than those availableDiscipleship1, 452:of humanity and that is the way of divine intervention. With this I do not intend to deal as I saidDiscipleship1, 578:which all accepted disciples have to learn? Such intervention by a watching Teacher or Master isDiscipleship2, 71:One of you asked a question concerning divine intervention as a result of prayer, and I would pointDiscipleship2, 71:out that there is a distinction between Divine Intervention and Answered Prayer. One admits ofDiscipleship2, 71:to racial need. This is secondary to Divine Intervention which isolates the few and uses theirExternalisation, 62:where it has been offset, it has required the intervention of Forces greater than those availableExternalisation, 123:been rightly placed upon divine interference and intervention; this succeeded in salvaging anExternalisation, 211:dependent upon three things: A possible divine intervention which may be brought about through theExternalisation, 222:enlarge somewhat upon the possibility of divine intervention. Externalisation, 224:of Peace, and thus negativing a possible divine intervention. It is the test of group work. TheExternalisation, 224:few have of the nature of the waiting Forces of intervention is being negated by the faithlessnessExternalisation, 225:to the constantly recurring periods of divine intervention. I would here face you with theseExternalisation, 225:Shamballa and the Hierarchy so that, at need, intervention may be possible through that open door?Externalisation, 240:so widely prevalent at this time, for divine intervention, rise so strongly to heaven that it willExternalisation, 240:to find the right way out of the situation? Such intervention is possible, but it is not deemedExternalisation, 251:and dealt also with the idea of divine intervention. There is much loose thinking in thisExternalisation, 251:of the nature and purpose of divine intervention may clarify somewhat the issue. To the casualExternalisation, 252:the inevitability of karma combine to prevent an intervention in just these terms. This does notExternalisation, 252:terms. This does not mean that some form of intervention may not be possible but it must conform toExternalisation, 253:exist, there can be drawn forth an act of divine intervention. Natural law is today producing greatExternalisation, 256:that the door can be forced wide open and divine intervention become possible. It is only when theExternalisation, 257:form is it possible for the hoped-for divine intervention to take? I make no prophecies. All that IExternalisation, 259:That embodiment is one mode in which divine intervention can take place. The Prince of Peace willExternalisation, 259:and prayer, can make this possible. Divine intervention could also take the form of a cataclysmicExternalisation, 260:leaders, is also another way in which divine intervention might find expression. Oft, down theExternalisation, 261:hinted at the following forms of divine intervention: Divine embodiments Natural cataclysmsExternalisation, 261:leadership. There still remains one mode of intervention which is still more mysterious,Externalisation, 263:now beginning to study and to understand. The intervention into the situation of certain potenciesExternalisation, 264:expectant of divine revelation and of divine intervention. When all else seems to fail, men look toExternalisation, 270:and produce, as a result, a phenomenal intervention of some kind. Those who work more emotionallyExternalisation, 278:forms upon which they make their impact. If any intervention is possible and takes place, it willExternalisation, 278:is possible and takes place, it will be an "intervention in time." Such an intervention is hintedExternalisation, 278:it will be an "intervention in time." Such an intervention is hinted at in the sacred scriptures,Externalisation, 292:- Forces behind the Evolutionary Process Divine Intervention In considering the subject of AvatarsExternalisation, 295:less potent crises in the past, this divine intervention [296] superseded human effort, but that itExternalisation, 296:Those Who are seeking to aid humanity that such intervention will today simply supplement humanExternalisation, 300:should these two divine Agencies decide that intervention in the form of a widespread cataclysmExternalisation, 312:the recognition of the universal need for divine intervention and the holding out of hope to theExternalisation, 352:the time of the Appearing and of divine intervention by the Forces of Light, through the medium ofExternalisation, 630:is responsible, and not some outer divine intervention. Humanity is sound and rapidly awakening. WeExternalisation, 650:to the curiously widespread belief that divine intervention is possible and at hand. As theFire, 1221:portal is occultly regarded as freed from the intervention of the sword as man has developed theHealing, 234:earlier conflict. Then the war was ended by the intervention of the planetary Logos Himself, andHealing, 520:there will be nothing to call forth the "calming intervention" of the Master, as is frequently theRays, 237:dealt with in the past - by a process of final intervention. Shamballa and the Hierarchy could haveReappearance, 6:and the Scriptures of the world are full of the intervention of some Being, originating from someReappearance, 10:land for some form of divine relief or divine intervention; it is the recognition of these factsReappearance, 179:is responsible, and not some outer divine intervention. Humanity is sound and rapidly awakening. WeTelepathy, 44:the Wesak Festival, or those acute crises when intervention is required from sources far higherTelepathy, 106:ever aware of the possibility of error, of the intervention of psychic intrusions and distortions;Telepathy, 106:distort the true interpretation, as can astral intervention; the teaching upon the Path and the
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