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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTERWOVEN

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Astrology, 417:solar system is an intricate, constantly moving, interwoven series of triangles wherein each pointAstrology, 417:arrive at some understanding of that intricate, interwoven network which he himself possesses andDiscipleship2, 38:and you can form thus the nucleus of that great interwoven [39] pattern of light and of goodwillEducation, 28:thought. At the same time, this antahkarana is interwoven with the thread of life or the sutratmaExternalisation, 506:seem logical to you, for His destiny is closely interwoven with the Christian Church and it marksFire, 112:Hierarchies, and their destinies are intimately interwoven. A further link in this chain which isFire, 263:vibrating together, and become very closely interwoven." - The Ancient Wisdom by Mrs. Besant 9Fire, 1035:the tip of its tail, all the three serpents are interwoven in a spiral fashion, and the FlamingHealing, 282:so closely, however, is the etheric body interwoven with the physical vehicle that it is well nighInitiation, 166:or the holy grail. All these symbols allied, interwoven, or taken in part, are combined to expressPsychology2, 29:responsibility are inextricably woven and interwoven. As we close our discussion of the three stepsRays, 528:which any human being of our Earth humanity had interwoven with the planetary antahkarana. HereTelepathy, 114:is around. The closer that this etheric body is interwoven (if I may use such a word) with the
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