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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTRICATE

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Astrology, 10:the physical body and its comprehensive and intricate system of nerves is a vital or etheric bodyAstrology, 25:radioactive, dynamic and magnetic. This is an intricate occult study and is concerned with theAstrology, 417:the entire cosmic web and solar system is an intricate, constantly moving, interwoven series ofAstrology, 417:endeavor to arrive at some understanding of that intricate, interwoven network which he himselfAstrology, 424:individual effects and thus demonstrating that intricate relation which unites the human atom toAstrology, 463:indicated enough to throw some light upon this intricate science. Summarizing what I have said:Astrology, 477:the beneficence of Deity and that, through the intricate combinations of cosmic, systemic andAstrology, 607:the Great Bear or Ursa Major are involved in an intricate relation with Ursa Minor and theAstrology, 651:and the combinations possible are many and intricate. Note: In the occult books there are manyAutobiography, 262:Much knowledge has been imparted. The intricate process of divine creation, and the consequentDestiny, 131:all, scientific formulas have reduced the most intricate and abstruse discoveries to a few signsDiscipleship1, 604:so oft by expediency. Give not so much time to intricate and devious thought. Seek to live mentallyDiscipleship2, 718:- in your case - prone to make complicated and intricate the simplest of physical plane matters.Education, 19:the nervous system as its instrument, with the intricate extensions of the organ of sensitivity,Education, 66:He finds the world of meaning spread like an intricate network over all activity and every aspectExternalisation, 550:doctrine of man, the Law of Rebirth and the many intricate teachings related to world planning.Externalisation, 592:their significance has largely been lost in the intricate legalities and discussions of St. Paul,Externalisation, 689:of the grades of evil are far more numerous and intricate than you surmise. In summing up, I wouldFire, 95:of a not very high order, who have a curious and intricate relationship to the group soul of theFire, 96:two kingdoms. If the above explanation of the intricate interrelation between the sun and theFire, 98:shears. The etheric web is composed of the intricate weaving of this vitalized cord, and apart fromFire, 376:which has been acquired is used. This is too intricate a calculation for us to enter into it here,Fire, 408:stand out clearly against the background of intricate plans, against the apparent confusion causedFire, 437:both physically and psychically, is one of an intricate circulation and interaction. The radiationFire, 470:individual Monads. This in itself is a vast and intricate subject and - during the particular cycleFire, 572:and held together, and how numerous and intricate are the interrelations. Certain fundamentalFire, 680:mystery, and the entire matter is so clothed in intricate legends that students are apt to despairFire, 777:for the work of the Agnishvattas is vast and intricate, and differs also in the various schemes inFire, 857:by the knower, and is in many ways the most intricate and the most lengthy of the records. TheseFire, 938:(three major and four minor) which overlap in an intricate fashion. Again, when the second stage isFire, 943:of etheric substance, and produce the sheath of intricate lines of interlacing fiery strands, whichFire, 945:will, therefore, be apparent to the student how intricate this subject is and how truly each man isFire, 1035:of Mind The Rod of Sanat Kumara is far more intricate, and instead of the central Rod, or Serpent,Fire, 1088:the evolution of the [1088] Monad is a much more intricate thing than appears in the books as yetFire, 1089:of what constitutes sin and evil is far more intricate than even appears upon the surface. From ourFire, 1126:meet them the most often. The subject is most intricate, but some light may come, if we rememberFire, 1261:and involve calculations most abstruse and intricate. This can be demonstrated by pointing out thatGlamour, 12:in symbols may presuppose a tortuous and intricate mind which loves design and line and form andGlamour, 118:he has come into being. [118] This subject is so intricate that it will serve no useful purpose forHealing, 56:and interrelated systems which compose that intricate piece of machinery, the human body. As far asHealing, 79:and it is the network of nadis (infinitely intricate) which constitutes the counterpart or theHealing, 86:to be covered is, in the last analysis, less intricate than the vast system built up by orthodoxHealing, 87:the diaphragm also. You will see, therefore, how intricate and complex [88] this whole matter is -Healing, 167:This is very apt to be forgotten. It is too intricate a subject to be dealt with here, but I may beHealing, 171:prior to the second initiation. It would be too intricate a matter to discuss, as well as carryingHealing, 195:play upon the etheric counterpart of the entire intricate network of nerves which constitute theHealing, 195:philosophy, the "nadis"; they constitute an intricate and most extensive network of fluid energiesHealing, 480:somewhat grasped is of so vast a nature and so intricate in its scientific and therapeutic aspectsHealing, 574:is a simple matter in comparison with the intricate and complex detail [575] anent the humanHealing, 624:purpose. The whole problem is necessarily most intricate and difficult. All I can do is to giveHercules, 132:web glows luminously and assumes a pattern of intricate beauty. Halfway between heaven and earthInitiation, 90:of the Hall of Wisdom, and is mastering the most intricate plans and charts. He becomes adept inInitiation, 188:for it necessitates a capacity for the most intricate mathematics, and an ability to geometric in aMagic, 21:yet are correlated and coordinated by a vast intricate sensory system which is sometimes called theMagic, 216:science of pranayama. This elemental form is the intricate etheric structure, the nadis andMagic, 284:and vitalized by the blood stream, that intricate system which interpenetrates every part of theMagic, 362:in unison also. I realize that this is all intricate and technical. It has its place and valueMagic, 436:simple guise that they who know naught of this intricate science may understand. The birth monthMagic, 472:will, if he follows the rules I give, avoid the intricate problem which he has himself blindlyMagic, 595:more than this cannot yet be safely given. The intricate nature of this science of the centers isMeditation, 5:and their demonstration in a form of some kind. Intricate and uncertain in outline and crude inMeditation, 159:that go to the makeup of the etheric - that intricate web which has its counterpart in thePatanjali, 25:(for it is not necessary to enumerate more intricate subdivisions) memory includes also thePatanjali, 214:different positions, some of them most intricate and painful, are listed. This science is a branchProblems, 5:of the savage races have developed into the intricate language systems of the present nations; theProblems, 6:simple civilizations have been succeeded by the intricate and highly organized social, economic andProblems, 79:(as practiced by the primeval savage) to the intricate and formidable financial and economicProblems, 138:churches are faced. What is the solution of this intricate and difficult relationship throughoutPsychology1, 154:and the detail to be considered is so intricate. But the nature of the qualities [155] and energiesPsychology1, 238:and appearance. This whole matter is too intricate for real comprehension, and the reader would doPsychology1, 265:and interplay of these ray cycles is so intricate and so great that it would serve only [266] toPsychology2, 54:forms of divine life and expression. The more intricate the organization of the form and the morePsychology2, 394:not so. They simply indicate and refer to the intricate internal life of the organized creation ofPsychology2, 394:human being knows that he is a person of intricate design, of multiple interior organisms whichPsychology2, 395:The living structure as it expresses ideas, the intricate beauty of the inner relationships withinPsychology2, 519:You will see from the above how vast and intricate is our theme. It will not be possible for me toPsychology2, 591:which converts the mechanism of man into an intricate "receiver" of energy and "director" of force.Rays, 93:of incarnation. The subject is too vast and intricate to be adequately considered here. The aboveRays, 733:endeavoring to translate certain brief words and intricate symbols into phrases which you canReappearance, 37:their significance has been largely lost in the intricate legalities and discussions of St. Paul,Soul, 34:is through the nervous system, perhaps the most intricate and wonderful part of the humanSoul, 55:body. The Oriental system is abstruse and intricate, and defies summarization. Still, some briefSoul, 115:medium of the spinal column - a relationship too intricate to be detailed here. Of the sevenSoul, 118:of the central nervous system is excessively intricate, and the events which take place in thatSoul, 122:material aspect of a far greater and more intricate system. They are determined by the character ofTelepathy, 84:forms, groupings, and kingdoms are too intricate in their nature to be grasped at this time byTelepathy, 145:be accepted, for the whole subject is as yet too intricate, and the mechanism of observation of theTelepathy, 177:of the symbolism which is to be found in the intricate carved ivory balls of the Chinese craftsmen
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