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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTROSPECTIVE

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Atom, 12:and our life conditions; if we are of an introspective turn of mind, there is the problem of ourAutobiography, 21:of self-pity, through loneliness, exceedingly introspective (which sounds better thanDiscipleship1, 7:is such an outstanding characteristic of the introspective, yet ambitious Occidental mystic. . . .Discipleship1, 148:with your group work and service; and with deep, introspective reflection upon the Plan and theDiscipleship1, 229:also with its loneliness and its period of introspective culture. Therefore, my brother, I call youDiscipleship1, 704:of [704] daily focus. This constitutes the true introspective training, and when followed sanelyDiscipleship2, 185:and a training which will make of you a true introspective and consequently a pure mystic. ExactlyDiscipleship2, 264:is more definitely subjective. I did not say "introspective," my brother, but "subjective." To beDiscipleship2, 264:man who knows the difference between living an introspective life and a subjective life is well onEducation, 11:will be approximately noted; mystical and introspective tendencies will be considered and theirExternalisation, 25:you, therefore, to a month of inner silence, of introspective thought, of self control and ofHealing, 126:and environment, and with an intense introspective, introverted expression. Between these twoMagic, 337:thought, such [337] as the mechanistic and the introspective or subjective mentioned above, a thirdMagic, 337:man displays, both abnormal and normal. The introspective school, positing a self or a consciousMagic, 340:soul will be established, and the work of the introspective thinkers, the mystics and occultMagic, 423:and be a blend of the mechanical schools, the introspective and the more purely oriental position,Psychology2, 63:training the aspirant in the New Age. 4. As the introspective method is pursued, and as we studyPsychology2, 486:all kinds, with a natural predisposition to the introspective, negative life are today hearingPsychology2, 588:activity, permitting himself no time for the introspective life. If he is materially minded, letPsychology2, 625:of the man who is mystically oriented, introspective and enquiring, will, during the next fewSoul, 13:the materialistic or external psychology and the introspective or internal psychology, and,Soul, 13:to harmonize the materialistic West and the introspective East, and finally to show that all theseSoul, 15:upon the exact knowledge of the Occident and the introspective wisdom of the Orient. In consideringSoul, 23:however, has its dissenting voices. There is the introspective school of psychology, moreSoul, 29:- the hope of combining the materialistic and introspective psychologies, and of harmonizing theSoul, 116:The notion of Consciousness, which is the introspective subject matter of psychology, must not,Soul, 116:physiological conception of energy, whose inner introspective side it presents. Consciousness inTelepathy, 75:the recipient as coming from an outside source. Introspective people frequently penetrate into the
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