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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTRUSION

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Discipleship1, 12:and aid each other, avoiding always any intrusion of the personality. You can each learn toDiscipleship2, 535:distrust of yourself and to a fear of the intrusion of others unduly (not altogether, but unduly)Discipleship2, 549:and the neophyte is always on guard against any intrusion into his organized field of determinedHealing, 520:been sealed to the disciple because of the intrusion of his own personality. [521] Intellect, 74:How have this direct experience, free from the intrusion of any intermediary? The answer comes thatIntellect, 217:find a place that is really quiet and free from intrusion. I do not mean quiet in the sense ofIntellect, 252:to guard themselves from illusion, and from the intrusion of personalities, and will have a workingMagic, 67:must protect some of their knowledge from the intrusion of other minds. Aspirants must learn toPsychology1, 349:what is called in the ancient archives "the intrusion of one or another of the seven Brothers WhoRays, 546:in intention that emotional reactions or the intrusion of personality affairs are eliminated. Later
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