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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTUIT

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Discipleship1, 22:power to be telepathic or a group capacity to intuit truth is of value and somewhat novel. It isDiscipleship1, 76:such an enhancement of your powers to love, to intuit and to serve, that life will never againDiscipleship1, 279:naught but life in manifestation. Your power to intuit, therefore, will aid the group, so regardDiscipleship1, 286:The attainment of the vision; the power to intuit; the capacity to control that which must beDiscipleship1, 499:them. Your sense of inner contact, the power to intuit, and the ability to enter the world of ideasDiscipleship1, 625:service. But to this must be added the power to intuit the Plan as it exists in the heart of love,Education, 9:and it begins to be subjective, to focus and to intuit. This can be taught through the medium ofEducation, 20:through right use of the mind, with its power to intuit ideas, to respond to impact, to translate,Education, 40:for the modern Aryan race to grasp, or even intuit, for with us the mind is beginning to function.Education, 113:than the self. The capacity to grasp and to intuit ideas. The ability to sense the unknown, theGlamour, 15:the power to visualize, Train the mind to intuit reality, Rightly interpret that which is seen,Glamour, 63:who do touch the world of the intuition, who do intuit the great spiritual ideas, [64] and whoseGlamour, 152:and not just mystically - the Angel and so intuit the PRESENCE. Only then does the entire questionHealing, 529:spiritual perception which will enable him to intuit the "karma of the moment," as it isIntellect, 29:with the intellect, and ignores the faculty to intuit truth which the best minds evidence, lacksRays, 712:- in a manner [712] incomprehensible to us - to "intuit" (in a blazing light) the true nature ofRays, 712:thoughts of men. Speaking generally, the Masters intuit those phases of the divine intention whichRays, 712:slowly but steadily - begin themselves to intuit these ideas, to present them as ideals to the
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