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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTUITED

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Astrology, 326:the five kingdoms. and this, when correctly intuited, will produce a revelation, and a presentationBethlehem, 158:come a deeper expression of that which has been intuited. Dr. Sheldon tells us with truth that "allBethlehem, 250:of immortality and of man's divinity. He has intuited the ultimate possibility, and will not restDiscipleship1, 25:of time then eventuates. When the Plan is truly intuited and at first hand, then constructiveDiscipleship1, 28:process of materializing that which has been intuited, the highest form of creative work; healing,Discipleship1, 279:The intuition is formless, and yet the ideas intuited must express themselves through form. FromEducation, 35:These laws are the means whereby: Ideas are intuited. Ideals are promulgated. Mental concepts orEducation, 40:as we understand the term. The kings and priests intuited; the masses obeyed. Externalisation, 28:Advanced human beings have then seized upon the intuited idea, subordinated it to the process ofExternalisation, 30:to think as he did; a man sensed an idea or intuited an idea and then tried to give it form, laterGlamour, 11:can make its presence felt, in order that the intuited qualified idea may find proper form on theGlamour, 32:from the realm of ideas, but of ideas wrongly intuited and grasped and forced to serve the selfishGlamour, 159:behind stands the PRESENCE of Divinity Itself, intuited by the Hierarchy and dimly sensed byIntellect, 5:the point where words prove futile to embody the intuited possibilities. Psychology1, 11:great concepts can be grasped and great ideas intuited. Men can train themselves - as a group - toPsychology1, 11:train themselves - as a group - to think these intuited ideas of the true and the beautiful and ofPsychology2, 244:be creatively used in the materialization of the intuited Plan, based on the sensed vision. WePsychology2, 289:application of the sensed truth and of the intuited idea will gradually bring enlightenment andPsychology2, 325:forms of speech in order to limit the concept intuited within terms which can be comprehended, andTelepathy, 19:and the factor which embodies the sensed or intuited idea. It will be apparent to you, therefore,
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