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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTUITION

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Statement:by right practice and by the exercise of the intuition. Neither I nor Alice Bailey is the leastStatement:in the world, and brings a flashing forth of his intuition, then let that teaching be accepted. ButAstrologythis, there may come to you an awakening of the intuition which will translate modern astrologyAstrology, 64:beginner who has not yet a developed and trained intuition to reconcile the seeming discrepanciesAstrology, 69:which then definitely condition him. 2.The intuition of the astrologer. The casting of theAstrology, 69:is of small service to either party unless the intuition and sensitivity of the astrologer isAstrology, 105:place to the monad, the One. Mind gives place to intuition and reason to pure perception. SaturnAstrology, 118:contains within itself the potentiality of the intuition. But the seed of the intuition is dormant.Astrology, 118:of the intuition. But the seed of the intuition is dormant. The mind which is the instrument ofAstrology, 118:which is the instrument of reception from the intuition is, at this stage, unawakened. SagittariusAstrology, 119:self through the first faint flickering of the intuition. The experience upon the Mutable CrossAstrology, 120:in Gemini becomes increasingly aware of the intuition and increasingly under the influence of "theAstrology, 129:possible under the influence of aspiration and intuition. This begins to take place when the fourAstrology, 177:pledged disciple. The "returning arrow of the intuition," as it is sometimes called. For it is theAstrology, 177:which returns to the sender as the arrow of the intuition. Sagittarius is one of the intuitiveAstrology, 177:is one of the intuitive signs, for only the intuition will suffice to carry a man to the foot ofAstrology, 178:- Leo. Individual consciousness. "I know." Intuition, governing aspiration - Sagittarius. SoulAstrology, 178:1 and 2. "I vision." Illumination, governing intuition - Capricorn. Soul consciousness in laterAstrology, 179:with the development of the intellect into the intuition and its consummation as the divineAstrology, 181:upward to the mountain top. The flashes of intuition with which he is becoming familiar change intoAstrology, 192:Scorpio, begins to wane in its activity and the intuition begins to take its place. This isAstrology, 219:three which the Moon may be veiling. Here the intuition of the astrologer and of the esotericAstrology, 222:all problems must be solved in the light of the intuition and by the soul, the stimulation of theAstrology, 225:to a higher power of the soul, the spiritual intuition. The Son of Mind, the solar Angel, must nowAstrology, 227:response. The first few faint flashes of the intuition have been sensed and vaguely recognized.Astrology, 247:end from the beginning. Spiritual consciousness. Intuition to Inspiration [248] Venus - 5th Ray ofAstrology, 248:who includes. Egoic consciousness. Intellect to Intuition. Saturn - 3rd Ray of Intelligence - GodAstrology, 284:expression of the transmutation of the mind into intuition and of intellect into wisdom, then he isAstrology, 323:(Mars), to the functioning of the light of intuition (Mercury) and to the cosmic pull of Uranus,Astrology, 326:understanding as intellect merges into the intuition. The fivefold nature of the logoic expressionAstrology, 327:be better understood, evoking the play of the intuition. This demonstrates a second fact ofAstrology, 348:view of human reason, but to the initiate whose intuition is functioning they constitute but sixAstrology, 409:of the intellect and the appearance of the intuition) - is basically the result of much greater andAstrology, 422:is illumined by the clear light of the intuition, then his "window of vision" becomes clarified andAstrology, 436:interprets experience, fosters the growth of the intuition and relates the inner spiritual man toAstrology, 455:center - Humanity - 5th ray - 5th root-race - Intuition; the goal. The energy of Initiation.Astrology, 492:Mental unfoldment - Instinct. Intellect. Intuition. The work of the Master Mason - To raiseAstrology, 494:stage, is a synthesis of instinct, intellect and intuition. Students must bear in mind that: GeminiAstrology, 495:when successfully carried forward, evoke the intuition and this brings into activity what is calledAstrology, 495:II Sagittarius Direction expression of the intuition. Cancer Incarnation experience of realization.Astrology, 496:his limited self-consciousness and the intuition supersedes the intellect. At this stage in theAstrology, 505:to be understood. Just as a discussion of the intuition or of the nature of the eternal revelationAstrology, 506:form; it will also produce the quickening of the intuition (the spiritual soul) which is the lowerAstrology, 516:to the average intellect. Once, however, the intuition can come into action, via the antahkarana,Astrology, 516:primarily is responsible for the confusion. The intuition (as the philosopher understands it) isAstrology, 516:and exhausted. Then, and then only, the true intuition begins to function. It is the sense ofAstrology, 554:had some touch of illumination and of spiritual intuition - no matter how fleeting that touch mayAstrology, 599:from the fourth plane. Death is an act of the intuition, transmitted by the soul to the personalityAstrology, 599:highest expression as regards humanity is the intuition, as it works out through group activity.Astrology, 602:man they produce: Initiation Vision Education Intuition Liberation Idealism Organization. A closeAstrology, 606:the illumined will, the basis of buddhi or the intuition. Ray V - That which is the cosmic seed ofAstrology, 614:the center called the Hierarchy. Buddhi or the intuition is in control. The soul functions. Path ofAstrology, 619:bringing illumination and the development of the intuition as a result of that conflict and death.Astrology, 626:by Mercury and Venus, you have the light of the intuition and of the mind blended together into oneAstrology, 626:brother and the prodigal son" is revealed by the intuition when it takes hold of the mind. But itAstrology, 648:Uranus (representing Sun) Flame II Love-Wisdom Intuition Raja Yoga Mercury Yellow, Rose III HigherAstrology, 690:whose name must be ascertained by the intuition of the student. These three govern theAtom, 132:to find his way through the development of the intuition on to that plane now, so science isAtom, 132:to discover how to dominate the air, and as the intuition in man develops and grows, so will hisAtom, 134:think abstractly, and for the awakening of the intuition. As the great races have succeeded oneAutobiography, 142:if so, intuitively one would know it; but the intuition does not work unless the mind is developedAutobiography, 183:I believe this is the teaching; but use your intuition; maybe it isn't." I may be considered byAutobiography, 218:D.C. I was to speak on the intellect and the intuition. The announcements were printed and sent outAutobiography, 247:The Soul and Its Mechanism. From Intellect to Intuition. From Bethlehem to Calvary. She has alsoAutobiography, 265:upon the work and plans of the Hierarchy. The intuition will be developed and a still higher fusionBethlehem, 28:whose inner perception is unawakened and whose intuition sleeps. When the spiritual body begins toBethlehem, 49:we can trace the growth of this new force, the intuition, in modern intelligent man. This, in itsBethlehem, 64:truth for those who have eyes to see and the intuition developed rightly to interpret. Prophecy isBethlehem, 75:corresponded to an awakening of the logical and intuition sides of the soul. These are theBethlehem, 76:place of consecration) to the Temple, where that intuition led Him to a new realization of HisBethlehem, 126:cool light of the intellect, illumined by the intuition, but also the potency of past experience.Bethlehem, 136:we provide the mechanism of knowledge and the intuition to penetrate deeper into the divine Nature.Bethlehem, 157:illumination which radiates from Christ, and his intuition must be active, so that he can rightlyBethlehem, 225:beginning to dawn upon the minds of those whose intuition is awakened. He came primarily to do twoDestiny, 9:close of this world period when the human mind, intuition and soul consciousness is such thatDestiny, 55:which is a blend of the intellect and the intuition and which serves to reveal the wisdom aspect ofDestiny, 70:to moments of intense illumination when the intuition will suddenly reveal determining laws andDestiny, 71:that that embryonic factor which we call the intuition will flower forth into as recognizable anDiscipleship1, 4:and these can be sensed, according to the intuition - awakened or otherwise - of the aspirant. I,Discipleship1, 14:the way that you or the group should go. Any intuition which - corroborated by the reason - carriesDiscipleship1, 16:to accept suggestion. It is a trial of the intuition and a test in discrimination. This work toDiscipleship1, 22:It is not primarily the unfoldment of the intuition, or of the power to heal, or of telepathicDiscipleship1, 25:to Disciples - Part III Second: the power of the intuition, which is the goal of much of the workDiscipleship1, 25:the unfoldment of another faculty in man. The intuition is a function of the mind also and, whenDiscipleship1, 25:and the illusions of the three worlds. When the intuition functions in any human being, he isDiscipleship1, 25:Plan and this is the greatest achievement of the intuition in this present world cycle. When thatDiscipleship1, 26:their own lives and to live in the light of the intuition, disciples can strengthen the hands ofDiscipleship1, 26:hands of those whose task it is to awaken the intuition in man. There are many and different kindsDiscipleship1, 36:time by means of the cultivation and use of the intuition. They work very largely on the astralDiscipleship1, 69:type of energy which we call the energy of the intuition or of buddhi, if you like the orientalDiscipleship1, 70:universal mind and the energy of buddhi, or the intuition - has to be set in action upon theDiscipleship1, 76:and realize the wonder of group love, of group intuition and of group service; you will thusDiscipleship1, 104:of the form side in meditation, for your intuition needs awakening. Working without attachment toDiscipleship1, 141:much interpretation. I think you will, for your intuition is awakened and your devotion to theDiscipleship1, 173:intellect nor the more abstract levels of the intuition. During the next few months the need, forDiscipleship1, 223:body, means the unfolding (through love) of the intuition. The pure expression of the love of theDiscipleship1, 238:Be not discouraged but admit the failure of your intuition. Be, however, true to yourself and ifDiscipleship1, 240:my representatives. Your problem is whether your intuition can discern between a soul vibration andDiscipleship1, 265:inevitably promoted growth and developed your intuition. This latter faculty is steadily awakeningDiscipleship1, 279:has for its objective the development of the intuition, there must appear the concretizing faculty
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