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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTUITION

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Discipleship1, 279:the concretizing faculty of the mind. This the intuition must both offset and at the same time use.Discipleship1, 279:emphasizes form and the building of forms. The intuition is formless, and yet the ideas intuitedDiscipleship1, 279:I would give you a hint anent them which your intuition will reveal. Where the converging lines ofDiscipleship1, 280:of the emotions. You have a fair measure of the intuition already developed, and - as I earlierDiscipleship1, 280:seek increasingly to foster this germ of the intuition from the purely unselfish motive of groupDiscipleship1, 280:that the blending of the mind and the intuition produces a consequent organization of spiritualDiscipleship1, 281:service. When the personality is guided by the intuition and by clear thinking and the life on theDiscipleship1, 281:these members of my Ashram to the light of the intuition. This meditation is based on theDiscipleship1, 285:no mystical sense and no real powers of intuition and inner perception, can never "make good," asDiscipleship1, 286:through of this idea or ideal: From the sensed intuition to its formulation into mental concepts,Discipleship1, 287:You have much to give your group - love, beauty, intuition [288] and harmony. These exist as powersDiscipleship1, 291:and to the results of work was tried out; your intuition was strengthened, and now the work of theDiscipleship1, 296:- the creative imagination, the mind and the intuition - and it is the bringing about of thisDiscipleship1, 296:which I gave you for the unfoldment of the intuition, so that others may benefit thereby? Discipleship1, 313:will give to you, if [313] you employ the intuition, the indication of the next spiritualDiscipleship1, 315:but it must be balanced by the unfoldment of the intuition; it gives you the power to master yourDiscipleship1, 320:profession but negates the free play of the intuition. This latter, however, is aided by the factDiscipleship1, 339:of good caliber, is subordinated in your case to intuition and to feeling. Your task is to gatherDiscipleship1, 339:of mental power. If you can do this, then your intuition will take due form and the power whichDiscipleship1, 342:which do not run counter to your developing intuition. You yourself are becoming increasinglyDiscipleship1, 349:serve as a technique for the development of the intuition and for the solution of group problems.Discipleship1, 354:not so held by social consideration she is. His intuition is more alive than yours and far moreDiscipleship1, 361:and tap constantly the fount of wisdom. Your intuition is awake; your power to interpret symbols isDiscipleship1, 383:that it now becomes possible to train your intuition so that when again your path is trodden in aDiscipleship1, 385:creative imagination (which is an aspect of the intuition) and, secondly, it lifts you out of theDiscipleship1, 426:Study, therefore, my words with an awakened intuition and with a glad willingness to learn. YouDiscipleship1, 437:astral. Contact with ideas, through an active intuition. These are definitely assets and are theDiscipleship1, 453:This must be done in three ways: By evoking the intuition more potently. By stimulating the mind toDiscipleship1, 453:for recognition. By throwing the light of the intuition and the knowledge possessed on to theDiscipleship1, 455:readjustment and difficulty. The testing of the intuition to which you and others were subjectedDiscipleship1, 455:not constituted for you, the chief problem. Your intuition functioned and you saw clearly the groupDiscipleship1, 537:1936 MY BROTHER: The hidden gift of the intuition, released through love, is what you have to giveDiscipleship1, 545:weigh suggestion and accept and act when the intuition indicates a procedure. [546] You will haveDiscipleship1, 556:illumination easy, for your intellect and your intuition could be put en rapport with facility. YouDiscipleship1, 594:you is only the corroboration of your own inner intuition. Two things lie ahead of you: Learning toDiscipleship1, 595:to progress can hinder as well as help. The intuition is a growth, primarily, in sensitivity and inDiscipleship1, 597:behalf) a close study of the psychology of the intuition? Ascertain the best that man has to sayDiscipleship1, 597:and a summation of the significance of the intuition and its mode of unfoldment. Seek theDiscipleship1, 597:mode of unfoldment. Seek the definitions of the intuition and collect them together for use and,Discipleship1, 597:should ascertain much upon the subject of the intuition. Follow the breathing exercises withDiscipleship1, 600:them and thus bow to authority and leave your intuition still inactive. But I have no authority, myDiscipleship1, 617:cooperate in all that proves itself (to your intuition) to be group activity and to which you canDiscipleship1, 633:the "inner brotherhoods" anything to do with the intuition or with inspirtion. There are noDiscipleship1, 633:There are no brotherhoods on the plane of the intuition. The brotherhoods are group forms and areDiscipleship1, 641:Your gifts of understanding and of psychological intuition are exceedingly good, but need furtherDiscipleship1, 665:in this life. For you, the line of feeling-intuition, of astral-buddhic approach has been the way.Discipleship1, 688:through the use of the key to soul vision - the intuition. That key can only be used intelligentlyDiscipleship1, 698:case of the spiritual instincts, [698] it is the intuition which interprets and illumines the mind.Discipleship1, 698:mind, to contact the soul and evoke the intuition. When that has been successfully done, then comesDiscipleship1, 705:and is becoming increasingly sensitive to the intuition and towards the vision and the Plan, asDiscipleship1, 711:for those who can bring the light of the intuition to bear upon it. I shall be dealing with theDiscipleship1, 718:On the buddhic plane, the plane of the divine intuition, these lower three expressions and theirDiscipleship1, 755:from the plane of buddhi or of the spiritual intuition. This is an expression of the love nature ofDiscipleship1, 779:The Soul and Its Mechanism. From Intellect to Intuition. From Bethlehem to Calvary. She has alsoDiscipleship2, 18:on your part and an effort to evoke the intuition and thus arrive at [19] the three meanings whichDiscipleship2, 32:of wisdom, which is the result of a developed intuition, and which is also an intelligentDiscipleship2, 100:were several significant hints if you had the intuition to grasp them. I have, however, given youDiscipleship2, 105:Ashrams exist upon the plane of buddhi or of the intuition. The joint undertaking and the unitedDiscipleship2, 142:receives from two sources: His own soul, as his intuition awakens. The Ashram, as he grasps more ofDiscipleship2, 145:with practice, and will eventually evoke the intuition and thus fertilize your mind. Again soundDiscipleship2, 160:in the attributes of instinct, intelligence and intuition. All three are blended in this greatDiscipleship2, 162:the awakening of an intelligent use of the intuition, plus the capacity to hold the mind steady inDiscipleship2, 198:creative alignment instinct, intellect and the intuition, as well as conscious Identification. ItDiscipleship2, 200:in nature, Humanity. They are Embodiments of the intuition, and control the inflow of intuitionalDiscipleship2, 203:- they receive the inspiration and develop the intuition in any case. It is those in the New GroupDiscipleship2, 238:with its personality, to a spiritual truth or intuition, and from this there is no lower mindDiscipleship2, 247:phenomena, but through an inflow of the intuition. He undergoes, therefore, an expansion ofDiscipleship2, 258:of soul knowledge, whereas for the initiate the intuition is ever the revelation of the purpose ofDiscipleship2, 267:These - if seen and followed - will evoke the intuition. Initiation is never taken unless theDiscipleship2, 267:intuition. Initiation is never taken unless the intuition is becoming active. Spiritual instinct,Discipleship2, 267:Spiritual instinct, the lowest aspect of the intuition, indicates readiness for the firstDiscipleship2, 280:the Master is to aid the disciple to develop the intuition, and at the same time, keep the mentalDiscipleship2, 281:you, therefore, remember the three factors: The Intuition - which contacts and reveals new ideas.Discipleship2, 283:whose values are sound, and eventually to the intuition; it is not so colorful an appeal as far asDiscipleship2, 293:God or the world of souls. Then the light of the intuition pours in, bringing the power toDiscipleship2, 294:eye and its functioning in the light of the intuition. When we come, therefore, to the great organDiscipleship2, 299:the past has led. Its rightness - to which the intuition testifies. It is not easy for the discipleDiscipleship2, 306:because it is only the activity of the intuition which will enable you to understand and moveDiscipleship2, 311:revelation, conveying information, evoking the intuition and drawing into the waiting consciousnessDiscipleship2, 319:it if you take each phrase, release your intuition and seek for meaning and significance related toDiscipleship2, 321:but the esoteric and subtle meaning which the intuition will reveal and that the outer words hide.Discipleship2, 373:revelation which I have indicated, leaving your intuition to wrestle with their import - or leavingDiscipleship2, 373:- or leaving it to your imagination if the intuition is not yet creatively active; it must alwaysDiscipleship2, 373:that the imagination is the seed of the intuition, because that which is not existent somewhereDiscipleship2, 398:is broken; it is sacrificed in order that the intuition, the higher counterpart of the "propellingDiscipleship2, 405:The agent of this process is the energy of the intuition or the energy of pure reason. This is theDiscipleship2, 412:and did not constitute a test of the disciple's intuition. When this was grasped, the whole subjectDiscipleship2, 413:the presented [413] hint was invocative of the intuition. The standard of requirements wasDiscipleship2, 414:and faint indications of the functioning of the intuition and of the higher modes of knowledge andDiscipleship2, 415:truths; he learns, finally, to substitute the intuition - with its swiftness and its infallibilityDiscipleship2, 416:be recognized as calling for the exercise of the intuition or of the pure reason; this is whatDiscipleship2, 430:will lead you to exert all that you have of intuition and spiritual perception. I would beg you toDiscipleship2, 455:year beginning September, I give you: Emotion, Intuition, Wisdom. You have, therefore, themes forDiscipleship2, 463:not. It involves identification (through the intuition) with underlying soul purpose and aDiscipleship2, 474:thread of understanding and request and - as his intuition develops - he recognizes them as hisDiscipleship2, 490:the expansion of some mental perception into an intuition, with its consequent expansion of [491]Discipleship2, 519:my brother, it is a book which will take much intuition and spiritual perception to write, and itDiscipleship2, 572:astral nature and your definitely illumined intuition. This I pointed out to you some years ago.Discipleship2, 625:In a deeply and truly esoteric sense, it is the intuition which is sublimated emotion, and not theDiscipleship2, 630:be expected and awaited. Then wait. When your intuition begins to move and your patient waiting,
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