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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTUITION

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Glamour, 5:continuance of the inflow of the light of the intuition will draw forth, [6] esoterically speaking,Glamour, 6:Clarifications II. The Mode of Awakening the Intuition There are many ways in which the intuitionGlamour, 6:the Intuition There are many ways in which the intuition can be drawn into activity, and one of theGlamour, 6:very fact will indicate the awakening of the intuition. First ray people belong to what is calledGlamour, 7:when that is brought about, the inflow of the intuition and, consequently, of illumination andGlamour, 8:undertaken, would lead to the unfoldment of the intuition, with its consequent manifestation on theGlamour, 9:the dormant brain cells or call into play the intuition. It must be remembered (and here becomesGlamour, 9:academic occultism) that the plane whereon the intuition manifests and where the intuitional stateGlamour, 15:the world. One of the things which the developed intuition can do is to break the glamor andGlamour, 15:Such work can be done when you have awakened the intuition, and when your interrelatedGlamour, 23:glamor. It is for this that we prepare. Only the intuition can dispel illusion and hence the needGlamour, 24:A final affirmation of divinity. Use your intuition and apply these all to the subject of glamorGlamour, 29:the mental illusion is built around a definite intuition and this intuition is concretized by theGlamour, 29:is built around a definite intuition and this intuition is concretized by the mind until itsGlamour, 30:one. In a few rare cases, this combination of intuition and mental activity produces the genius inGlamour, 37:for the third ray person to cultivate the intuition. The apparently profound wisdom of theGlamour, 42:Objective Battleground Technique Illusion Mental Intuition Spiritual perception Dispelling Path ofGlamour, 42:to the solution of the problem of glamor are: Intuition - Illumination - Inspiration - The Angel ofGlamour, 43:Through alignment and subsequent contact, the intuition is evoked, awakened and used. This is theGlamour, 43:agency, and pours down from the plane of the intuition (the plane of buddhi) through the soul andGlamour, 43:plane. Then and only then can the light of the intuition and the light of the soul return to theGlamour, 54:higher. Ideas come to us from the plane of the intuition. The soul illumines the plane of the mindGlamour, 54:the plane of the mind and the plane of the intuition so that they stand revealed to each other andGlamour, 55:through the partial awakening of his intuition, will be distorted in its descent to his brainGlamour, 55:The passage of an idea from the plane of the intuition to the brain. The idea is seen by the mind,Glamour, 60:but, coming as ideas do, from the plane of the intuition, they are a universal gift and possession,Glamour, 63:developed souls who do touch the world of the intuition, who do intuit the great spiritual ideas,Glamour, 67:pole of illusion is, as you well know, the intuition. The intuition is that recognition of realityGlamour, 67:is, as you well know, the intuition. The intuition is that recognition of reality which becomesGlamour, 67:deviation, from the higher spiritual worlds. The intuition can begin to make its presence felt whenGlamour, 81:to ponder deeply upon the purposes for which the intuition must be cultivated and the illuminedGlamour, 81:Glamor is not dispelled through the means of the intuition nor is illusion overcome by the use ofGlamour, 81:overcome by the use of the illumined mind. The intuition is a higher power than is the mind, and isGlamour, 81:man is an initiate can the exercise of the true intuition become normally possible. By that I meanGlamour, 81:normally possible. By that I mean that the intuition will then be as easily operative as is theGlamour, 81:the case of an actively intelligent person. The intuition, however, will [82] make its presenceGlamour, 82:and thrust away through the conscious use of the intuition. The initiate insulates himself from theGlamour, 83:illusion, through the use of the faculty of the intuition. It is the illumined mind whichGlamour, 85:must understand the means to freedom which are: Intuition, Illumination and Inspiration. TheGlamour, 93:questions: [93] What is the relation of the intuition to the problem of illusion? In what mannerGlamour, 101:is due to the development of the sense of the intuition which puts into the disciple's hand anGlamour, 102:the pairs of opposites. The capacity to use the intuition. These capacities he developed byGlamour, 102:opposites, or of right recognition through the intuition, but that this Dweller and this Angel mustGlamour, 103:third initiation, the initiate can employ the intuition for the right perception of truth, and inGlamour, 114:Aspirants; Agni Yoga: Disciples 3rd Initiation Intuition. Glamour, 122:The glamor of psychic perception instead of intuition. The glamor of musical perception. The glamorGlamour, 128:The contrast between Illusion and its opposite - Intuition. The contrast between Glamor and itsGlamour, 128:of Glamor a. The Contrast between Illusion and Intuition I have chosen this as the first contrastGlamour, 135:of life. They prevent the free play of the intuition, with its real power to reveal the immediateGlamour, 135:and aspirants through the free play of the intuition. Glamour, 135:- The Causes of Glamor Let us now consider the intuition, which is the opposite of illusion,Glamour, 135:point I would seek to make here is that the intuition is the source or the bestower of revelation.Glamour, 135:or the bestower of revelation. Through the intuition, progressive understanding of the ways of GodGlamour, 136:of humanity are [136] revealed; through the intuition, the transcendence and the immanence of GodGlamour, 136:effects and not initiatory events; through the intuition man arrives at the experience of theGlamour, 136:God as They come into manifestation. Through the intuition, some of the plans and purposes workingGlamour, 136:and hasten the divine purpose; through the intuition, the laws of the spiritual life, which are theGlamour, 136:to revelation through the awakening of the intuition: Those on the line of the world saviors. TheseGlamour, 137:possibilities. They had no direct revealing intuition. In the New Testament, John, the belovedGlamour, 137:so deeply, so wisely and so inclusively. His intuition was evoked through the depth and intensityGlamour, 138:and (if he is of a mental type and training) his intuition is awakened and revelation is hisGlamour, 138:trained intellect, have succeeded in evoking the intuition and are, therefore, personally in touchGlamour, 138:their deep love of humanity have released the intuition. When this release has taken place, noGlamour, 138:four groups who are exchanging illusion for the intuition. This is the initial resolution of theGlamour, 139:vouchsafed is different to that of the intuition for it is the revelation of that which the glamorGlamour, 140:illusion and its contrasting correspondence, the intuition, because I covered the ground veryGlamour, 165:imminent energies are: [165] The energy of the intuition which will gradually dispel worldGlamour, 171:involves the unfolding of the flower of the intuition, dispelling illusion, revealing the Angel,Glamour, 171:becomes possible as an immediate goal. The intuition is the applied power of transfiguration. ThisGlamour, 172:things to bear in mind: the existence of the Intuition, the fact of Illusion, and theGlamour, 172:Presence. This Presence is revealed by the intuition through the medium of the Angel and, whenGlamour, 173:the intellect; Being, through the medium of the intuition. In all study of illusion, theGlamour, 174:vital impressions are revealed by the intuition and have nothing to do with the knowledges,Glamour, 175:whilst initiation, through the growth of the intuition, brings about (when the mental perfectingGlamour, 175:and, later, its use as the transmitter of the intuition and of the higher revelation, will produceGlamour, 177:- A World Problem - The Ending of Glamor a. Intuition dispels Individual Illusion Today we haveGlamour, 178:and appropriate response which characterizes the intuition. This they can do through the practiceGlamour, 179:steps must precede all effort to develop the intuition, and this may take several months (or evenGlamour, 181:is esoterically called "the triple light of the intuition." This light is formed by the blending ofGlamour, 181:release to many. As before I have told you, the intuition is never concerned [182] with individualGlamour, 184:indeed. Even the neophyte upon the way of the intuition can begin to develop in himself the powerGlamour, 184:little, he learns the way into the world of the intuition; day by day, and year by year, he becomesGlamour, 184:of the higher psychism with flashes of true intuition. There must be the training of the exactGlamour, 184:response and their effort to precipitate their intuition into the world of human thought, thereGlamour, 184:A World Problem - The Ending of Glamor b. Group Intuition dispels World Illusion Today the world isGlamour, 190:technique is correctly followed, it brings the intuition into play and the world of meaning (lyingGlamour, 191:different thing to the Reality, revealed by the intuition). He can then become an efficientGlamour, 191:and the initiate work with the light of the intuition. It is through the blended [192] medium ofGlamour, 192:the light of wisdom and the light of the intuition, and these are three definite stages or aspectsGlamour, 192:when successfully followed, enables the intuition to flow in and to supersede the activity of theGlamour, 193:this manner, and this we call the result of the intuition - idea or truth, its perception and itsGlamour, 194:events, and on environment with the intuition. The light with which we are concerned expressesGlamour, 194:of forms in which that life is immersed. The intuition is concerned with nothing whatsoever in theGlamour, 194:Spiritual Triad and with the world of ideas. The intuition is to the world of meaning what the mindGlamour, 195:development. On a higher turn of the spiral, the intuition is the expression of the threefoldGlamour, 197:then illusion will for a time control until the intuition is more fully developed. This illusionGlamour, 198:becomes eventually illumined by the light of the intuition; this illumination is brought about byGlamour, 205:The light of the soul. The light of the intuition. From light to light we pass, from revelation toGlamour, 206:the real and the unreal. The light of the intuition unfolds before the vision of the soul withinGlamour, 206:related to the personality and impulsed by the intuition. By means of this light the disciple
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