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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INTUITION

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Intellect, 254: From Intellect to Intuition - Chapter Ten - The Need for Care in Meditation The second type ofIntellect, 256: From Intellect to Intuition - Chapter Ten - The Need for Care in Meditation In emotional types,Intellect, 259: From Intellect to Intuition - Chapter Ten - The Need for Care in Meditation This point has beenIntellect, 262: From Intellect to Intuition - Chapter Ten - Conclusion CONCLUSION "The spirit within is theMagic, 15:third branch of knowledge, the intuitive. The intuition is in reality only the appreciation by theMagic, 16:hovering on the borders of a new knowledge. The intuition which guides all advanced thinkers intoMagic, 17:and know. This ultimately merges in the intuition, which is the "knowing faculty" of theMagic, 26:They [26] bring to that study a fully developed intuition, plus that mental interpretative capacityMagic, 26:as they choose, to function on the plane of the intuition or of buddhi. They cast that light intoMagic, 27:of energy, begins to use the soul (via the intuition) and to impress upon the soul-consciousnessMagic, 29:and through the correct functioning of the intuition these problems can be solved and theseMagic, 31:can be perceived through the clear light of the intuition. One of the first lessons we need toMagic, 59:illumination from the soul, via the mind. As the intuition develops, the radius of awareness growsMagic, 69:one open door through which such a man can go. Intuition is needed for its recognition. In theMagic, 69:between a psychic inclination and the intuition. In considering these two ways of ultimate decisionMagic, 69:soul, therefore, must be contacted before the intuition can work. One hint only can here be given:Magic, 69:can work. One hint only can here be given: - the intuition ever concerns itself with group activityMagic, 70:forward of all the above, plus the use of the intuition which will reveal the moment when widerMagic, 70:those of the smaller group. Ponder on this. The intuition reveals not the way ambition can be fed,Magic, 113:yet. Approximate supposition and the use of the intuition is all that is now possible. The littleMagic, 114:fruitful working out) call for the play of the intuition whilst secondary principles are moreMagic, 115:to basic principles, seen in the light of the intuition. A principle is that which embodies someMagic, 116:when really fundamental, appeals at once to the intuition and calls out an immediate reaction ofMagic, 130:and we shall have simply the inflow of the intuition, taking form through the medium of the mindMagic, 136:The third objective is the development of the intuition and discrimination of the disciples in theMagic, 136:and can only be transcended at infinite cost. Intuition must be developed in many people, and theirMagic, 167:for which it exists. This higher faculty is the intuition. May I add with emphasis that only as theMagic, 167:study the meaning and significance of the intuition. When it is beginning to function, then theMagic, 169:They can use the infallible knowledge of the intuition, and the illumination of the principle ofMagic, 193:and sanely may parallel the growth of the intuition and of spiritual perception. Many schools areMagic, 193:realm of feeling and of desire into that of the intuition, but leaving the intellectual facultiesMagic, 195:as follows: Monad. Buddhi. Spiritual love. The intuition. The second circle of petals in the egoicMagic, 333:by man. Then, having through the use of his intuition entered into a new realm of thought, he takesMagic, 333:has been mystical work and based on a mystical intuition. Magic, 344:is compatible with the highest instinct and intuition. A willingness to experiment. These fiveMagic, 346:levels, added light on the difficulty. If your intuition and reasoning faculty produce harmony andMagic, 352:keyed up to ever higher planes, and thus fresh intuition and fresh reaches of truth pour in. WhenMagic, 361:mind which is related to the world of ideas. The intuition or pure reason which is for man theMagic, 362:Believe these hypotheses possible unless your intuition revolts or they are contradicted [364] byMagic, 365:the concrete mind, the abstract mind, and the intuition or pure reason. The concrete mind is theMagic, 365:prints upon which the forms are modeled. The intuition or pure reason is the faculty which enablesMagic, 366:deeper still, until he enters the realm of pure intuition. He can then tap truth at its source. HeMagic, 367:as synthetic thought, the flashing forth of the intuition. The intuition wrests from the highMagic, 367:the flashing forth of the intuition. The intuition wrests from the high places a touch of the idealMagic, 376:active use a still higher factor, - that of the intuition. In himself, the aspirant repeats theMagic, 383:has become the automaton of the soul. Then the intuition takes control, and energies from theMagic, 383:control, there are many lives lived wherein the intuition may begin to play its part, and theMagic, 383:can function at will on the plane of the intuition, and the mind is steadily relegated into theMagic, 386:them: Mind stuff, or chitta. Abstract mind. Intuition or pure reason. These have to be unified inMagic, 411:characteristics of instinct, intellect and intuition is brought to a condition of intelligentMagic, 411:unites him to his fellow men, whilst the intuition reveals to him the life of divinity. All theseMagic, 413:utilizing the inner sensitive apparatus and the intuition. It is to be composed of men and women ofMagic, 429:two categories: first, the development of the intuition and of true spiritual perception, andMagic, 434:not, that the adepts utilize primarily the intuition. These energies leave their mark upon everyMagic, 451:and through the correct functioning of the intuition, these problems can be solved and theseMagic, 453:definite commands which only his illumined intuition can rightly interpret. With the higher gradesMagic, 456:which (for the aspirant) is the plane of the intuition, though in reality it is a state ofMagic, 460:in this one. In the words "the light of the intuition" we have conveyed to our minds that type ofMagic, 462:and brains are illumined by the light of the intuition, of the soul and of the universal mind, whenMagic, 484:of illumination and embody, therefore, some intuition. But with the majority, the motivatingMagic, 535:in the human family. Later intellect merges into intuition and intuition into illumination. WhenMagic, 535:Later intellect merges into intuition and intuition into illumination. When the superhumanMagic, 535:superhuman consciousness is evoked these two - intuition and illumination - take the place ofMagic, 535:can only be sensed by any human being when his intuition is awakened and his mind illumined.Magic, 537:man has to work under the influence of the intuition; when working to release his fellow men he hasMagic, 538:a conscious and deliberate effort to develop the intuition and to achieve illumination. Every humanMagic, 585:task of distinguishing between: Instinct and intuition. Higher and lower mind. Desire and spiritualMagic, 607:experience. Their center of consciousness is the intuition and not that of the synthesizingMagic, 629:Assertion of the Self Psychology. 5. Enquiry Intuition Education. Meditation, 4:in due time by flashes of real illumination or intuition from the Spiritual Triad or the trueMeditation, 43:is all I seek to do. To the guiding light of the intuition is the rest left and what that innerMeditation, 43:becomes transmuted into the body of the higher intuition. It is the serving perfectly each day -Meditation, 71:They will lead to the development of the intuition, and inspire the seeker after light to moreMeditation, 85:atom gives place to the intuitional, and pure intuition and perfect comprehension through love isMeditation, 86:later from the atmic. The one gives spiritual intuition, and the other causal consciousness. TheMeditation, 88:are always given orally, as they appeal to the intuition and are not for the pondering and logicalMeditation, 91:knowledge. Only [91] as the channel opens to the intuition and closes to the animal nature can aMeditation, 150:from the plane of the emotions to that of the intuition. He has the faults of his type, - dreamy,Meditation, 170:not to enlarge the mental body but to train the intuition.) These words demonstrate the law asMeditation, 195:that faculty and its higher counterpart, the intuition. Students of meditation must learn toMeditation, 202:higher and lower mind will be greatly aided. The intuition will also be developed and contacted. InMeditation, 220:another mystery. The student, who, by using his intuition, apprehends these three mysteries hasMeditation, 231:of imagination it somewhat develops the intuition. Much of it has been in the nature of prophecy,Meditation, 237:over an influence, and if you can, by use of the intuition, find out which colors thus shroud aMeditation, 237:of the channel that communicates with the intuition. I but seek to be suggestive. My aim is but toMeditation, 237:of the teaching I give depends upon the intuition of the pupil. Therefore, when I say that colorMeditation, 249:the etheric body. That in the development of the intuition comes cognizance of the esoteric colorsMeditation, 252:the darkness lighten. Only when the ray of the intuition strikes athwart the pall of darknessMeditation, 260:Spiritual Triad. He is consciously [260] spirit-intuition-abstract mind, or atma-buddhi-manas, andMeditation, 260:pure and unalloyed, has transmuted desire into intuition, and has irradiated His consciousness withMeditation, 263:consciousness is developing by means of the intuition, the [264] Initiate can contact the stores ofMeditation, 283:sea of glass, which directly reflects the higher intuition, and mirrors it with perfect accuracy,Meditation, 300:a ruler and a tyrant, preventing the play of the intuition and shutting out the abstract mind.Meditation, 305:working out in the future will depend upon the intuition or high [306] perception of the thinkersMeditation, 313:needed knowledge. [313] How? By developing the intuition through meditation, and by the attainmentMeditation, 330:of the higher mind. The development of the intuition, and the definite spiritual awakening of theMeditation, 339:matter, and so on to the consummation. The intuition (or buddhi) being the unifying principle andMeditation, 356:triad - Atma, Buddhi, Manas; Spiritual Will, Intuition and Higher mind, - or the immortal part ofPatanjali, 17:interpreted through the subsequent assent of the intuition and the reason. Right transmission toPatanjali, 55:statements made according to the state of his intuition. The Lost Word. The idea of this Lost Word
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